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"It was said that this armor drew energy to bring peace to our home"
— The Elder says to Gratiz

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Seven Warrior Mages(Former)
Gratiz Mek

Vehemence Armor (激甚の鎧, Gekijin no Yoroi) is one of the Seven Armors that residered in the city of Heptad, it represents the mage of Peace, and was later given to Gratiz Mek after passing it's trial. 


This armor was originally owned by one of the seven mages that saved the city of Heptad, and later was left behind when the mage died and his body left the physcial plain. Like the other armors, because of the intensity of the previous owner magic essence was left behind, and allows those who wear it to use Energy Magic.

Basic Spells

  • Flashwarp - focusing energy into the arms, the user sends out a blast of energy that can cause damage.
  • Power Pulse - By focusing energy throughout the body and exploding it outward, the energy is sent out in powerful ripples that cause damage to the surrounding area.
  • Rayburst - by summoning a magic circle on both palms, the user can shoot out multiple energy blasts with ease.
  • Light Arrows - by sending upward a blast of energy and controlling it, the blasts come down on an opponent as arrows that explode on contact.
  • Novaburst - Surrounding oneself in energy, the user can move faster than before and along the way can hit targets with ease.

Advance Spells

  • Holy Awe - the energy builds up as the user focuses it through the four limbs of his body, and after condensing the energy the user is able to make his spells more powerful.
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