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"Nobody tells you how the world works, it just comes down on you whether you're a baby or an adult. I got lucky, I saw how the world really was, and like a beast, I consumed everything that blocked me. You changed my ways boss-man, I owe you my life, and I will gladly follow your way, even if it means death. "
— Victor tells Don

"Release the beast when ready"

Victor Saith(Male)
Samantha Saith(Female)



Bikuto Seisu


Red Mirage Sword(蜃気楼赤い一刀 Shinkirou Akaiittou)




May 11


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Unusual Features

Scar on left eye

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Vanguard Eternal Vanguard

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Rune Knights


Wandering Mage


Team Denix Team Denix


Don Lanford

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Gender Magic
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Victor Saith(ビクトーセース Bikuto Seisu) Is the second-in-command on Team Denix, who is lead by Don Lanford, and is often considered to be the balanced one of the group. Like his best friend, Victor was a former Rune Knight, a member of the Magic Council who are tasked with keeping the magic world in order, who was found as a child by the knights after they began investigating the possiblity of Dark Magic at work in his old hometown. It is also been revealed that Victor is known to have two spirits occupying inside his own body: himself and a girl that was infused into him with a version of Seith Magic that attempted to infuse a soul with a living host body. Due to this, Victor has gained the ability to use Gender Magic that switches him from Victor Saith to Samantha Saith depending on the situation or when Samantha overpowers Victor's control on his body. Over time as the name of Team Denix grew, so did Victor's title as their best swordsman, earning himself the name of the Red Mirage Sword(蜃気楼赤い一刀 Shinkirou Akaiittou) since most opponents that come up against him only appear to see mirages of him before he takes them down without them even knowing. 


Victor is a tall, muscular young man with lightly tanned skin. He has three identical gold earrings on his left earlobe. Victor's crimson hair is cut like it's a bother, leaving it somewhat uneven as if he doesn't care. His gaze is stern; though it is not without the caring aura that he exudes in every action. His skin is slightly darkened, and his eyes are a fierce azure, which are said to bore into the souls of everyone he stares at. His toned figure, along with his image, causes many to regard him as 'handsome'. Victor's body is covered with scars from his many battles, most notably the massive scar stretching from his left shoulder to his right hip;
Female Dondix


and he has a scar running down his left eye, which is now implied to be critically injured as it is always closed. His neck appears thick and muscular, and his hair is rather long, now slightly slicked back. In terms of attire, Victor is shown to wear a rather long, open dark-green coat, closed on his waist by a red sash, in which his swords are tucked, and he possesses a black bandanna which is tied around the left sleeve. He has no shirt underneath, and an green haramaki is visible under the coat.

When the other spirit takes control of his body and uses Gender Magic, Samantha is shown to be a young woman who is somewhat shorter than her normal form, but not short enough to be considered absolutely diminutive in size. She possesses short, crimson hair in which nothing covers her forehead, instead, it is all completely focused at the back of her skull, exposing her forehead, and thus, the scar over her left eye, just like her other form. Samantha possesses a sleek, toned figure, that has rather nice proportions, along with long legs; her numerous scars do naught to diminish her attractiveness. Mostly, she wears a myriad of white bandages –a sarashi, atypical of samurai from ancient Japan- around her chest, binding her breasts ever so slightly, allowing for dynamic movements at the cost of measly protection to her figure. In addition to this, Samantha is shown to have her lower body area clad in pitch-black jeans that are rather straight-legged in appearance, and while they appear tight upon her figure, they do not impede her movements in any way possible.


When Victor was a child, abandoned to fend for himself against the elements with nothing more than himself and a rough edge sword, he often considered everyone that ever came close to him an opponent, wanting nothing more than to butcher or end them before they ever had the chance to attack him. Victor's outlook was more animalistic than anyone else in his village, even after it got destroyed and was left in rubble. After being found by Don Lanford during his training days, Victor felt a connection to him, something that gave Victor confidence to believe things can become better. This in term led Victor to swear his loyalty to not only the knights, but to Don as his leader and mentor. Since his arrival to the academy, Victor's desire to become stronger eventually lead him to take up the way of the sword, dedicating his time to train hard and focus on making himself stronger, like his hero. However, despite Don's own seriousness, Victor often knew that there were often times when one would need to enjoy themselves whenever they had the chance.

