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Vincent Albion



Vuinsento Arubion


White Dragon Albion (白龍・アルビオン, Hakuryū Arubion)
Dragon Slayer King (滅龍神, Metsuryūjin)
Radiant Revenger (輝きの撃退者, Kagayaki no Gekitaisha)
The One that Sits in the Ferocious Heavens (烈空座, Retsukūza)




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179 cm


55 kg


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Vincent Albion (ヴィンセント・アルビオン, Vuinsento Arubion) is the name of an enormously powerful user of Dragon Slayer Magic; indeed, he is said to be a cataclysmically powerful human who can take upon the visage of a dragon. During the Dragon-Human War, Vincent was taught his Dragon Slayer Magic by an unnamed dragon, and with the best intentions in mind, Vincent went off on his own, attempting to kill every dragon that attempted to harm mankind, bathing in their blood as the overuse of his magic eventually caused his physique to transform into that of a dragon's before he vanished to parts unknown. From this point onward, Vincent was referred to as the White Dragon Albion (白龍・アルビオン, Hakuryū Arubion); he was called The One that Sits in the Ferocious Heavens (烈空座, Retsukūza) as the strongest Dragon Slayer to ever have existed.

What happened to him after this was unknown; some simply regarded him as a myth or a tale told to young dragons to scare the everloving shit out of them to this day, and some had seen him in person numerous times. What was known about him is that whenever he supposedly appeared, his kind yet fierce attitude constantly showed itself, helping people in need and supporting them with their problems- even if he was there for a moment, Vincent would drop everything and assist them.

In the present day, during the third Dragon Slayer Royale; Vincent happened upon the winner about to take the title. Worried that Dragon Slayers could rise to levels of power akin to the Dragon-Human War and concerned about their immeasurable strength going to their head and thus lording it over regular humans and magician, Vincent stepped in and gave a royal thrashing to the victor, thus gaining the title of Dragon Slayer King (滅龍神, Metsuryūjin). Vincent then hosts the next Dragon Slayer Royale, putting his own twist on the concept- to truly defeat him, a Dragon Slayer must display that they won't let their power go to their head.



Vincent's full appearance.

Vincent is known to be a rather tall man, with fine features and a slender and nearly effeminate build. He is noted to be rather "pretty for a dude". Vincent has an unruly mop of white hair that is cut like it's a bother and just left without any tending to, though its most notable feature is how his bangs are parted in the middle to slightly expose his forehead, as two long clumps trail downwards to frame his youthful face. There is a trio of bundles of white hair exposed in the very middle of his forehead, with the longest extending down to reach his nose; his hair is splayed in all direction, with two noticeable parts curling to the left hand side. His gaze is stern; though it is not without the caring aura that he exudes in every action. His skin is slightly darkened, and his eyes are a fierce red, which are said to bore into the souls of everyone he stares at, piercing the souls of his enemies as they lose the will to fight against this unstoppable maelstrom of destruction.

Personality and Traits

Vincent is known to be overly serious; though he is also known to be cold, serious, stoic, calm and collected, more so than a Dragon Slayer should act. He appears almost ice-cold and quiet; his quietness is not due to a lack of self-confidence however; it is because he is constantly thinking. Deep inside his heart, Vincent is a kind person with good intentions, but the horrors he had experienced during the Human-Dragon War scarred and hardened his views deeply; he displays nothing but fierce determination and serious perseverance in his battles. He has a "no-nonsense" attitude, and follows through with his goals with unexpected determination, putting his goals before anything else unless innocents are at stake. Vincent is a man who sticks to his code of honour no matter the circumstances. He refuses to dabble in immoral acts, and will never stoop so low as to harm those weaker than him. More than that, however, he refuses to kill unless it is absolutely necessary, and will go to extreme lengths to make sure that his foe remains alive. However, he will never back down from a fight, and will accept all challenges unconditionally to make sure his honour is intact at the end of the day. He believes that the strong should protect the weak, and without power, nothing can be done about the state of this world. An onlooker even points out that doing so is suicidally foolish in this day and age, something that Vincent does not deny.

