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"The name's Velocity. Everything else you need to know is in the name dumbass."
— Velocity's uncouth and boorish behavior

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Normal | Ascension
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Air God




5 (X801)


6'1" (Ascension)


166 lbs.


December 27th

Hair Color

Black (Ascension)

Eye Color

Orange (Ascension)

Professional Status

Legion Under the Black Sun


Commander of the Legion Under the Black Sun


3rd Cohort of the Legion Under the Black Sun

Previous Team

Team Caelum

Base of Operations


Personal Status



High Speed
Air Magic
Earth Magic

Velocity is the one of the creations of Jupiter Saturnalia, being the commander of the 3rd Cohort of the Legion Under the Black Sun. Within the Legion, and later Othrys, Velocity maintained a messenger status within the military, due to his unrivaled speed. Due to his peerless skill in Air Magic, Velocity earned the epithet "Air God".


Velocity has green hair, yellow eyes with black sclera, and tan skin.  He dresses in a green military uniform with yellow embellishments, such as ropes or lines, and white gloves.  Pointing from his head are two antennas that he uses to sense changes in the air.

When undergoing Ascension, his body undergoes a metamorphosis. His skin darkens, and his yellow irises turn orange. His hair also grows longer and turns black. His green military uniform changes into a black cloak. His cloak possesses several orange and yellow embellishments in the form of ropes, jewels, and lines. He wears four necklaces, two yellow, one with hoops in it, and one with a purple jewel, and an orange necklace. His boots also fuse with his body, transforming into black, clawed feet. One of his sleeves is tucked into a long glove, which his orange claws protrude through, while also possessing a V-shaped object on his forearm. The other arm is bare, instead having a black wristband with orange jewels. His antennae also change into a headdress, which is black, and has orange and yellow at the bottom. From it protrudes multiple threads that float around, seemingly of their own will. These new antennae enhance his ability to sense movements in the air, making it even more acute, and increasing his range.


Velocity is arrogant to a limit.  He believes in his ability to defeat anyone weaker than Vega or Alexius, and taunts opponents with his superior power. Although he'll apologize to his superiors if he's gone too far, and seems to fear them. He often showboats, always boasting about how strong he is, and enjoying the spectacle his fights cause. His arrogance is mostly focused around his speed, boasting about his unrivaled maximum velocity, and the meaning behind his name. He seems to be obsessed with speed, being unable to stay stationary, and is often fidgety. He also often makes short threats to those that annoy him, such as when he threatened to rupture Gundahar's lungs before running to take Ragna to Proserpina for healing. Despite all of his faults, Velocity is loyal to Jupiter until the end, even opting to use his self-destruction spell during his battle against Caiera Bronzhardt.

When undergoing Ascension, his personality changes significantly. He becomes much more dark and serious, shedding his arrogance and showboating nature. He's much more brutal in combat, not hesitating to torture or beat his opponents near death. He is still loyal to the Legion however, and will not forget who he fights for.


Like all other members of the Legion Under the Black Sun, Velocity was created by Proserpina Saturnalia's sculpting, but given life by Jupiter's Personification Magic. The particular magic container used to create him is currently unknown.


The X803 Ishgar/Othrys Annual Tournament

Magic and Abilities

High Speed: Velocity is capable of using this magic to increase his speed.  This increases his physical attacks due to the power behind his sheer speed. When utilizing this magic, he appears as a green flash, almost instantly moving from one place to another, that is, if he's visible at all. He can even keep up with and exceed the movement of other High Speed users, Lightning Magic and the Lightning Body technique, and even the Celestial Body Magic Meteor spell, enabling him to outpace and strike said opponents with little to no difficulty. Velocity's magic allows him to increase the speed of any part of his body, allowing him to do complex puzzles or other tasks in seconds, and throw objects at the speed of bullets, piercing through the flesh of his target. The speed he is capable of moving at has had him marked as the fastest member of the Legion Under the Black Sun, with him being even faster than Vega, a user of Light Magic and someone capable of moving so fast they can unleash twenty punches in a second with it appearing as if he hadn't even moved. He can even out-speed someone as fast as Erik Cole, during a brief battle, easily outrunning him and delivering several blows unto him, despite the mage specializing in enhancing his speed. This demonstrates his ability to move even faster than Light Magic users as well.

