Alright everyone, here I am again! With yet ANOTHER blog post. Must be getting tiring reading these right? Well anyways, I'll continue on from there. So, what is this blog post about now? No, it's not about reading the rules, or creating a character. This is a simple blog post, that is gonna explain one thing.

Guess what? Normal Magic is AS GOOD as Slayer Magic!!!

Yes, the above statement is what I shall be talking about. Now, this is mainly directed to those new users who seem to think that Slayers are almost everything. Well, guess what? No their not. If that were TRULY the case, then how would guys like Makarov Dreyar, Jellal Fernandes, Jura Nekis and so many others like them be at their level of power? WITHOUT the use of a Slayer Magic? In fact, it should be noted that the The, Three Main Dragon Slayers in the canon are only around S-Class strength, with Wendy (sadly) being the exception to that! So, why is it that people love using Slayer Magic I wonder?


Yes, I even admit that I have made a few slayers myself just to be badass, as seen with my own slayers. However, that is barring the point. Some people seem to think that using Slayer or Lost Magic automatically grants the user a level of BADASSNESS!

However, sorry to inform you guys, but this isn't always the case. Now, if the character was very well-written, the slayer style had proportional weaknesses and the description of each technique was extremely top-notch, then this would have been the case, otherwise, sorry, but badassness does not come from just making a character with a Slayer Magic style.

What's wrong with Normal Magic?

So, now that we've established why people use Slayer Magic, lemme ask this one question?

What is wrong with Normal Caster and Holder Magic?

That's the big question here. So, what could be the answer here? I'll leave it all up to your interpretation. After all, that question is for all you people out there!

Pros and Cons of Slayer Magic

Alright, before I start ranting on that standard elemental magic is awesomeness, I wanna clear some things up with Slayer Magic's pros and cons.


  • Alright, first Pro is that, yes, Slayer styles are of extreme variety and do have immense power accordingly.
  • If worded correctly, almost any elemental Slayer style could become a very potent weapon against any form of magic.
  • You get to use your Slayer style's "force state", example, Dragon Force and whatnot.
  • Another pro is that you automatically win any "My parent can beat up your parent" argument on the playground
  • Enhanced Smell


  • Takes up a lot of magical power, far more than standard magic.
  • After learning it, your parent seems to always run away, and if your character isn't like Natsu, then your character will most likely be a very sad, depressed guy/girl who wants to find their parent. Simple as that.
  • Alot of times, especially with Demon Slayer Magic, THINGS TRY TO TAKE OVER YOUR VERY SOUL
  • You tend to be outcasted by most normal mages
  • Your character doesn't really learn that much magic. I mean, most Canon Dragon Slayers, barring artificial dragon slayers, and Natsu (learning transformation) ONLY know their own slayer style.
  • You tend to be the target of alot of bad attention, mainly from Dark Mages.
  • Eat the wrong element? You get VERY SICK
  • Trying to combine slayer styles risks your life, and basically makes you inactive for a wee while.
  • If you can't solve something with your slayer style, YOU ARE DOOMED
  • Against the opposing element, you're usually at risk of losing.
  • If you battle against a Totomaru of your element (essentially a guy who has elemental manipulation without magic), you tend to be on the losing side for quite a while.
  • If you're not in above-average physical condition, you tend to fight losing battles.
  • When you smell something really bad, it messes your nose up really badly.
  • In Edolas, you ARE HUNTED DOWN! Because you're essentially limitless money to them.
  • When you're magical power has run out, you're useless.
  • Difficult to change your element in different ways.
  • Combining styles, the styles need to be at least slightly similar. If not, they'll kill the Slayer instantly.
  • Secret Techniques of all styles have the potency to destroy the user, as seen with Blood Dragon Slayer Magic and Sky Dragon Slayer Magic


So, as you guys can see, the Cons far outclass the Pros. This is in both, number and lethality. As few of these Cons are able to essentially kill the user. Now, I know that many will disregard these Cons in their own storyline. But if they were able to pitted against you in a RP, what could you do? Nothing really :P.



