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Vibration Slash




Parent Magic

Sword Magic


Don Lanford

Vibration Slash(揺斬, Yōzan): Is a Sword Magic Spell created by Don Lanford that he taught to his second-in-command, Victor Saith.


When in use, this spell allows the user to focus their Eternano energy into their sword, accelerating the energy in it as it starts to cause vibrations throughout the sword, making it move at high speeds as it causes the swords appearance to look more like that of a saw than a bladed weapon as the user holds it in control to make sure it doesn't goes balistic. When in the saw-like form, the user can harness and focus the incredible speed and extend it to reach out to very long distances as it can actually rip apart anything that gets in it's way, whether it be a solid density or fluid, the blade can rip through it and shred it apart without worry of it aiming at the user. However, there are some risks to using this spell as the blade's vibrations can often spirial out of control if the user doesn't have his magic under control, which can lead to the user being ripped apart by their own magic. When the user extends the spell to far distances, they run the risk of having their blade vibrate uncontrollably and often rip apart everything around them, which can cause devestating to everyone who is in the way. 

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