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Regeneration and Biological Immortality
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Located In Earth Land

Vampyres or Vampires are a race undead beings who feed off the life force of humans by feasting on their blood. These deadly creatures have terrorized humanity for centuries and have become known as human's natural predator.


The first vampyre was created when a god condemned a human by the name of Alucard for trying to capture hum and use his power. As punishment, the god drained nearly all of Alucard's life-force and left. Alucard luckily had an above-average life force and he was able to live with his remaining life force.

His continued lust for immortality and infinite power drove him to drink the blood of humans and extract their life-force from their blood so he can regain and improve his own. Every time he did, the god transferred curse power to his body to take the life-force he gained away. In the end, this allowed Alucard to get what he wanted: immortality. However, his immortality wasn't a joyful one. It was a life filled with sickness and hatred. This is known as the Vampiric Stigma.

Just like Alucard who came back from the dead after his life-force was drained some of his victims survived as well. This was the start of the epidemic known as vampirism. As one generation of vampyres bit to create the next the generation, the race began to evolve. The Vampiric Impulse that once made them weak now was a source of power. When the first modern vampyre appeared humans stopped looking down on the race. Instead, humans began fearing vampyres. They began fearing vampyres not only because for their power, but as their natural predator.

Conversion and Progression

When a human is bitten by a vampyre some of the residue from the vampyre's Vampiric Stigma, a bit of mutated curse power that all vampyres have inherited from Alucard and is the root of most of their abilities and acts as a metaphysical mark of sorts, will enter their blood stream in the form of venom. If the human's life-force is average or below average, then they will die on the spot. However, a human with an above-average will begin to show plague-like symptoms. On the seventh day they will die. Once dead, the Vampiric Stigma residue will turn into a complete Vampiric Stigma and it will begin to consume the body's ethernano. Once consumed, the ethernano is used to elevate the soul to new heights to allow it to gain a mind of its own so it can separate itself from the body and become a separate entity.

The moment the soul leaves the body the Vampiric Stigma uses any negative emotion the human had during their remaining moments to turn the soul into a Ghoul. Ghouls are the premature form of vampyres and their mental capacity is not any higher than a savage beast. They live their lives devouring human flesh so they can break it down to its basic components and use the components to recreate its former body. It takes the flesh of ninety-nine normal humans and one human mage to elevate Ghoul to the status of a Tiyanak. Tiyanak's are much more sentient and show signs that they are slowly regaining their own will and personality. In terms of mental capabilities, a tiyanak could be compared to a human infant with a remarkable predatory instinct. In this stage, a vampyre looks a lot like human and the only distinguishing factors being small fangs and phenomenal strength. Just like full-fledged vampyres, tiyanaks feast on human blood and the blood that they drink helps complete their growth process into a full-fledged vampyre.


A typical vampyre is almost indistinguishable to humans in terms of appearance. The only physical differences humans and vampyres are small like vampyre's trademark fangs and cold pale skin. In rare cases a vampyre will have some of the characteristics of a bat like wings or elongated ears and when this does happen it is usually a result of the vampyre eating to much flesh when they were a ghoul.

Vampires have two fangs that located on the top row of teeth around where a human's canine teeth are. Some vampires have a pair of fangs on the bottom row as well, but it is very unusual. A vampire's fangs abnormally sharp and can easily deliver a deadly bite. A vampire's powerful jaw muscles improve their fangs by allowing them to easily pierce skin and crush through muscle and bone easily. A lesser known ability that vampire's have is the ability to control the sharpness of their fangs with mental energy alone. This gives them the potential to bite through any human's skin regardless of how hard their skin may be.

Tumblr okv591hYV21shmkc9o1 500

A recently turned vampire teething

The teeth of young vampires or vampires who has just turned can and often will bother their their gums and jaws. This leads them to teething on things like a puppy. In this early stage of being a vampire their teeth can't break skin because of how they lack the jaw power. It isn't until the young vampire turns 8 months old or it has been 8 months since the human has turned into a vampire where they will have enough jaw power to break skin. Coincidentally, this is also the time where the vampire will stop teething, which suggests that teething for vampires isn't just about healing a sore jaw and gums, but it is also a way to strengthen their jaws. It also teaches the vampire how to suck blood because the most effective ways of curing a sore jaw through teething for them are also also the most effective ways of biting into a human to drink their blood.