  • Accelerator: Velocity increases his speed even further, tripling his previous movement speed, running so fast that most people cannot track his movements. He appears to disappear and reappear, moving faster than even Hyperion Lucifer, the former Fastest Mage of Othrys.  The speed of this spell was so great that Velocity could run up a wall, to the ceiling, and then launch an attack on Caiera Bronzhardt in a literal second. Velocity is also capable of constantly reactivating this spell, tripling his speed even further every time he uses it.
  • After Image: Velocity runs so fast that it creates multiple after images. The sheer number and randomness of the after images on the battlefield makes it all but impossible to locate the real Velocity. This allows him to attack his opponent from any angle, as they cannot technically see where he is coming from.
  • Omnidirectional Assault: Velocity runs around his opponent and kicks and punches them at the same time. This attack is so fast all the attacks feel like they're all making contact at once, increasing the effectiveness and damage of this spell. Velocity can also do an aerial version of this spell, wherein he strikes his opponent in the air several times before they can hit the ground, keeping them airborn by the sheer number of attacks.  This spell was strong enough, and fast enough, to deal a fair amount of damage to Caiera Bronzhardt.
  • Terminal Velocity: Velocity runs at his opponent, moving at his top speed and slams into his opponent. In general, Velocity will prep for this spell by running away from his opponent a fair distance, even up a wall, and then sprints down towards them. This deals immense blunt damage, shattering bones, and causing ruptures in the organs of his opponent's bodies. Even if someone manages to stop him from running, like tripping him, he can still go forward far and fast enough to slam into his opponent and deliver a fair amount of physical damage.
  • Warp Bullet: An incredibly dangerous technique, for both Velocity and his target. Through the use of this technique Velocity is capable of drastically increasing his speed for an instant in order to deal an immensely powerful and near instantaneous attack. The attack is so impossibly fast that not even Light Magic or other High Speed users are capable of matching, or even reacting, to the speed of this technique. However, due to the immense speed of this technique, if he moves this fast for more than the described instant (which is literally one second) his body will begin to break down until he's nothing but a pile of dust. Despite the fact that he cannot die from overusing this spell, and his body can be repaired by Proserpina at a later time, Velocity will remain combat-ineffective after overuse of the technique. When utilizing Ascension, Velocity is able to extend the given time to two seconds. He can also transform into wind when his body breaks down in order to somewhat negate the weakness of overusing the spell. However, if his physical body was destroyed from overuse, he will be unable to return to a physical form until his body is repaired by Proserpina or Jupiter.

Air Magic: Velocity has free control over the air.  He can increase or decrease the content of oxygen in the area, either causing suffocation or hyperventilation.  Velocity himself does not need to breath, making it possible for him to even take the air from the area he's in without any negative repercussions.  Velocity can also manipulate the air around him into powerful bursts to blast away his opponents or increasing his already immense speed.  This can be in the form of a large blast, or a concentrated burst that is designed to deal more internal damage when it makes contact. This makes them similar to shockwaves. On top of this, the pressurization can be done to also execute bladed attacks as opposed to blunt ones. Most dangerously, he can manipulate the air that's already inside of people to torture them, and even create vacuums inside their body.  However, this method of killing or injuring opponents is more difficult and time consuming, allowing a partner or ally to save his victim before he can do any permanent harm. The best way for Velocity to execute this method of attack is through creating a vacuum around someone's head to prevent them from taking in any more air, then slowly drawing out the leftover air in their lungs so that they suffocate almost immediately. This also gives Velocity an advantage against, like with all Wind and Air Magic users, a huge advantage against Fire Mages, whose magic he can easily smother to take out the flames. Magic users who are able to create a shield to protect their bodies from outside manipulation, or are strong in the art of air manipulation themselves, can gain immunity from the manipulation of the air inside them, but can not quite negate his own usage of the magic. Those who are otherwise able to create standard barriers can interfere with Velocity's ability to manipulate the air inside one's body to make the process more difficult. Through this magic, Velocity is also capable of flight, and uses this ability in conjunction with his High Speed to move in the air as fast as he can on the ground. His mastery over this magic even gives him the advantage over Air Elemental Slayers, as he can deprive them of air and bombard them with strikes using his High Speed, or force feed them and manipulate the air inside them. Even when his ability to directly affect his opponent's body was nullified, Velocity was still able to effectively use his magic to avoid damage from Caiera Bronzhardt, pushing away her spells and increasing his own speed.  Using the two antennas on his head, Velocity can also feel the most minute changes in the air, allowing him to feel every move his opponent makes, as long as it affects the movement of air. On top of that, since the element he's manipulating is air, his attacks appear almost invisible. His spells can be spotted by the distorted air that they generate, or appear as strong winds like a tornado or hurricane, but slow-moving or small spells are much more difficult to see. His mastery over this magic is what gained him the title of "Air God".