However, things changed when Victor discovered that Don had found out a secret about the Rune Knights, which resulted in both of them quitting and beginning to take things into their own hands in order to better serve justice to anyone who they thought was an enemy. Victor became more of a second-in-command to this new team, showing and guiding them whenever their leader was unable too, still showing the strong loyalty to Don and protective of the people that he chose to be on the same team as he is.


Inside of Victor's body lies the spirit of a woman that Victor encountered during one of the attacks he was in, who often comes out during times of stress for Victor, and switch with him using Gender Magic. Samantha was originally considered a kind, caring person, always wanting to make sure that everyone around her would be healthy and happy. It is also seen that Samantha is a pacifist, meaning she would rather talk about issues than attempt to do fighting of any kind, something that is hard to do due to the fact Victor's body is honed on reflex, and it often attacks anyone that comes close to her instinctively.  During her time in control of the body, Samantha would often go to the assistance of anyone around her, despite her changed appearance that she goes through, and the fact she carries Victor's weapons. It has also been seen that when in control of Victor's body, Samantha often shows infatuation with Don, someone who she believes is a person of great potential to bring peace. Due to this, it is often seen that she, Iris, and Dana often go into a rivalry for his attention, with her showing off what her best features were. Despite this, she cares deeply for her comrades and often will go to incredible lengths to make sure all of them are safe and sound, even if it means having to use violence to fight. 

Despite both sharing one body, Victor and Samantha have an understanding of the situation that is with them, often at times coming to agreements when needed, especially when it would effect team dynamics. In most cases, they often decide when to switch bodies depending on what the situation calls for, or at times, when one decides to take a break and let the other take control for a limited amount of time. There are times when either can attempt to wrestle control over the body, resulting in an inner conflict that can leave the body in a form of stasis, and whoever can often overcome the others control will be in command of the body.



Victor Saith was born in a quiet village outside the Waas Forest where he lived with his parents for two years. However, one day out of the blue, multiple bandits came riding into the village, killing everyone and everything in their sights, including Victor's parents as he got angry, grabbing the

Young Victor

nearest weapon he could find and slashing everyone in his path until it was nothing left but dead bodies that he pilled in the middle of his village as a warning to everyone that would ever dare to cross his path. In time, he marked the entire former village his territory, and essentially slicing everything that came into his town, good or bad, like a wild beast. One day however, he found himself face-to-face with a pack of rookie students from the Rune Knight Academy, one of which found Victor and managed to calm him down as he turned out to be the leader, and asked if young Victor wanted to join the academy with the potential he had as a swordsman.

Over the years he spent there, Victor began seeing things in another light, realizing how much he would've missed out if he had stayed behind in the village. Over time, his views of many things changed as well as his abilities to use his magic and swords. He eventually gained three unique blades that were crafted by a master blacksmith especially for him. He eventually gained many different friends during his training there, one especially was Don Lanford, the very guy who recruited him into the academy, and recognized immediatly for the cunning and powerful leader that he was going to be in the future.

One day while cleaning the halls, Victor saw Don going into a room, and decided to follow him to see what his mentor was up to only to discover what Don discovered: The Rune Knights would willingly allow entire citites to be destroyed and not bother to bat an eye. After hearing this and realizing Don would be leaving as well, he begged him to take him on as his apprentice, wanting to learn more from him and travel to see what kind of things the two of them would do. Don agreed and from that moment on, Team Denix was born.

On one of their travels together, they met up with a woman who was named Samantha, who became infatuated with Don as she wanted to join up with his group to help him on his mission. However, that same day, a Guild Master from a neighboring Dark Guild had arrived in her town to try and threaten the town folk into giving him their loyalty. However, Team Denix had decided to stand up for the town and fight them, but before ending the guild master's life, he performed a spell that extracted the soul of Samantha, fusing it with someone close to her, which was Victor at the time, merging them both. Since that day, both spirits inhabited victor's body, both of them allowing each other their time to control his body whenever he needs to or whenever she needs to. 