A vampire's pale cold skin is very sensitive to sunlight. The exact temperature of their skin is around that of a corpse because of their undead status. The temperature of their skin remains at this temperature and keeps their body cold regardless of how hot it is outside, which gives vampires a small level of resistance to heat. How much resistance they have changes depending as they grow older and stronger. Younger vampires have little to no resistance and can sunburn very easily while some older vampires are able to withstand the searing temperatures of a Fire Dragon Slayer. Vampires use this resistance to differentiate a young vampire to an old one. A vampire is considered an adult once they have built up enough resistance to heat to not be sunburned very easily or at all.

A young vampyre hiding in someone's shadow

This may be why another name for an adult vampire is a Daytime Walker. In order to coup with daytime living the majority of young vampires are born with the ability to merge into shadows and teleport using shadows. Sometimes this ability goes away when they become an adult and sometimes it stays. It all depends on the vampire's fighting style and lifestyle. No one knows how this ability works, but some suspect that it may involve enzymes.

The similarities between humans and vampyres is only skin deep and stops at their appearances. A vampyre's biology is vastly different from a human's. Vampyres have a very large ethernano presence thanks to their Vampiric Stigma. The amount of ethernano in their body is contributed to their ghoul stage when they feasted on human's flesh. A vampyre's ethernano count rivals demons themselves and it is not uncommon to find a vampyre whose ethernano count surpasses demons. This makes a vampyre's physiology more akin to demon's and etherious' than a human's.

A vampyre's strong ethernano presence plays a key role in hunting humans. It affects their perception of the vampyre and coaxes them into relaxing their guard and trusting the vampyre. In a lot of ways it can be described in a similar way as charisma except a lot harder to resit and it appears to be more physical since all humans can "sense" it. A vampyre can control this presence and focus it at a single human or a large group of humans to put them into a hypnotic state, which allows the vampyre to control the minds of humans. In addition, a vampyre can use their presence to control what the human sees, hears, tastes, feels, and smells. The control over a human's senses that the presence gives a vampyre is great enough to allow them to trap a human in illusion by turning the target's senses against them and having them believe that their senses detecting things that are not actually there. Mind control, sense manipulation, and illusion create all rely on a human's willpower vs a vampyre's. If the human's willpower is superior than none of these abilities will work.

A vampyre's vocal cords have evolved not to create loud frightening noises like dragons or demons, but precise and detailed sounds that would be too difficult for any other species to produce. This allows them to easily speak many languages very fluently and some are able to change their accents. They use their precision-based vocal cords to make it easier to integrate into society. First, using their mental prowess to quickly learn the language and accent and then use their terrific vocal cords to speak the language with enough proficiency to fool those around them into thinking that they are a local. One of the more classical uses of their great vocal cords is to produce ultrasonic sounds that are created specifically to create echoes. These sounds help them locate a next meal with deadly accuracy.

Another key difference between vampires and humans is that vampyres don't have blood. Instead, what flows through a vampire's veins is a black liquid that could be described as liquefied curse power. This liquid functions in the same way as blood though it has been noted to be able to do it what blood does, but better. This could be why vampires have remarkable physical abilities. While it has many similarities to curse power, it isn't actually liquefied curse power proven by how it doesn't prohibit vampires from using Magic at all. This liquid is just as dangerous to humans as actual curse power is. If it gets on a human's skin it will stick there and eat away at their body until there is nothing left. In addition, if this special liquid gets on human's skin it will drain the ethernano the human's body is composed to weaken the slowly and drain them of their magic power if they have any. Lastly, if the blood stays on a human to long or is accidentally ingested they will show symptoms similar to being poisoned by Magical Barrier Particles.

Even though all of a vampyre's physical abilities are undoubtedly awe inspiring their bone structure, which is far superior to a human's in every way, suggests that they are geared more toward speed and agility and that these two physical attributes are a vampyre's greatest physical attributes. This is probably why vampyre's choose to outrun and outsmart their prey instead of just overpower them and it also explains why vampyre's have evolved to love chasing and running in general.


Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.09.49 PM
Vampyres' most notable trait is their appetite for human blood. Vampyres need to drink several gallons of blood a day to provide themselves with enough nutrients to fuel their body. When they bite into a human and begin to drink their blood the residue from the Vampiric Stigma will fill their mouth and enter the opponent's bloodstream. The residue that enters the bloodstream is used as a venom of sorts and it weakens the humans as well and kills them if their life-force is weak or average. If a human's life-force is strong, then the venom will kill the human and turn them into a vampyre. The residue in a vampyre's mouth is used to extract a human's life-force from the blood. A vampyre uses a human's life-force to empower themselves and improve their regeneration abilities for a moment. The remaining life-force is broken down into a special type of calorie, which is stored in the Vampiric Stigma as fuel for the vampyre's various special abilities. It is suspected that a vampyre's ability to extract and feast on the life-force of humans stems from Alucard's drive to repair his life-force. Since vampyres are cursed with a broken life-force just like Alucard the ability to extract life-force never vanished. Just like Alucard, it seems that vampyres also have the drive to repair their life-force although the desire is not as strong. This puts a vampyre in a depressing predicament. The vampyre extracts life-force from the blood thinking that it will repair their own only to later realize that it is used for something else.