Despite his obsession with his honour, Vincent is a noble and kind man with a soft spot for children and animals. He is often wandering from continent to continent, helping those less fortunate with their troubles even if it sucks up all of his time, though he sees this as a prime opportunity to learn more about the people he is protecting; he would do anything to help his world as well. His trademark is his special salute which he does every time to either greet others or bid them farewell. Always in control of his emotions, Vincent prides himself in following monk-like philosophies of peace. Despite this rough exterior, he has a deep sense of responsibility to those he protects whenever he does manage to become involved; in fact, he would throw his life on the line for anyone in trouble. Despite this, he enjoys getting his work done perfectly and believes risking big in order to win big; more having fun in battle than anything else; though aside from these moments, he says little when he doesn't have to talk, not even bothering to learn the names of many of his opponents if they don't meet his criteria for 'powerful'; he simply challenges them to combat.

Due to the horrors that he and his allies had suffered through during the Human-Dragon War, Vincent demonstrates a powerful hatred towards Dragon Slayers who would lord their overwhelming power over those considered 'weaker', such as regular magicians and normal humans. In his four hundred or more years of living, Vincent had experienced numerous members of his fellow Dragon Slayers become corrupted by their own power and break off from humanity in order to toy with mankind using their powers. This was a major reason why he decided to intervene with the previous Dragon Slayer Royale to take the title, believing that such a title should only go to those who display kindness and compassion to everyone, while also displaying the ability to kill their enemies if they cannot be talked down, no more, no less. With the rise of guilds such as Dragon Soul, Vincent's fears had reached their peak, leading him to finally take action. Despite his dislike of arrogance displayed by Slayers, Vincent also shows a level of arrogance; he is seldom seen worrying, he believes that with his skills, he will always come out on top and does not need to worry about his safety.


Born over four centuries ago, Vincent Albion lost his family at the hands of a dragon during the Human-Dragon War; at this moment, Vincent was angry at the world, and to that extent, he searched high and low for a dragon to take his anger out on. Who he met was the Shining Courage Dragon, Valerious, who took him in, expressing regret at what had happened to the child. Over time, Valerious taught Vincent everything that he knew while modifying his Magic Origin to enable his to become a user of an unknown type of Dragon Slayer Magic. However, the life of the dragon ended in tragedy during an evil dragon's attack on him, as he was struck by a Dragon's Roar. With his dying breaths, Valerious wished for Vincent to not try and fight the Black Dragon.

And, of course, Vincent would ignore his mentor's advice as he personally entered the Human-Dragon War on the side supporting coexistence. Holding the memory of his mentor dearly in his heart, Vincent fought with all of his might to support equality, refusing to give up no matter what, even when his supposed 'allies' disregarded the cause their comrades fought for, beginning to turn on their allies to become even stronger. Vincent personally took it upon himself to quell the fears of humans in his dragon allies, hunting down his old friends- in a certain battle, Vincent managed to absorb the Dragon Slayer Magic of an enemy Dragon Slayer, causing the two elements to merge into his signature Dragon Slayer Magic- putting down his allies granted him the moniker of the Radiant Revenger (輝きの撃退者, Kagayaki no Gekitaisha).

As Vincent slew more and more enemy dragons, he noticed a significant change too little too late- due to being covered in the blood of dragonkind and the overuse of his Dragon Slayer Magic, Vincent's physique eventually turned into that of a Dragon's, granting him a power boost beyond his wildest dreams- from this point on, Vincent was known as White Dragon Albion (白龍・アルビオン, Hakuryū Arubion). This granted him numerous new abilities aside from enhanced physical and magical might- one was to transform from dragon form back to human form at a moment's notice. During the final days of the first period of the Human-Dragon War, Vincent managed to use his upgraded Dragon Force to destroy the Black Dragon who killed Valerious before he took his surviving allies who were sick of the carnage and vanished into parts unknown. This meant that neither Vincent nor his friends were around to witness (or suffer) the rise of Acnologia.