  • Brucam Wilder(ブルカム・ワイルダー Burukamu Wairudā):The sword known as Brucam Wilder has a pure-white hilt with a circular hand-guard. The sheath is painted white and the type of the blade is a straight blade; though it remains impossibly sharp, even capable of cleaving through magical barriers with ease, showing that it is near unrivaled in terms of crafting. When in use, the blade's swing is said to be the smoothest from any blade, allowing for the user to cut through nearly anything without any form of resistance, especially anything said to contain Eternano. Brucam Wilder is Victor's more used blade, often only using it to attack anyone who focuses mainly on using their magic, and often at times breaking down any form of runes or barriers that might hinder him or the rest of his squad. However, despite this unique ability the blade has, it has it's own limits as it cannot cut through Holder Magic's or through barriers of Wave, due to the reveberation that it causes. It can also drain the user of their own energy if they use the effect. 
  • Raw Death(原死 Harashi): is a moderately curved katana with a white edge and a distinct blue hamon that has the appearance of flames. Its tsuba is golden and shaped like a rounded cross pattée; the hilt is wrapped reddish-brown, with a golden clasp around its middle and a golden kashira pommel. The sheath of the sword is deep red and continues the design of the hilt, having two golden clasps in short succession around its middle, and the kojiri end cap also being golden. Like his other blades, Raw Death has a unique ability that actually gave Victor his title of Red Mirage Sword as when the blade is controlled, the user is capable of creating illusions whenever it cuts anything around them or an opponent, releasing an energy that disrupts the visual view and creates a mirage of sorts that is almost real. However, there is a limit as it has been seen that it is only affective against one user at a time, and can often allow others to help the person under the influence of the blade. 
  • Galactic Harbinger(銀河前兆 Ginga Zenshou): The final sword that Victor possess is known as Galactic Harbinger, which is a black black with a distinct red hamon and its hand-guard has flower-like edges, hence it is a "Black Sword" (黒刀 Kokutō), which is be seen as a cursed blade to swordsman. Its red hamon (hardening line) is Kanemoto style, having the appearance of a saw or sharp teeth, giving it an ominous look, causing fright within Victor's opponents. It is said that this blade is counter part to Archenemy, but instead of having the power to cause a catastrophe it has the ability to actually have small or big miracles happen. When in use, the blade itself can sense what the negative energy is felt around anything, be it a sick or dying person or even a place where it has an entire aura of negative energy. The larger the negative energy, the more change in mirace will occur to a degree that does not defy the laws of the universe. This sword is considered to be Victor's most dangerous as it can nearly drain him of all of his energy after two or three swings, something that makes it to only used in an emergency or when he fights an incredbly powerful opponent. 

Magic & Abilities

Natural Abilities

Immense Magical Energy: When he was first abandon, Victor was placed in one of the only safe zones near his village, which housed an incredible amount of Eternano energy, and eventually triggered a change to have his body be able to slowly absorb it, allowing him to be able to produce and control Eternano. As he got older, Victor's control  of it lacked training, resulting in his energy output of Eternano to be used all at once, which gave him incredible power, but also tired him out much faster than any normal mage. It was only after Victor was found by Don and the Rune Knights that he began his training to control the incredible output of energy, while at the same time developing a unique style to absorbing more due to his abnormal absorbtion of Eternano. Eventually he gained control and stability, alowing him to use this more into his magic without worrying about the risk of using too much too soon. When he learned how to use swords, his Eternano when added with the sword created a reflex, which allows his blades to become twice as sharp with a special Eternano second layer over the first one, and often at times allowing for much devestating damage done to opponents when he attacks with one or two swords. Due to Victor's unique situation, his energy output is currenlty to be at the range of a Guild Master, but due to his body's need to compansate for both spirits in his body, he is not able to use the full amount, and both he and Samantha are considered to be at S-class level. When he changes forms at Samantha will, she is able to tap into her own reserve of magic energy, which is around the same level as Victor's, due to his own body needing to compensate for another entity that is inside of him. 