Unlike Alucard, hope isn't completely lost for vampyres. There is a way for vampyres to repair their life-force and come back to life. A vampyre needs to use the residue of their Vampiric Stigma to absorb several ghouls since ghouls are practically living forms of a human's soul and life-force. This is very difficult and only a handful of vampyre's in history have done it. The ones that have do not become human again, but a superior type of vampyre called a progenitor.

Essence Drain

Drinking blood has combative purposes as well. If a vampire drinks enough blood at once they can activate an ability called Essence Drain. This allows them to extract a human's trademark ability to gain the ability to use it for a brief period of time. This ability is performed by extracting enough life-force from a prey's blood to get a large enough sample of the gene responsible for their signature ability out of their life-force. Once the gene is extracted a vampire will replicate the gene and spread it through the body to give the vampire the ability to use their prey's ability. The replicated ability usually draws on the vampire's mental energy except if it a powerful magic like Heavenly Body Magic. In these cases the ability will draw upon the vampire's magic power. For example, if a vampire drinks a fire mage's blood then the vampire will gain the ability to create and control fire with their mind and be immune to fire. The replicated ability isn't as strong or versatile as the original, but it is very close. Vampires often use the replicated ability to make it harder for the human to fight them.

Physical Attributes and Abilities

Tumblr opv0u6xoQC1rjf4f5o1 500

A Progenitor using her godly strength to use Sword Pressure with her bare hands

Vampires can use magic and if they practice enough they become a very adept magic user. Yet, they still aren't known for their magical abilities even though they're very talented with it. This is because vampires unique Vampiric Stigma has helped them evolve into a species that can hunt down its prey and fight with their natural abilities alone. Nothing proves this best then their physical attributes, which is attributed to their superior bone structure. A vampire's physical attributes is superior to humans in every single way and they are great enough to handle nearly any human even with the help of magic. A single vampire is more than capable of wiping out a town of humans even if the town has a guild full of normal to mid-tier mages and some vampires are able to overwhelm higher tier mages like S-class, guild master, etc.

In fact, even high-level demons find a vampire's physical attributes difficult to deal with. They are fast enough to keep up with a mage who uses High Speed, strong and durable enough to handle the power of Crash or some styles of Slayer Magic with their bare hands, they have enough stamina and endurance to outlast their prey, and can perform similar level feats with their other physical abilities. Vampires also have the ability to adapt quickly when they are in a stressful environment. The more stressful the environment is the faster their physical attributes will improve and nothing helps their physical attributes improve faster than losing to an opponent who is a lot stronger than they are.

A vampire's bodies are also geared with regeneration and immortality. These abilities operate under most scenarios that a vampire may face and they are fueled by the life-force that they consume. A vampire's body uses the life-force that they consumed to continuously regress their body back to a point in time where they were at their prime. This means that any injury, sickness, or other harmful status will be healed instantly because instead of growing old a vampire is maturing back to their prime. A point in time where they aren't sick or injured.

How fast they can regenerate depends on the time of day. The moon seems to accelerate their regeneration abilities to allow them to heal nearly instantly while the sun slows it down so that it takes a few seconds to a minute to heal. This is where a vampire's immortality comes in. A vampire's immortality can be thought of as a backup to help the vampire remain functional in situations where the vampire cannot heal themselves quick enough for whatever reason. There is only one thing that can get past a vampire's regeneration and immortality and that is silver and blessed water. A vampire cannot recover from any injury inflicted by silver if they are decapitated by a silver weapon or stabbed through the heart or another vital organ than a vampire will die.

Special Abilities

Vampires are much more than humans who have extraordinary physical abilities and feast on blood. They have a diverse set of special abilities that distinguish them from other species aside from the ones stated before. Not every vampire has all these abilities, but it is very common for a vampire to have all them. These abilities are like muscles, if a vampire doesn't use them then they will weaken and the energy will be focused to another attribute.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 4.51.45 PM

A vampire and his Ghoul Extension

The most notable ability is Ghoul Extension. This allows the vampire to direct some of their body's ethernano to augment their soul just like they did when they were in the death-like state. Once augmented they use their Vampiric Stigma to corrupt their soul and push it out it out of their body to create a ghoul. The ghoul maintains a special connection to a vampire, which allows the vampire to remain conscious when the ghoul is out. A vampire can control these invisible creatures and use them to attack unsuspecting opponents. Any damage the ghoul receives is transferred to the vampire and these injuries take a lot longer to heal. So a vampire must be careful when using Ghoul Extension because the ability can quickly become their undoing if they are not careful.