  • Air Dome: By forming a dome of air around his opponent, Velocity creates an area that slowly drains his opponent of oxygen, as they are unable to retrieve more. The dome itself is merely gaseous and can easily be exited, but as Velocity does not need to breath, he can remain inside the dome in order to ensure they cannot leave. He is also capable of using this spell to create an immediate vacuum, instantly removing the air from the affected area.  However, immediate vacuums can only affect a smaller area. He was able to use this spell to extinguish the flames produced by Caiera Bronzhardt’s Prominence Whip.
    • Air Bubble: Velocity creates a small ball of air in his hand, before launching it at his opponent. This spell is somewhat slow, but it is also very difficult for the target to see them. Upon contact, the bubble will begin crushing his opponent's body, slowly and painfully, before sending them flying backwards from the great amount of pressure this spell possesses.
      • Air Bubble Barrage: A variation of the Air Bubble utilizing several Air Bubbles at once. Velocity normally uses this variation against someone who can see his Air Bubbles. Velocity first creates one Air Bubble, throwing it at his target as he usually does, but, while his target is distracted by the one, Velocity, without even needing to move, creates several more Air Bubbles, surrounding his target with them, and giving them no point of escape. He then has all of his attacks converge on his target, bombarding them with the Air Bubble's crushing damage.
  • Aerial Slash: Velocity either slashes his open palm, or kicks through the air. This movement generates a powerful gust of wind, capable of cutting through steel and other dense metals. This spell can cleanly sever body parts from his opponents, or simply lacerate their skin. This spell can also be charged in order to increase its cutting power, which is portrayed by the swirling air surrounding his hand or leg.
    • Wind Fang: A variation of the Aerial Slash, utilizing multiple slashes in a linear pattern. Velocity creates the standard blade for his Aerial Slash, which then transforms into three different blades or equal size and length. He then moves his hand in an upwards motion, striking his opponent in three different locations on their body. This normally targets the torso (sometimes up to the head) and both arms, leaving long scars across the affected areas.
  • Updraft: Velocity first touches his hand to the ground, this then causes a tornado like gust of wind to explode from beneath his opponent. This spell only lasts for a few seconds, but in that time the target would have already been sent incredibly high into the air. This spell is generally only used as set up for other spells. By moving his hand in a different direction, Velocity can use an inverse version of this spell to slam an airborne opponent into the ground at high speeds, causing a great deal of blunt damage on both sides of his target.
  • Air Pressure Cannon: Velocity runs up to his opponent from behind and blasts then at point blank range with highly pressurized air. This does crushing damage that's easily capable of shattering bones, as it delivers an internal shockwave that is even visible as it passes through the target's body. It is similar to spells used by William Mercury with his Gale Dragon Slayer Magic, bypassing physical defense to directly strike one's internal structure.
  • Hurricane Cannon: Velocity holds out his hands in front of him, and gathers a large quantity of air into it. He then fires a huge burst of air from it. This spell is capable of uprooting trees, tossing around debris and vehicles, and even destroying buildings. The winds of this spell are also incredibly sharp, cutting up anything that gets inside the area. Velocity has even used this spell to bore through a mountain as practice, and often boasts this spell's supreme power.
  • Great Wind Dragon: Velocity gathers a large quantity of wind in his hands, and blasts it at his opponent. Upon leaving contact with his body, it takes the shape of a Chinese Dragon, moving in a serpentine pattern towards its target. Velocity can freely control the trajectory of this Dragon, making it appear as if it's sentient with the way it bites and fires air blasts at his opponent. These blasts of air are strong enough to dent steel. Velocity has stated that this Dragon will "follow its prey to the ends of the Earth". Most attacks are ineffectual against the Dragon, especially fire, which it smothers. They simply pass through its body, as it is still made from wind. The dragon can be destroyed, but it requires very specific requirements. One must use up its oxygen reserves, which is very difficult as Velocity can continue to supply the Dragon with more air until it's fulfilled its purpose, at the price of a little more magical energy.
  • Sirocco: A combination of Velocity's High Speed and Air Magic in the purest sense. Taken from watching Erik Cole increase his speed by using his flames, Velocity does the same with his wind. It's a faster technique than Accelerator, but is slower and more manageable than the Warp Bullet. It uses slightly more magical energy than the former technique, however, but the speed in which Velocity can move to overwhelm opponents more than makes up for it.
  • Kamikaze Air Bomb: A last resort technique.  Velocity immediately increases the amount of air in his body, causing it to rapidly expand.  He then explodes, sending shards of his body in every direction.  With the shards velocity increased by Air Magic, this makes the shards like hundreds of bullets that pierce through his enemy.  The sudden explosion of air also acts a major concussive force, knocking back his opponents, and sending them off balance, leaving them open to being struck by the shards. Unfortunately, as this spell destroys his own body, he needs it o be rebuilt by Proserpina every time he uses this spell.  As such, he uses it sparingly. In his Ascension form, he can somewhat overcome this weakness by transforming into air, which allows him to move around with an air body. Unfortunately, he will not be able to reconstitute himself, as he destroyed his main body.