The legend of White Dragon Albion had been engraved into Dragon Slayers and Dragons alike, with the former revering him as a messianic figure who appeared one day in a flash of light and singlehandedly made their magic well-known and regarded as a symbol of hope until Acnologia knocked down all that goodwill personally, whereas Dragons referred to him as a devil whose tales were told to young dragons to scare the ever-loving shit out of them to this day. However, Vincent himself, after making sure his allies were well-off, wandered across Earth Land by himself, helping those in need, or whenever he saw somebody having troubles- he would drop everything and stop to help them out, never really giving his name as assisting the person was his form of gratitude.

However, in the current day and age, when Dragon Slayer Magic began to receive a surge of popularity, some certain unsavoury magicians began to use their new powers without any restraint, letting the power of a Dragon Slayer to go to their heads as most of them developed a smug sense of superiority, beginning to lord their power over those weaker; Vincent himself caught wind of this after having to decimate a Fire Dragon Slayer in Bosco during his travels. Disgusted that history was repeating itself, as the strongest Dragon Slayer in the world at this point more or less, Vincent Albion took it upon himself to make sure that those who abused their power would realize that being Dragon Slayer meant fighting to protect the weak and their allies while displaying wariness and forgiveness towards their enemies, not used for selfish gain- to this extent, Vincent stepped into the Dragon Slayer Royale and gave a royal thrashing to the victor, thus gaining the title of Dragon Slayer King (滅龍神, Metsuryūjin); intending to host the next tournament to see if anyone had the qualities of a "True Dragon Slayer".



Magic and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Like all "Old-Style" Dragon Slayers, Vincent shows immense hand-to-hand prowess to those who have the unfortunate fate of fighting him; as he generally doesn't like armed combat, he solely focuses on hand-to-hand. Indeed, his fighting style is generally quite swift, dealing great damage in the span of a few moments while his opponents are helpless against his vicious barrages that resemble something of a sophisticated attack. Vincent's fighting style is generally quite wild, showing absolutely no restraint in his actions as he attacks. Vincent is naturally attuned to solving things with his fists and feet, devastating opponents through his sheer brute force and speed, more often than not taking the unsuspecting target by surprise through his sheer skill. Indeed, Vincent is renowned throughout the world as one of the greatest martial artists to ever live. Because of his smarts -regarding fighting- indeed, he is without equal in the forte of hand-to-hand combat amongst Dragon Slayers. Due to his countless battles during the Human-Dragon War, Vincent has achieved a peak physical conditioning and prowess, granting him immense reserves of stamina. Vincent's incredible skill in unarmed combat is drastically enhanced by his inherent immense strength, giving him the ability to unleash devastating blows with ease. Vincent's strikes are regarded as less a routine and more a painter improvising on his canvas and carving a masterpiece in naught but a few swishes of his brush; Valerious noted that despite all of the work that Vincent put into perfecting his martial arts skills, he has always had raw natural talent.

Vincent's movements are consistently swift beyond comprehension, with even the most keen-eyed of opponents keeping a constant eye on him in battle, never leaving himself open, making it impossible to take advantage of his stances and blows. Due to a mixture of his raw strength and knowledge of the supernatural, Vincent is capable of smashing through any defense and removing the opponent's Magic Origin just by hitting them hard enough. Vincent's martial arts skills is more a force of nature than anything else, as they constantly blur the line between the physical and the magical; as the world around him becomes an extension of his limbs, from a single punch or kick, howling winds surge forward as incredible tempests tear apart the landscape, a simple stomp into the earth capable of causing tremendous earthquakes, upturning entire sections as fissures and chasms spread outward. Tending to mix it up in the heat of battle, Vincent does not favour either punches or kicks; instead, he uses a liberal application of both, more often than not keeping the opponent guessing each and every time. When fighting opponents hand-to-hand, Vincent makes use of his greater speed to deliver fast strikes to his opponents, which either allows him to deliver several strikes in a split second, or to increase the force behind his strikes in order to make his blows even more powerful. In all cases, due to his aggressive fighting style and his god-like physical skills, a fight against Vincent is more often than not over in less than a few seconds as Vincent turns the surroundings into a raging maelstrom of death and oblivion.

