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"It's best if you keep your nose out things, young prince. It'll prevent you from getting hurt in the near future. Take the warning to heart, lest you regret it later on." — Gilvan Astraius
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Ophelia Drakontos - Vermicutillia Phoenix Slayer Magic
Vermicutillia Phoenix Slayer Magic



Tanshu no Metsuhōō Mahō


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Slayer Magic
Phoenix Slayer Magic
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Ophelia Drákontos

Vermicutillia Phoenix Slayer Magic (丹朱の滅鳳凰魔法, Tanshu no Metsuhōō Mahō)


Passive Capabilities


Unique Transformations & Modes


  • The author got permission from Per & Yami respectively.
  • The name of this Slayer Magic comes from two Latin words, Vermiculo & Rutilus — combined together, albeit slightly altered, both of which mean "Deep Red". Like with all other Slayer Magic pages made by the author, this serves as a reference to the color of the element in-question.
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