Hey everyone! Ash here! I'd like to announce some good news: we're changing up the rules a bit!

Remember that rule where we said main canon characters (such as Team Natsu and to an extent, the Tenrou Team) were not allowed? Well, we're breaking that rule!

Buuuut. There's a catch! In order to make one of these main characters, there are a few requirements you must apply for and follow.

1. You must have at least one complete article. The article in question must have a reasonable amount of information, a generally accepted concept, grammar that is easily readable, and a proper, recommended structure. This is to ensure you follow the guidelines when making the character.
2. You must provide a reason for the character's existence in your own fanon stories or collaborations - this is to ensure you aren't breaking away from canon in the entirety.
3. While you may use the Fairy Tail Wiki as a reference, please write the majority of the article in your own words! If you haven't done so, attribute the credit of some of the work displayed to the Fairy Tail Wiki. They've worked hard!
4. As well as this, outline briefly how you'd like to differentiate the character from canon - mainly in terms of how you envision them as a character. This can apply in personality, or even powers to some extent. Spruce them up! Show your stuff! 

And theeeeere you have it! If you'd like to create a main canon character, approach either Perchan or myself with a sensible application ready to go. Just show us those three things and we'll give you a yes. We're not too harsh after all!

Thanks for listening! :)

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