Earth Magic: Velocity also learned this Magic after the tournament. In general, Velocity uses this magic to dig holes in the ground, capable of quickly traversing underground by combing this magic with his High Speed. This makes him Othrys' fastest runner, flyer, and digger. He can dig into the ground, and move past his opponent for a sneak attack so fast, that even if his opponent could also manipulate the ground with Earth Magic, he'd be too fast for them to be able to react to his digging. And even if the one he's fighting could manipulate the earth, Velocity's digging speed is so superior that he could simply dig through what his opponent had moved, and wouldn't let it obstruct his path. This magic also grants him a seismic sense, allowing him to locate opponents when above and blow the ground, without the aid of his eyes or wind antennae. He can even create sinkholes by digging through most of the earth underground, and making it unstable

Ascension: Velocity learned how to unlock this power after he was swiftly defeated by Caiera Bronzhardt, angered by continuous swift defeats at the hands of Jaco, who had defeated his aggressor. Like Jaco, this power was induced from his rage. This transformation is similar to Dragon Force, but for non Dragon Slayers. The process causes a metamorphosis of his body, completely changing his physical appearance. In this state his power is increased exponentially, giving him enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and durability. His magical power is also increased significantly. His Air Magic increases in power, allowing him to even harm those with normal immunity using his Air Magic spells, while his own air is unaffected by any form of Aerokinesis. The only exception to this is Slayers, but they must devour his air in order for immunity to work, and will still be injured externally if they fail to eat it. Velocity gains the ability to transform into air, describing it as him "becoming the wind". In this state, his own body cannot be manipulated by outside sources, and he doesn't need to reconstitute his body. He can completely fill the volume of the room he's in, with the exception of extremely wide open spaces, calling the enclosed location his "area". While in his area he can freely manipulate the amount of air in a location like he normally can, but without the risk of being struck in return. However, him decreasing the air in the area he's in can cause him to completely dissipate himself, and increasing it can cause him to overwhelm his magic so that he can't properly reconstitute. As such, he generally only turns into air in order to avoid damage, as he need to reform in order to deal direct damage in the first place. His ability to damage opponents in his air form is also somewhat limited, only being able to create smaller winds, granted they can be from any direction surrounding his opposition. He can also transform into air on select body parts, conserving magic power while also decreasing the level of time it takes to turn to wind. Velocity can also now manipulate the air temperature of air, even allowing him to create small air-based explosions, hardening lava back into rock with cool air, or create mirages. Of course, his digging, flying, and running speed with his magics are also drastically increased. Initially he had trouble controlling the form, but has since mastered it.

