Ayo guys, whassup?

Anyway, we've decided, since the users who created the characters have been inactive for a while now- and actually, most of them have left the wiki- Nemesis, Liam Verz, and Ahura Halcyone are being removed from the Ten Wizard Saints.

You know what this also means right?

That's right- people can now submit characters to become a member.

But only three spots are open, so do your best!

Remember, before ANY user adds a character for this official group, they must have it approved 'by the admins' in accordance to a set of requirments -- check this blog for more information. Rest assured it's simple and easy.

We're looking for well-done writing and concepts, plus originality in magic usage (not magic itself necessarily). The article doesn't need to be complete- but there should be enough information so that we can get a general feel of the character. The abilities should be easy to explain, yet relatively unique. All of the sections minus relationships and trivia should have at least a paragraph or two on it. The completeness of the article doesn't really matter but it could be a few points more depending on the content.

Also, people, fear not, we're not gonna give feedback other than the obligatory 'jazzhands, don't break rules here, blah blah, remove turkey slayer, you can't punch planets in half', you know the usual stuff- since many people will be revising their articles more often than not, we won't make a proper opinion until the end. So your article won't get a negative reception if you make a small mistake or something like that.

However, you can ask other people for suggestions when you've run out of ideas- even the admins. But don't rely on this too much. We want too see your ideas!

EDIT: Okay, due to positive feedback, I've decided to give this a two month deadline; that way, nobody will feel rushed in creating their characters and produce an article of lesser quality. A week's extension can be made if enough people ask for it.

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