Vincent's way of combat is referred to as Dragon Style (竜体戦方(ドラゴン・スタイル), Doragon Sutairu lit. Dragon Body Combat Method); which is the most commonly seen fighting style that Dragons who have undergone Compact Regression use in battle. It was developed by the human form of the Dragon of Dragons after losing their memories when they discovered their draconic heritage; Dragon Style was developed in order to take full advantage of the overwhelming power of a dragon. Indeed, the primary use of Dragon Style is to incorporate actually draconic elements into battle, as a contrast to the imitation known as Dragon Slayer Magic, Dragon Style focuses solely upon bringing out the deadly close-range armaments unique to their body. The primary use of their draconic powers is transforming one or more of their limbs into parts of their old full-body dragon form upon chosen parts of their body at will, simply by mental command. This allows the user to harness a portion of their old body's power for countless attacks; and hitting with the tip of the manifested limb deals more damage- the user can harness this property to augment their own hand-to-hand blows.

Generally, the user projects their aura outwards with every strike that they unleash, releasing corporal energy in the shape of the dragon equivalent of the limb they strike with; for example, their punching is augmented by a lance of energy that overlays their arm. This grants the user an unexpected amount of range, allowing them to take opponents by surprise- simply by throwing an attack at their enemy, they can launch the projection of the dragon's limb towards them from a distance. Generally, the Dragon Style has no proper 'form' or 'combat stance', making their movements up as they go in the heat of battle, while also following their basic instincts and what they know about hand-to-hand combat, resulting in a truly effective combination of unpredictability and a tried-and-true formula. The ability to manifest their dragon abilities at any given time makes for a very wild and unpredictable fighting style, especially compared to the imitations known as Dragon Slayers. Many of their attacks are done by sprouting a dragon limb for an alarming boost in range, confounding anyone expecting an area of effect limited to their human form.

In any case, a user of Dragon Style can be considered a ranged character that fights like a melee character. While the user has only two projectile attacks, almost all of their melee attacks have impressive reach and disjointed area of effects, and they do more damage and knockback at a distance. Regarding the main method of offense, not only do the limbs of their old dragon body boost the user's offensive power, they project an aura of the user's original dragon form outwards to attack one more time- while not as powerful as the initial strike, it can catch foes offguard. The aura of their dragon form can come alive and bite down on anything when the user wills it to, and it can extend itself for a few feet to chomp on a hapless and most likely taken-back foe. Their attacks also have unique gimmicks- one could say that the user of Dragon Style will constantly keep the opponent guessing, with virtually unlimited options at their disposal.