Another common natural ability among vampires is shapeshifting. Many vampires can transform and reshape themselves to their every whim and sometimes down to the genetic level if a vampire is experienced enough. This ability can be used for combative purposes and impersonation. On a combative level, vampires with this ability transform themselves into various beasts or animals to make themselves stronger and harder to fight. For impersonation level, a vampire can transform their body to look just like anyone of their choosing. Down to the smallest detail. A few vampires have even shown the ability to transform their personality and minds so they act just like the person they are impersonating. However, for some odd reason very few vampires use this potential to its fullest. Instead, they opt to just transform into a bat or multiple bats. More likely than not, this is just a cultural thing that has carried over from ancient times when they were weak and couldn't defend themselves as proficiently as current vampires can.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.24.12 PM

A vampire activating Vampire's Sight

Not all special abilities vampires can have are common. A perfect example is the rare Vampire's Sight. This ability allows the vampire to channel the special energy created from the life-force that they have absorbed to their eyes, causing their eyes to glow a bright blood red color. This eye has many abilities and its most basic ability is the ability to inflict fear into a target through nothing, but eye contact. Vampires with this rare gift have been able to inflict enough fear to completely crush their prey's will to live and leave them begging for death. When activated a vampire's eyesight greatly improves. They can see the smallest of things even when it is ten miles away and gain a near 360º diameter field of vision. The one blindspot Vampire's Sight has changes from one user to the next. Lastly and probably most importantly, Vampire's Sight gives the user the ability to see through the opponent's skin to see all major and minor veins, which helps them a lot with fighting and hunting.

This is just some of the special abilities a vampire can have. There are many more and all of them relate to blood, hunting, or bats. For example: blood manipulation, clairvoyance, summoning bats, etc. There are only two factors that determine what special abilities a vampire will have. The two factors are personality and fighting style. A vampire's additional will change and grow as their fighting style grows and changes.


Types of Vampires


Tumblr static tumblr static cn34vo4zgc0sscow8csoc0000 640

A Progenitor effortlessly overpowering a normal vampire

Progenitors are by far the most powerful type of vampire and are considered the gods and goddesses of their species as their power is truly comparable to such creatures or primordial demons. Progenitors are any type of vampire who has managed to completely repair their life force or is the child of two progenitors, which transforms them into living vampires. They are far superior to those of normal vampires in every way one such example being the regeneration. Progenitors have far better regenerative capabilities and unlike normal vampires their regeneration isn't tied to the time of day. This makes it so regardless of the time of day they can heal from almost any wound near instantaneously, which can make it seem like they are nigh-invulnerable and some indeed are. Progenitors do possess the normal weaknesses of a vampire so it is still possible to kill them with that as they won't be able to heal from any wound inflicted by their weakness. However, it does not affect them as much as they affect normal vampires, which makes them harder to kill even with one of their weaknesses on hand. Another prominent example of is their superior mind giving way to abilities like clairvoyance and precognition and their far superior predatory instincts and fighting prowess that enables them to quite easily compete with the likes of demons and dragons without magic.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.43.16 PM

A Progenitor stopping his subordinate with a simple clap

If one were to describe the act of a vampire drinking blood as an addiction than Progenitors can be described as a vampire who has gotten over their addiction. Unlike normal vampires they are capable of eating normal human food and drinks with the occasional urge to drink blood every couple of weeks. Interestingly, when they do drink blood they can drink the blood of any creature of their choosing and due to their superior Essence Drain it doesn't take much blood for them to be able to not only copy over their trademark ability of their victim to use for a brief period of time, but any one single ability of their choosing. In addition, they have full control over their Vampiric Stigma, which grants their bite various unique abilities such as their ability to drink blood without converting their prey. One of the most notable abilities is their ability to subjugate anyone whose blood they drink by using the residue of their Vampiric Stigma to attack their mind. Their subordination ability works much like Human Subordination Magic allowing them to use their magic power to weaken of strengthen the physical and magical abilities of their subordinates, summon one or multiple subordinates to aid themselves in battle, or recall them to store them away. Their subordination ability is very powerful and hard to resist especially if the subordinate was converted in which case it is absolute and unending. Their subordinates who haven't been converted can break out if they have a very strong will or a lot of magic power especially since the thought of breaking free strikes pure terror in the subordinates of a Progenitor.