  • There is an extreme variety, going from elemental to practical usages. These include, Lightning Magic all the way to Requip
  • Can be used in deadly combinations if properly executed.
  • When combined with the usage of Unison Raid, their power is far beyond the norm.
  • Magical power cost is commonly very low, although it varies among spells.
  • There can be many variations of a single spell or magic. As seen with the variations of Wind Magic being Air Magic and Airspace, both very powerful magics.
  • When used by a powerful magician, their powers are increased tremendously.
  • There is an ease of learning these magics, at the least, much easier than risking your life by learning Slayer Magic.
  • Easy to think of newer branches of standard magic.
  • Element-Maker magic is far more versatile than Slayer Magic, and it can be applied in almost any combat or practical situation with ease. Such as making weapons, or simply making keys, as displayed by Gray Fullbuster.
  • A user may have a single spell from several different types of magic.
  • Caster and Holder magic may be used in combination for deadly effect.
  • Can be used for extremely long periods of time without tiring if sufficient magical power is available, as shown by Jellal Fernandes with his Thought Projection.
  • Magic such as Card Magic may be used for a variety of different situations, combat-related and may even be used for tracking individuals.
  • Utilising Holder Magic such as Requip may provide similar effects to that of Elemental Slayer Magic.
  • Magic such as Celestial Spirit Magic provides users with sufficient magical power to essentially be able to overwhelm an enemy utilising several different magic from other users.
  • Magic like Bullet Magic is able to be used in several different uses, with power sufficient to match slayers with ease.
  • Elemental Magic's "Secret Techniques" created by the user do not threaten the user's life, unlike Slayer Secret Techniques.
  • Doll Play Magic provides the ability to animate nearly any animate object that isn't a human. Which provides an extreme amount of variety inside battle.
  • You can make your hair really awesome with Hair Magic :P.
  • Using Gale Force Reading Glasses can give you extreme reading! It can even help you decipher codes effortlessly.
  • You can disguise yourself as somebody else with Transformation Magic!.
  • Titan allows you to become a big, badass boss, if you wanna be one :P. You can even use it in perverted ways for the fun of it! :P.
  • Using magic, you can nullify other magic with Wave Magic!.


  • The magic itself is considerably weaker than Slayer Magic in pure power, but in versatility, it makes up for it completely.
  • Few spells, such as Moon Drip take decades upon decades to prepare.
  • Spells such as Iced Shell kill you, however, their potency lasts forever.
  • In some cases, few magics are inferior to few Lost Magic, a prime example being Element Maker Magic vs. Arc of Time. However, Gray was able to imbue blood into his magic, thus negating the effects.


As you can see in the case of standard magic, the pros, this time, far outclass the cons in terms of number and advantage against the opponent.

Overview of Both Analyses

So, basically, it can be easily seen that standard Caster and Holder Magic can be considered superior to Slayer Magic if properly utilised by an individual. This is because Slayer magic is purely combat-oriented, with very few supplementary uses. HOWEVER, standard magic is far more versatile in it's usage, being able to be used for simple methods such as seduction, to defending against extremely powerful attacks and becoming a massive offensive force.

How you can use Standard Magic?

Standard Holder and Caster Magic, as a result of it's diversity can be used in amazingly different and varied ways. However, HOW you use these magics are up to you and your ingenuity. It should be noted that most people, whilst using magic don't have much of a pattern to the spells they cast, repeatedly casting random spells in succession that just exhaust power after a while.

Characters DON'T have an infinite amount of power!

As such, Magic, especially Elemental Magic should be used in ways that not only conserve magical power, but are able to defeat an opponent while responding to their actions accordingly. No! I am not telling you guys to make a huge heap of spells for absolutely any situation you are stuck in, as that would be plain stupid. However, what you CAN do is this.

Mechanics behind spells

A very important thing in almost every spell that seems to be greatly missed out in Fairy Tail, is a mechanic behind every technique or essentially, magic somebody is using. Mechanics can differ greatly dependent on the magic being utilised, and as such, it is important for you to observe a magic in it's use in canon and try to decipher any sort of mechanic behind it. And if you don't understand it, just ask, I'm sure people will be glad to help you in advancing your own knowledge on Fairy Tail.

So what do Mechanics do?

Mechanics have a MAJOR impact on a spell and it's status as "Overpowered" and "Not Overpowered". For example, take the spell Metsu, what does it have on it's description?

Original Description: User hits his target with energy and completely saps their Magic from them. The Magic then hangs in the air before it dissipates. The damage is based on the enemy's Magical Power, if the target of this attack has immense Magic Power, they suffer immense damage.

- So, what does this tell us? Basically, that the user somehow is able to absorb all the magical power that an individual possesses, almost killing them in the process, WITHOUT ANY EFFORT? This is why this spell is considered hax on this wiki and should never be used. However, if one were to add a description of it's mechanics into a spell, it could change it's status as a "hax" spell considerably.

Ash's Description: The user, utilising the air, creates an Airspace right above, and/or next to his opponent by removing all forms of anything in the said airspace, creating, in a sense, a vacuum in the air. Once the enemy release a small portion of their magical power, the vacuum, previously still, takes effect as it begins sapping their magical power until it is completely gone. It hangs inside the vacuum's for moments, and it is at this time that is able to be recollected, however, the opportunity is very little. Once this has been completed, the magic dissipates into the air, as a result another individual must recollect the magical energy in order to replenish their energy. Due to the nature of this technique, if the individual has an enormous amount of magical energy, the damage taken by them is truly immense.

- So, as you can see, this version, although probably not perfect, is far more detailed than the original description of the spell and it almost gives a clear indication on how to avoid the spell, as it would take a few moments to truly prepare the spell, and by that time, a skilled opponent would have enough time to react accordingly.

So, basically, the main motto of THIS story is GIVE DETAILS. Now I am not saying give a truly enormous amount of detail as to flood an entire page. That would just be pointless. However, provide enough explanation as to find out about the main source of the spell and/or magic so that the opponent may use key timing to react accordingly, that is if you use the spell/magic in RP's.

More Coming Soon

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