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Kanji 吸血鬼
Rōmaji Kyūketsuki
Additional Information
Primary Ability Superhuman Abilities
Located in Night Blood Guild
Black Blood Cave

Vampires(吸血鬼 Kyūketsuki) is a Races of a creature that exist in Night Blood Guild. Bloodthirsty creatures of the night, they are armed with powerful magic and they seek world domination. There have been many guilds, organizations, and Holy Orders to fight these evil threats and wipe them out to save the world.


Species Description

The vampires has pale white skin, red eyes, black sclera, and jet black combed down hair for men or for women long black hair. Male vampires wears a black Victorian outfits that excluding a black dress shirt, business pants, and black business shoes. Female Vampires wears a black Gothic dress and black heel shoes and moon earrings.


Weak Spots

Sunlight- Vampires can't withstand sunlight due to the nature of their bodies. If the exposure continues, they can die. Solar Magic can hurt them too.

Silver- Vampires loses their strength if they touched silver or be attacked by a silver-based attack. Silver-Make and Silver Magic.

Wooden Stake- Vampires can be killed with with wooden stake, Wood-Make, and Wood Magic.

Holy Symbol- Vampires cannot fight back when they are again holy weapons, holy artifacts, holy magic, and holy symbols. Holy Demon Slayer Magic is the only based magic that can kill them since they are basically blood sucking demons.

Low On Blood-Vampires constantly needs to drink blood to keep their strength up. The more they skip out on blood, there more erratic or out of control they get. Also, they are at their most vulnerable when they have no blood in their system.


Genes and Traits

They are cocky, arrogant and very smart. They think everyone is nothing but filth. They are greatly fears dragons. They are also charming to the ladies. Human males and females loves them.

Powers and Abilities

Combat Capabilities

Superhuman Strength- Vampire possess tremendous amount of power and uses magic to expand their might. However, they are limited due to a Blood Limit; a limit only Vampires have, they will become weaker by the minute. Even hit by any Solar Magic attacks will weaken them.

Superhuman Speed- Vampires can move at very high speed levels by using their magic that leaves afterimage behind when they move. However, once they reach Blood Limit, they will become weaker by the minute. Once hit by any Solar Magic attack, it will weaken them even further .

Keen Sense of Hearing- Vampire's hearing is so accurate that they can hear a person's heartbeat by using their magic.

Keen Sense of Smell- Vampires has a sense of smell that surpasses normal animal's sense of smell.

Keen Eyesight- Vampire's eyesight are much greater than a human or dog. They use magic to see up to 10 miles.

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