Progenitors are considered to be the ultimate predator. They are amazing creatures with deadly predatory instincts and godly natural abilities that make them a threat to some of the most powerful creatures. To go with this image, the fangs of a Progenitor vampire is one of the sharpest things in the known universe. It can pierce the skin of almost any creature and there are even reports that claim that they can pierce the scales of a dragon.



Jiang Shi

Miyako yoshika by xephyr26-d3eu339
Jiang Shi is a type of vampyre that can be recognized by their rotting flesh and white skin and are often referred to as disease incarnate. They are created when a vampyre drinks the blood of a recently deceased person. Just like normal vampires, Jiang Shi extract their victim's life-force by drinking their blood and unlike normal vampyres they are more akin to a zombie than a vampyre. Their body is filled with black miasma, which causes them to spread bacteria and diseases wherever to the point where the slightest of touch can fill a living person with countless diseases and toxins that will ultimately lead to them slowly decaying away.

Possibly one of the greatest advantages Jiang Shi have over normal vampires is their ability to replace their body parts with that of other creatures granting them the abilities associated with that body part, which grants them endless potential. There have even been reports of Jiang Shi being able to use Curses out of one limb by replacing a body part with that of a demon or increasing their magic power reserves by replacing their own magic origin with another far superior one.

Despite how endless the potential of Jiang Shi are and how powerful they can become, Jiang Shi is considered one of the weakest type of vampire. They have very poor mobility due to how rigor mortis has made their limbs stiff, which forces them to hop around. Granted, this weakness can be worked around if they replace their limb with a limb from a powerful creature such as demons. They are also a lot more fragile than normal vampires and have inferior regeneration, which makes it easy to detain them not to mention they can be forced to obey a person by placing a paper talisman on their head to reduce them to nothing more than familiars. Lastly, they can be killed by wood, any type of axe, medicine, and black dogs; all of which are very easy to come by.


Nelapsi are a type of vampire who try to repair their broken life-force with negative emotions. Instead of extracting a human's life-force like a normal vampire would, a nelapsi extracts and feasts on their negative emotions. This allows the nelapsi to be a lot more demonic than most vampires and some can even wield Curses. The negative emotions that they absorb are converted into curse power. Some of the curse power is infused into their body to give them a body composed of nothing, but curse power while the other half is stored. While this new body makes them stronger than normal vampires, it also makes them weak to one other substance: Devil Slayer Magic. When a nelapsi absorbs a large amount of negative emotions, typically by absorbing the curse power of a demon, they are able to fully repair their broken life-force. This can result in one of two things. It can either turn them into demons or a more demonic version of progenitors.


Instead of absorbing the life-force in the blood strigoi drink, they attempt to repair their life-force with magic power by draining the human's magic power when they drink their blood. The magic power is spread throughout the body to change their body's composition from only ethernano to part ethernano part magic power. On one hand draining magic power instead of life-force makes the physical attributes and natural abilities of strigoi a lot weaker than their normal vampires. The physical abilities of strigoi are just barely above a human's physical abilities. On the other hand, they make up for this with their incredible magical prowess, which makes Magic the main form of combat for a strigoi instead of relying on their natural abilities like a normal vampire usually does. Draining magic power as allowed them to possess a lot of magic power and enhance their talent with magic to near that of elves.

Strigoi often specialize in Vampire Magic, Blood Magic, or a Necromancy-type magic although they are perfectly capable of learning and mastering other forms of magic. In addition, strigoi are much more resilient to the sun than normal vampires and the sun doesn't hinder their regeneration at all like it does for normal vampires. They can control the ethernano and magic power that makes up their body to turn themselves invisible or turn their body into a mass of energy in order to possess a target. Lastly, a strigoi's weakness isn't silver or blessed water like a normal vampire. Instead, it is Curses. Strigoi is not a superior type of vampire. They just have strengths where normal vampires have weakness and weaknesses where a normal vampire would have a strength.


Relationship with Werewolves

In popular culture, vampires and werewolves are depicted as bitter rivals with an undying hatred for each other. In reality, there has been nothing to confirm this belief.


  • This interpretation of vampires were inspired by Type-moon, Monogatari, Shiki, Blood Lad, and many other vampire manga and anime series.
  • Ghoul Extension was inspired by Ajin's Invisible Black Matter from the series Ajin.
  • Vampire's Sight was inspired by the Byakugan.
  • Vampire society and culture was inspired by the culture and society of Saiyans.
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