  • Dragolance Smasher (跳槍突(ドラゴランス・スマッシャー), Doragoransu Sumasshā lit. Leaping Spear Thrust): Dragolance Smasher is the main offensive close-range attack of the Dragon Style- when performing Dragolance Smasher, the user morphs one of their arms into a lance-like appendage before thrusting forward at close-range and at high speeds towards an unlucky opponent; causing aside from sheer blunt damage, tearing damage from coming into contact with the user's scales as well. The strike is modeled after the One-Inch Punch, which is a punch performed at a range of 0–15 cm (0–6 in); this means that Dragolance Smasher uses explosive power to generate tremendous amounts of impact force at extremely close distances, generating a burst effect. When performing this attack, the user stands with their fist very close to the target, making it a close-range technique. A quick movement of the wrist produces the force needed, the wrist is held with the knuckles facing out on a horizontal axis, the wrist is then moved up and a strike is produced with the bottom two knuckles before transforming their arm into a lance- at its lowest power, Dragolance Smasher is able to cause the opponent to flat-line. The lance creates a grinding drill effect that blasts into the opponent, inflicting major damage and launching them far away, creating an impact which is powerful enough to propel the unlucky recipient several meters away. The incredible speed both makes the strike far more powerful, and harder to dodge. The amount of time in which these actions transpire make it seem as if the opponent has been smashed with the force of a powerful cannon shell, absolutely decimating their body and shattering weak defenses in an instant. Dragolance Smasher has two other variations, one which grounds the enemy and one that serves as a long-range attack.
    • Dragolance Smasher – Grounder Version (跳槍突・土埋葬型(ドラゴランス・スマッシャー・グランダ・バージョン), Doragoransu Sumasshā: Guranda Bājon lit. Leaping Spear Thrust: Earth Burial Style): When approaching the opponent, the user takes a short and quick leap forward into the air before morphing one of their arms into a lance-like appendage and thrusting it at high speeds, aimed at a downward angle. If the appendage makes contact with a solid surface, the user will stay in that position, and any opponents caught in the attack while it is held will be pinned with the user, unable to move; when pinned, the enemy is unable to move until it wears off, though they cannot be grabbed. The amount of time an opponent remains pinned is dependent on that fighter's remaining stamina and magical power; the more exhausted they are, the longer they will be stuck to the ground. An enemy can only be pinned if already standing on the ground; and the opponent flaring up their magical energy can reduce the duration of time when pinned. When the user pins the opponent to the ground with Dragolance Smasher, the user can follow up the attack with a leaping kick either aimed forwards or backwards, they can leap into the skies for a breather, or simply cancel the attack; however, one thing is consistent- the user can time this version of Dragolance Smasher to hit the ground or not. Sticking an opponent and kicking either forward or backward can allow the user to lunge in that direction; though if lunging backward, any pinned opponents will be released harmlessly. Struck opponents are launched, and the user will fly a considerable distance at a low angle.
    • Dragolance Smasher – Distance Version (跳槍突・穿射型(ドラゴランス・スマッシャー・ディスタンス・バージョン), Doragoransu Sumasshā: Disutansu Bājon lit. Leaping Spear Thrust: Fang Shoot Style): When performing this version of the Dragolance Smasher, the user morphs one of their arms into a lance-like appendage before gathering and condensing energy upon it, compressing the energy to its utmost limit. Once the desired amount of energy has been gathered, the user launches an enormous sphere of pure energy from the tip of their appendage- upon impact, it produces a massive blast of energy that spirals out from the epicenter of the point where the sphere impacted; forming into a wavy circle of energy that smashes through the target. If the user so wishes it, the Dragolance Smasher is capable of homing upon an opponent, dodging many an obstacle until it reaches the user's intended target; however, most of the time, the spell smashes through anything that it touches until it reaches the target. The projectile paralyzes opponents for a period of time depending on charge; meaning that they are unable to react properly for a couple of seconds, allowing the user to attack them in any way that they wish or healing themselves in a breather. The sheer heat radiating from the attack has enough force to cut through solid steel and even pierce through a magical barrier.
  • Drago Wings (翔竜翼(ドラゴ・ウィング), Dorago Uingu lit. Soaring Dragon Wings): The Drago Wings are the best recovery option for a user of Dragon Style; when initiating the Drago Wings, the user gathers energy upon their back before morphing this energy into the wings of their old dragon form, which vary in appearance from dragon to dragon. Using the immense power of their wing beats, the user is capable of ascending into the air; and following up on that, the user is show to be able of achieving extremely high speeds while leaving behind a trail of visible after-images to confuse their enemies. The speed and after-images granted by the Drago Wings allow the user to effectively dodge multi-directional attacks; indeed, activating this attack causes a slip stream effect that allows the user to achieve speeds normally impossible to them in any location. As the user takes off or during ascension, they can drag opponents with them as they deal damage, spreading their wings with the final hit. By charging their wings with energy, this grants the user an additional defensive measure as well as immense propulsion, allowing them to build up speed over time as they dart through the air; allowing them to travel over long distances, maneuver high up in the air and perform aerial assaults on those below them. Before takeoff, the angle of the ascent can be altered; by default, the user will ascend moderately high -just over the height of a ground jump- upward and slightly forward. However, if the user aims in the opposite direction that they are facing, they will fly up higher than usual and straight upwards, while simply aiming forward will result in their ascension losing minor vertical height and gain better horizontal distance and speed.
  • Drago Claws (激竜爪牙(ドラゴ・クロー), Dorago Kurō lit. Furious Dragon Fangs and Claws): When initiating the Drago Claws, the user morphs one of their arms into the claws of their dragon form; more often than not, these claws have a serrated appearance; similar to overly-long nails or the fangs of a dragon; again, they vary in appearance from dragon to dragon. They are reportedly extremely powerful; able to cleave through almost anything that the user can see, and deal astronomical damage to beings of demonic origin. Due to the length and sharpness of the claws, one swing can inflict multiple aggravating wounds and cut through walls and rocks. With Drago Claw activated, the user can strike with such swiftness that they will not know what struck them until it is too late; the claws can also have supplementary abilities such as creating energy beams from them and they can even project their natural element from these claws. The user can extend their claws at extremely high speeds, faster than the untrained eye can see; the sheer force and velocity of the user's hand movements only bolster their attack, granting a powerful attack capable of gouging a hole in the enemy's body, no matter how resilient they are, even if they're harnessing any form of power booster- countless foes have fallen to the overwhelming power of this spell, despite how deceptively simple it looks. The Drago Claw has the unique ability of allowing the user to grab onto an opponent in midair; and in any case, once grabbed, the user is capable of throwing the opponent in two directions, forwards and backwards. If the user hits their enemies farther away, then their opponents will be sent upward with high vertical knockback. The amount of time in which these actions transpire make it seem as if the opponent has been slashed with the force of a powerful cannon shell, blowing them away instantly after the spell has been performed.