Master Swordsmanship: When he was a boy, Victor had found a sword that was abandoned as the blade was rough and had been through much, but he decided to learn how to use the blade, even if it wasn't in the best of shape. Despite this, Victor began to use an unorthadox style that simply slashed and hacked at anyone that came into his way, which ended with innocent lives getting struck down due to this. After his initial entrance into the academy, Victor began seeing many forms of different sword styles, and decided that he would learn all of them, but showed to be a master of the one and two sword styles as he began to use those more often than most. It was said that Victor's use of the swords was more of a demon who seeks destruction, which often is the opposite of Victor's personality. After he gained his three infamous swords, he was shown to be one of the most powerful swordsman around, holding his own against any that stood in not only his way, but the way of Don himself.

  • Heavenly Titan Spiral(天乃大螺旋 Ten no Dairasen): Is a technique that Victor originally developed when he was in the Rune Knight academy, and eventually turned it into one his most devestating
    Beast Wolf Destroyer

    Heavenly Titan Spiral

    attacks around. Victor begins by drawing in Eternano into his body, making his body slowly begin to glow as he then draws any one of his swords as he channels it into the blade, causing a different formation of a beast, depending on the sword, to appear to form on top of the entire blade. Victor puts as much strength as he can to spin swing the sword as it causes the beast to be released from the blade, spiraling upward into the sky, and then splits itself into multiple attacks and rains down on the opponent like a monsoon. Each blade can cause for a different effect depending on what kind of sword it is and what natural abilities it has, and for Victor, he has three swords that can deal three different effects when this move is used. When this attack is performed using Brucam Wilder, the appearance of the beast seen when the attack is manifested is shown to be a wolf, which is then seperated into multiple wolves that bombared the area around, slicing and destroying everything around them to ensure direct damage. 

Enhanced Strength: Since his training days at the Rune Knight Academy, Victor's own strength had been shown to grow to near monsterous heights due to his unnatural overabsorbtion of Eternano as it allowed him to increase his strength to pick nearly things double his own size. This resulted in him needing to lift super heavy weights that kept his strength measured and under control each time he used them until eventually he no longer had to keep them and only often used him to try and build more strength. It has been seen that with a slice of his blade, he was able to mow down roughly about 30 trees without even breaking a sweat, and can lift a bolder ten times his own size. It is said that despite his appearance, his muscles are said to be a more perfected version of muscles, without the impurities inside, which makes him one of the strongest without having the size to match it. 

Enhanced Speed: Victor is tremendously fast; able to dash a short distance to dodge attacks, dodge bullets fired at close-range, and move so fast that he appears to teleport. Victor possesses enormous muscle strength which is situated in his legs; this is the main source of his swiftness, and he has shown time and time again to be able to close enormous distances in the timespan of a few moments. He can effectively use his agility to use the battlefield to his advantage, jumping from wall to wall to keep his opponents unsure of his attack patterns. Victor moves at such a speed that his foes more often than not can't register his movements, until he's made them, often attacking many times simultaneously; he's also skilled enough to dodge at tremendous speeds, even if he's assaulted from behind. He has also shown on several occasions that he can jump incredibly long distances, up to several hundred meters by applying speed to his jumps

