Aww, what a pessimistic title. *pats self on the head*

In other news, Ashy here. Today I've brought you with, oh my god, a rule announcement!?!?

So with the advent of the new Fairy Tail chapter, we have been witness to the phenomenon known as "World Reconstruction Magic." To those who haven't caught up, basically it's as the Magic's title implies: "who cares if the world has a set order, let's break and remold it!"

As you can tell, the Magic is extremely overpowered and, more than likely, very exclusive. So we have a new ruling regarding its use:

3.18: Universe One — There is to be no use of Universe One on the basis that it is a Magic exclusive to Irene Belserion. In addition, due to its massive scale, the Magic rivals the Four Fairy Tail Spells in terms of canon importance. Of course, this is exempted for fanon renditions of the said character, moderated by User:Ash9876.

So it's pretty simple. Wanna do feats a bit like Irene but can't use World Reconstruction? Head over to Enchantment!

On the note of fanonifying Irene, that's also a no right now. She's currently extremely critical to the plot if her actions indicate anything and so allowing her to be fanonified now would be very inappropriate.

Anyways, have a good day/night everyone!

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