Physical Prowess

Immense Strength: Vincent has strength that surpasses even that of Dragon Slayers in the present day, due to his origin; he possesses phenomenal strength and superior hand-eye coordination, which offers some resistance against supernatural powers even without taking his origins into account. He is strong enough to break an enormous tree in half; and he can upturn huge portions of rock floor with a single stomp at the ground with his leg. Generally, Vincent's inherent immense power is only amplified by the momentum at which he moves; making him strong enough to bowl right through enemies, and smash obstructions such as buildings and walls with a single stomp. Vincent is shown to have the ability to lift and press two hundred metric tons, and he is able to tear limbs from enemy Dragon Slayers' bodies with brute force alone; and he can split the hydrogen in the air just by swinging his hands downwards, enabling Vincent to unleash a small explosion that can blow his opposition away. His own punches have enough force to shatter diamonds into pieces, and, by punching the air, he is shown to be capable of destroying machines with pure air force. One simple swing of his fist is enough to create powerful shockwaves of air, similar to his punches that produce similar destructive feats; this ability plays into his martial arts style, and he has demonstrated that he is strong enough to enable him to knock out people with normal durability with as little as a tap to the head; unless they are capable of using high-tier Dragon Force power ups, and even then, with his own Dragon Slayer Magic, he can rip through the opponent like butter. Vincent's physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him to be able to jump to a height of several stories in a single bound; he demonstrated this when he leaped over thirty feet vertically into the air when he first leaped out of the way of an oncoming car; and his power has only increased drastically from there; as a note, he is capable of lifting a thousand ton boulder using a single hand with very little effort exerted. Essentially, due to a combination of speed, strength, durability, and his Dragon Slayer prowess, Vincent is a 'flying brick' (without the flight, of course), which is essentially somebody with the powers of a superhero in all but name.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Vincent's speed enables him to move faster than the eye can literally follow; he moves in a blur which makes him hard to follow and discern even if one can follow his speed. He has been observed by many characters as running like he is flying and slowing his falls in mid-air; however, this is not true flight per-se, but instead, an effect of his masterful control over his own pace. Because there is no air resistance to slow him down, Vincent is more than capable of catching up to and keeping pace with even the swiftest of opposition. Due to his speed, Vincent is more than capable of instantaneously closing long distances without being detected by others- even if the opponent is several thousand kilometers away. He is capable of moving so fast that he can decimate an entire battalion of warriors without they even having time to react; and he is able to instantly react to and avoid attacks even at point-blank range from people as powerful as S-Class level magicians; vanishing from sight instantly. He can use using his agility to his advantage by bounding around like a destructive ball in order to keep his opponents guessing all the time. He has also shown on several occasions that he can jump incredibly long distances, up to twenty meters by applying his Dragon Slayer Magic to his jumps. He often only appears as a golden shimmer of energy as per his epithet, with only the fastest foes even catching sight of his true figure during a battle; this incredible speed gives him an edge in battle against slower or close-range fighters. It should be noted that Vincent runs at high speed with slow-paced strides; and his speed enables him to run at speeds greater than Mach one, which is at the blistering speed of seven hundred and sixty-eight miles per hour; in essence, his speed is such that he can move so fast as to cause miniature sonic booms when he kicks off to start a dash. Indeed, Vincent has been shown to be able to evade many a combatant in both long and close-range; his movements are so tremendously swift that few would be likely to see an attack take place—this enables him to attack almost a multiple of three times in a row per second. Not only that, but his movement is scarily perfect, being both fluid and precise; indeed, it is rare for him to make painful looking gestures while in motion. His speed also allows him to follow the movements of faster opponents in order to better analyze their movements or deflect difficult and otherwise fatal strikes with a bit of difficulty. In addition, Vincent is amazingly well coordinated, as he is able to catch bullets from all sorts of guns and even some magical projectiles in mid-air between his fingers; his tremendous reflexes, agility and speed usually enables him to dodge many a powerful projectile while balancing himself on a single limb. Naturally, with great speed, comes great reflexes; it has been shown time and time again that Vincent's reflexes enhance his speed even further. Vincent is also shown to have sharp reflexes and acrobatic skills, being able to do special tricks and movements while in mid-air, and he possesses astonishing reflexes, and the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow, and he is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength due to having transformed into a dragon. Vincent has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats; and he can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs- this is all because his movement style is similar to Parkour.