Enhanced Reflexes: Victor is amazingly well coordinated, as he is able to catch bullets in mid-air; his tremendous reflexes, agility and speed usually enables him to dodge many a powerful projectile while balancing himself on one hand. He is also able to skillfully and acrobatically dodge a barrage of blasts; even by performing a side jump, and if the foe knocks him off a building, he is able to launch himself off of a few small falling rocks back towards his foe with ease. Victor is highly flexible in battle- able to perform one-handed backflips, somersaults, and mid-air cartwheels with little effort in terms of physical strain. Victor is also known for rolling around on the ground to evade foes' attacks, as well as being able to perform multiple spins and tricks in mid-air.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While Victor mainly kept focus on mastering his sword styles and becoming better, Don suggested that he also keep with his unarmed combat in the times that he may not be able to reach his swords in time. For Victor, his fighting style is shown to be similar to fighting with a sword, using powerful flowing movements and striking at percise moments, which allows him to also improve on his sword strikes afterwords when he switches back to his sword use. When fighting, he keeps himself at a very long distance, replying on his long legs and arms for reach when he fights off opponents with weapons or for those who use more close up attacks. In his mind, Victor keeps a space between him and his enemy as a test to determine what the level his opponent is and how dangerous can it be if he got too close to him. With these in mind, Victor can adapt his fighting style to make sure that his opponent does not allow time for sneak attacks by them, and can often deflect some spells that are actually shot at him.

Master Acrobatic: When his body is transformed into Samantha, his physical body is said to be much more slender and flexible, which can often aid Samantha's attempts to help or get away from her opponent. When she jumps and does her stunts, it's as if the person is watching a graceful swan in action, all of her incredible flow and natural grace makes for one incredible performance that she can put on, which at times distracts her opponents enough to end with her attacking and often at times dealing heavy damage to them. In some cases, her skills are shown to be at their very best as it has been know that she has been shown to clear gaps between the distances in tall buildings, easilly jumping to them in a graceful way and keeping her balance in perfect sync when she is often on very thin ledges or wires. 

Expert Intellect: Originally as a child, Victor often found himself doing more action and less thinking when it came to fighting anyone that attempted to take over his home. As time went on, he slowly began to give in to his primal mind, until he was recruited by his soon-to-be partner, Don Lanford, who began to teach Victor that all fights could be won better if one uses their intellect more times than their weapons or attacks. His training in the academy proved to actually increase his own state of intellect, making him more into a mage than a warrior as he began to see everything as being three steps ahead in order to make sure that one's enemy wouldn't expect one's action. Eventually he became a very strong minded individual, something that surprised many as they only ever saw him as a mindless beast before he arrived. His knowledge is said to be as strong as Don's, which also makes him capable of leading the team in his absense, but chooses to let Don take command as soon as he returns.

Magical Abilities

Sword Magic(剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō): Is a Caster Magic that allows the user to destabilize their own sword in order to create new abilities. The user starts by channeling Eternano diretly into a specially constructed magic blade that causes a chain reaction to the sword, having the blade alter it's entire structure until it reaches an unstable form of metal and magic, allowing the person to manipulate it into a solid shape that can also engage the spell that the user sees fit to use. In some cases, when the person condenses the unstable structure, they often add their own elemental affinity magic, allowing for the user of elemental sword spells to be created through the effective means of the user. During the time after the sword spell is used, the Eternano is immediatly ejected from the blade, allowing the unstablility, the result from the Eternano, to cease and transform the blade back to it's normal shape. However, there are certain risks to using this magic as it takes much mental focus and incredible magic control in order to allow the blade to be altered in it's solid shape, and to be controlled in it's unstable form. When the user often attempts to make any spell, their hand is to remain on the hilt at all time, due to the fact that unless the Eternano is controlled and is kept at a steady flow into the blade, the blade will simply revert back to it's normal shape while the Eternano is simply ejected outward.


  • Vibration Slash(揺斬, Yōzan): Is a Sword Magic spell that was taught to him by Don Lanford after the two formed Team Denix. When in use, this spell allows the user to focus their Eternano energy into their sword, accelerating the energy in it as it starts to cause vibrations throughout the sword, making it move at high speeds as it causes the swords appearance to look more like that of a saw than a bladed weapon as the user holds it in control to make sure it doesn't goes balistic. When in the saw-like form, the user can harness and focus the incredible speed and extend it to reach out to very long distances as it can actually rip apart anything that gets in it's way, whether it be a solid density or fluid, the blade can rip through it and shred it apart without worry of it aiming at the user. However, there are some risks to using this spell as the blade's vibrations can often spirial out of control if the user doesn't have his magic under control, which can lead to the user being ripped apart by their own magic. When the user extends the spell to far distances, they run the risk of having their blade vibrate uncontrollably and often rip apart everything around them, which can cause devestating to everyone who is in the way. 
  • Balinova Destroyer(バリノバ デストロヤー, Barinoba Desutoroyā): Is a sword spell that Victor himself developed after joining up with Don Lanford and learning new ways to deveop his sword spells. To
    Shadow Art Shadow Form

