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When starting the character, use these templates

and fill out each section as described. If needed, or wanted, you may use the

to give the character a quote of his/her own.


Although not in a section of it's own. The introduction is the basic outline of a character. Their occupation, alias and whatnot. It could also show their relatives and some other information. It mostly has a very compacted version of the character's history, and the intro itself is around 30-100 words.


Describe the character's appearance, clothing whatnot. Perhaps give detail on any battle scars and important articles of clothing he/she wears.


The character's personality. Normally at the least, one paragraph, it describes how the character acts, their likes, dislikes, traits, goals and other important aspects of the character.


The character's history, (optional)


What roleplays and storylines they have appeared in. All that is needed is the link to that roleplay/story arc.


What equipment the character uses.

Magic and Abilities

Exactly what abilities, and magic the character has. Links to that magic would be needed. If character is deeply specialised in that one magic and has branching abilities then a separate section for that magic shall be needed.


Additional info about the character.

Character Example

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"How misconceived you are. You ask what lightning's role is in this world? Indeed one perception could be that it is used for destruction, however, is this all that your mind can truly conceive? If so, then you truly are narrow minded. Lightning in it's purest form, in my eyes is used to protect the ones who are dearest to you and punish those who attempt to take all that is dear to you. You see, true lightning is the lightning that rains upon those who have delivered it to themselves."
— Thor Lucian

Thor Lucian
Thunder Dude
Name Thor Lucian
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Race Human
Birthday 28th August
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Weight 58kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Mage
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Wandering
Personal Status
Relatives Ruzana Vista -

Raimo Vista -

Sanjo Vista - Cousin

Drake Vista - Cousin

Siata Vista - Cousin

Alias Philosopher of Lightning (稲妻の哲学 Inazuma no Tetsugaku)

Thunder God (雷神 Raijin)

Magic Lightning Magic, Thunder Pulse Magic, Raijin Magic, Speed Magic

Thor Lucian, is a powerful mage who is currently travelling the world, mainly in search of new forms of magic. He is known throughout the magical world by the alias of Philosopher of Lightning (稲妻の哲学 Inazuma no Tetsugaku) and has proven himself to be extremely proficient in all forms of Lightning Magic, and on various occasions, people have given him the alias of Thunder God (雷神 Raijin) because of this. He is a cousin of the famous Sanjo Vista and is the nephew to his mother Ruzana Vista. He has close ties to the House of Vista, mainly due to the interactions he has had with them since he was a child. Him and Sanjo get along very well, and are also friendly rivals.


Remarked by many to have undenying similarities to his cousin Sanjo Vista, he is commonly mistaken too be him, only being differentiated by his common habit of smoking. Due to this, he can be usually overshadowed by him. He has spiky blond hair and blue eyes, and stands at fair height. He usually wears a blue jacket over a sleeveless black tank top, standard jeans and black shoes.


Thor is commonly known to have a cheerful and indifferent attitude towards most tasks and life itself. He is someone of a relaxed state of mind and is commonly seen doing tasks that nobody else would dare attempt. He is commonly noted to speak informally, and will only speak with a formal tone to those who deserve it. He is one who has few philosophies in life, but one of the most important of his own philosophies is to always "bend the rules, but never cheat." This implies that he is a "rebel" in most cases involving anything to do with himself or his family. He is noted to commonly exploit the "unstated laws" to his advantage. This trait of his allows him to literally get away with anything as long as he has the correct reasoning behind it.

He greatly loves his family and friends. The most notable of these relationships are with him and Sanjo. He is noted to commonly phone and stay in contact with Sanjo and regularly spars with him and expresses the desire to defeat him just once with his own power. However, he commonly takes advantage of their identical appearances. With this, he usually is seen committing acts against injustice in order to spread his fame worldwide. He also seems to respect and fear his aunt Ruzana Vista, for both her power and anger.

He is also known for his innate habit of smoking. Although it should be noted that whenever he "disguises" as Sanjo, he removes any trace of smoke. Due to his knowledge of Sanjo and his habits.



Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Magical Power: Although not at the insane levels of the Wizard Saints. Thor possesses a remarkable amount of magical power. It is enough to form a potent aura of lightning around him. Using it, he is able to negate magical energy attacks with a palm of his hand.

Master Magician: His mastery in magic is known to be exceptional. Although it is only with one element, that is the most beneficial part of it. He has mastered Lightning Magic to such an extent that it can be controlled to several forms and even change the colours of it to have different properties. His magical seal takes the form of a blue circular magical circle with several lightning patterns inside of it, making up the entirety of it.

Masterful Hand to Hand Combatant: Thor is known to be a highly skilled combatant even when not using magic. He incoroporates a destructive and offensive approach to his fighting. Utilising powerful and repeated punches and kicks in order to utterly decimate an enemy and prevent their rising.

Magic Inventor: An unusual asset among those who practise magic. Thor has always had the uncanny ability to easily see through a magic's composition and even replicate it to an extent with his own lightning magic. When he grew up, he possessed the ability to create unique and powerful magic through experimentation and observation with other magic. The most notable being his Thunder Pulse Magic, while another well known being Raijin Magic, something he had said he created after observing Oros Richards' own Lightning Armor.

Enhanced Speed: Through his own training of the use of channeling magical energy, Thor has been able to enhance the speed that most commonly travel at to much higher levels. He is able to almost displace himself on the ground, and is commonly seen moving at remarkable speeds, combined with his own, almost instantaneous magic, he is a deadly opponent to face.

Enhanced Strength: Another result of his training, his physical build, despite being almost frail, is able to cleanly smash stone with a single palm thrust. Even through his strength isn't as huge as some others, he is still able to pulverise larger opponents through single-handed throws and kicks effortlessly.

Enhanced Durability: Finally, he has proven himself naturally resilient against most attacks, and even brushes off bladed attacks to himself because of his skin naturally hardening as a result of his mastery in magical arts.


Behind the Scenes

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