  • Mirage: Velocity manipulates the temperature of the air in order to create convincing mirages. Velocity can only use this spell while in his Air Form. This causes him to appear as he normally does, but his opponent will be unable to touch him, as he's not actually there. His targets will also notice that the temperature became much hotter all of the sudden, causing them to burn more calories from trying to attack the Mirage. However, the Mirage cannot harm his target
  • Air Grenade: One of Velocity's go to moves, and one he often uses after sufficiently weakening his opponent with Mirage. Velocity at this point suddenly decreases the temperature of the air, then suddenly reheats it again. The sudden and drastic change in temperature causes a massive explosion which harms all in its general vicinity. This is especially effective as Velocity normally localizes it in the area surrounding his target. All this is done at the snap of his fingers.
  • Jet Stream: Velocity gather a large amount of wind in his hands before firing it towards his target. Rather than dealing direct blunt damage, the winds cascade over his target. These winds possess sub-zero temperatures, and can cause whoever he's targeting to freeze over within seconds. It can even freeze Fire Mages, mostly due to smothering their fire in the first place, and freeze over armors and magical defenses designed to counter cold, often even shattering them. This makes this technique an effective spell to counter temperature or wind immunity.

Unique Physiology: As a doll, he doesn't need to breath, eat, sleep, and has deadened nerves. This last ability allows him to not feel pain from certain attacks, but recognize when he's in danger of being destroyed. His body is much stronger than a normal human's, allowing him to continuously run at high speeds without him having to worry about his body tearing apart. He also lacks blood, and any other internal liquids, making clothes unnecessary, and he is capable of surviving extreme temperatures. Due to a lack of any organic tissue, this also gives him immunity to all diseases and poisons.  As long as he has magical energy to use, Velocity is capable of continuing to fight until he reaches the near bottom of his magical energy. The only way to truly kill him is to destroy his magical container, which ordinarily cannot be touched. That means that usually, to kill him, an opponent would need to get him to completely use up his magical energy. His body can still be destroyed however, but he is still able to be revived by Proserpina. As long as his magical container is intact, his personality and memories can be stored into a new body. His body mimics a human's cardiovascular and respiratory systems using magic. This provides them with a sense of smell, sight, and touch. But, if any of those systems have been compromised, he can selectively shut them off, and reboot in order to fix the problem. This process takes a few seconds. Thanks to help from Ragna, Velocity was able to further develop this ability. As Velocity's body completely runs on magic power, any damage done directly to his magic container is detrimental to his ability to remain intact. He developed a way to completely change the flow of his magical power, allowing him to expel impurities from his body, such as Magical Barrier Particles, or magical energy infused into his body from Vampire Magic. This process takes a few seconds as well.