    Balinova Destroyer

    begin this spell, the user would draw out two or more swords, then begin channeling an alternation of Eternano that allows the swords to become enveloped with Darkness as it slowly crawls up the sword, and quickly causes a reaction that turns the blades into shadow swords. When in use, the swords have been shown to actually be able to change their own shape into multiple different blades that the user can imagine, and often at times can make them sharper than any known sword around. It has also been seen that the shadows themselves can even be cut, resulting in them being absorbed into the blade to increase it's power and it's deadliness. In some cases, it has been shown that the blades can even expand to great distants so long as there is any form of light that can create a shadow for them to connect with, resulting in various sneak attacks and multiple blades that can appear from anywhere. However, there is risks to using this magic as the user is only able to create various different forms of blades, and often strains themselves if they produce more than one. Sunlight that is bright enough to cover shadows can often destroy the blades and the spell itself, which means this spell is only recommended to be used at night.

Proxy Shell(プラクシシユエル Purakushi Shueru): Is a unique Caster Magic that is catagorized as an evasive style of magic as it allows the user to create a hollow duplicate of someone as they allow any effects of spells or magic to be focused on the dublicate. It begins by the user producing a powerful manifestation of Eternano around their entire body, slowly adding it to every part of their bodies as the user hardens it into a second layer, an exact replication of themselves in every detail and form. In some cases, the user can simply allow themselves to slide out of the skin through the back, like a layer of skin on a snake, capturing the user's exact position, gesture, and even reaction to whatever they encountered that would make them have to shed the Eternano shell. The second use is in combat, but is considered to be a very difficult style to master as it takes focus, quick reaction time, and expert control over one's own Eternano. When the user comes into immediately contact with any form of spell, Caster, Holder, or Lost, the shell would immediately react as it would quickly be much more easier to slide out of, allowing the user to make a quick escape as the true damage of the attack is dealt to the replication of the user. 

There have been recorded moments of master's of this magic adding more than one layer, allowing for more easier escapes out of most forms of magic that can affect the user both physically and mentally, and even at times the replications can take on life of their own as they often can also serve as distractions to the opponent while the user charges up to use another magic. However with this magic comes certain risks, the more shells the user produces, the heavier and slower they get, meaning that in order to be able to make multiple ones the user would have to be very physically fit to be able to move at their normal speeds. Each replication of a user is also considered to be fragile when the user is out of the shell, meaning that once the attack is absorbed into the replication, it breaks apart and the Eternano is released back into the atmosphere. Lastly due to the multiple amounts of magic energy it would take to make one single replicate entirely, this result throws the user's own energy replication out of other, resulting in them unable to use any other forms of magic if too many shells are made at one, leaving the user of this magic vulnerable to any other attacks at them. 

Stretch Magic(すとれちゅ まじく Sutorechu Majiku): Is a Caster Magic that allows the user to concentrate Eternano through their arms, making them more elastic as they are then able to expand them in various ways depending on the user's thinking. For Victor, he only often uses this magic to have a wider range of swinging when he uses anyone of his swords, and can often actually mow down many different people that attempt to take him down.

Gender Magic(ジェンダーの魔法, Jenda no Maho): Is an unusual Caster Magic that allows the user to take on the appearance of their opposite gender in any circumstance. However, unlike normal users, Victor's magic is tied and connected with Samantha, who changes her outward appearance in order to allow herself to gain full control of the body, and retrain all of Victor's skills that go along with it. 


  • The character pic is based off of Roranora Zoro from One Piece
  • Victor is the first character to be a dual-persona character that changes genders
  • Despite having three swords, Victor mainly focueses on using the two sword style, only using the third when he needs to beat someone at incredible levels of magic
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