  • Arrangements: These arrangements are used based upon the memories of Jupiter's creations when in battle. Through undergoing arrangement, it adapts their bodies to adapt to specific stimulus they were susceptible to before, increasing their deadliness and overall strength. After each battle, Jupiter's creations only become stronger and stronger. In order for an arrangement to be underwent, a doll must return to Jupiter or Proserpina Saturnalia to have their body repaired, and they can not be undergone by the doll in question on its own.
  • Antennae: Velocity possesses two antennae on the top of his head. These antennae assist Velocity in sensing the movements in the air, allowing him to sense every move his opponent makes, as long as they are physical and capable of moving it in the first place. With this assistance, Velocity can react accordingly to the attacks of his foes, and can prevent sneak attacks from working on him. In his standard state, they appear as green horns coming from the top of his head, and pointing to the each side. In his Ascension state, the antennae become even more sensitive, and take on a more headdress like appearance. Instead of coming from the top of his head, they now come out from the back, have turned black, and have long, flame-colored ribbons coming out from their ends. Velocity also gains two more, smaller antennae, which further increases his ability to sense the wind. His ability to sense movement in the air is so great that he can even feel when someone so much as tenses up their body for a spell. In conjunction with his high speed, he considers himself unbeatable.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Velocity uses his hand to hand skills, in conjunction with his inhuman speed, in a fighting style that involves evasion and dealing powerful blows. While his stance itself is rather basic, his blinding speed, alongside the power behind said blows, makes up for any lack of skill he has in hand to hand combat, even using his speed to compensate for this supposed handicap. On top of this he can use his Air Magic to increase the power of his melee strikes as well. He can manipulate the air around them in order to deal physical blows capable of either dealing blunt damage, or lacerating the skin of his opponent.

Immense Speed: Velocity can move at incredible speeds, even without the assistance of magic, outpacing even the fastest of runners in races. His reflexes are also incredibly fast, allowing him to dodge attacks from point blank range without the assistance of magic, and counterattacking with his own speed before his opponent can use their magic. When utilizing High Speed, his speed is so advanced that he has reportedly never been caught before while running, not even by AlexiusVega, and Jaco (a Lightning Magic, Light Magic, and Spatial Magic user respectively). It is also notable that each of those mages are stronger than him in terms of sheer Magic power. He has even surpassed Hyperion Lucifer in speed, who utilized Light Magic to move at an incredible speeds, and was formerly known as the Fastest Mage of Othrys. While moving he appears as if he's teleporting, and can move fast enough to prevent someone from teleporting or activating Time Magic. Even if he somehow misses, Velocity still has the reflexes and reaction time to get out of dodge before a counterattack can be made, or otherwise correct his error and strike again. His speed is what granted him his name,

Enhanced Durability: Despite his tendency to avoid damage, Velocity is capable of taking powerful blows and still get back to his feet afterwards. He has been slammed into walls, and stopped dead in his tracks, but just dusts himself off and continues to fight.  He was able to withstand Caiera Bronzhardt manipulating his body, followed by Velocity cutting off his own arm and didn't feel the smallest iota of pain.

Immense Magic Power: Like the other commanders of the Legion Under the Black Sun, Velocity has a vast amount of magical power, enough so that he can constantly manipulate the air without the slightest bit of fatigue. His power is great enough for him to be marked as the third strongest Commander of the Legion Under the Black Sun, an incredible feat, most notable due to the power of those ranked below him. Jupiter himself has even said that he believes Velocity could take down an entire army in seconds. In his base form, he's capable of easily defeating Erik Cole, casually overwhelming S-Class level mages, and even hold his own against Miriam Cade, the strongest mage of Dragon Gunfire. When undergoing Ascension, Velocity's power soars to even greater heights. Velocity's power increase is equivalent to that of even Alexius' Dragon Force (although they are not equal in overall power). Velocity is so powerful that his strength in his new state makes him superior to the Ascension forms of both Ragna and Largo. This power increase allowed him to fight evenly with Miriam Cade, showing almost no issues during their battle, even temporarily gaining the upper hand against her. When exerting a large amount of magic power, his aura appears green, and black when undergoing Ascension.


Velocity's appearance is based off of a human version of the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza.

Velocity is the measurement of speed, a reference to his speed-based magic.

Velocity was the second commander of the Legion Under the Black Sun conceptualized by Black Dwarf Star, followed by Jaco.

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