Immense Durability and Endurance: Vincent has an immense amount of durability; though this is partially due to transforming into a dragon, thus gaining dragon scales. Vincent has immense tolerance to pain, being able to withstand stab wounds from large blades in his back, legs, torso, and arms and still maintain consciousness. He has shown to be capable of surviving considerable blunt force trauma, and he can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by an opponent with super strength, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort. His durability enables him to rise from attack after attack after attack on numerous occasions, more often than not surprising and confounding his foe, striking fear into their hearts. Vincent's body is durable to the point where tensing his super-strong muscles while being punched in the torso by a trained heavyweight boxer caused the attacker's wrists to break; also, Vincent has stated that he must roll with punches thrown by people without similar strength or durability to avoid breaking their wrists. Due to having the scales of a dragon, Vincent's skin is thick enough for him to survive being cut up by wind blades, which are capable of slicing through steel; being bombarded by magic blast upon magic blast by a dragon does not faze him in the slightest. This level of durability is how he survived other forms of extensive punishment, such as falls from several stories like when he landed on a vehicle from seven stories with no discomfort. Vincent's durability is high enough to where he can take blows from numerous beings with Lost Magic-enhanced strength and not be fatally injured; though naturally, it does pain him, if only slightly- he can also catch and break a sword in-between his teeth. Additionally, Vincent possesses near-maximized physical endurance to match his strength, and is capable of taking as much major punishment as he is able to deal out; capable of holding off a multitude of highly powerful foes without rest. Due to obtaining the physiology of a dragon, Vincent has enhanced stamina, and because of this, his musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human; as such, he can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him.

Magical Abilities

Immeasurable Magical Power: As one of the more powerful Dragon Slayers, Vincent is known to have an absolutely astounding amount of magical power. Vincent has natural control over the exertion of his magical power, keeping it contained to the point where it is virtually impossible to detect him by normal means, though the constant effort can be taxing. Due to becoming a dragon, even without using his Dragon Slayer Magic, Vincent is capable of manifesting characteristics typical of a dragon: lungs capable of spewing elemental energy on a higher tier than other magicians, scales that grant protection against an unspecified element, and nails covered in some sort of elemental energy; he uses this power to augment his own hand-to-hand blows. Interestingly, Vincent is capable of morphing the properties of his magical power; as it normally saturates the vicinity as shining puffs or clouds of magical power, that usually shifts from the texture of a mystical golden to a raging scarlet; these clouds are the embodiment of Vincent's thoughts, brought forth by his absolutely enormous magical power—people will perceive his magical energy all around the area, instead of it originating from Vincent's body, leaving them unable to exactly pinpoint Vincent's existence. Vincent has unlocked his Second Origin (二原, Nigen) and as such, it is permanently activated, granting far greater reserves of magical energy than many other magicians. Magic originates from a Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. A Dragon's Magic Origin is drastically different than any other race's; it is referred to as the Factor of the Dragon (竜の因子, Ryū no Inshi); the dragon's origin produces a unique magical power that transcends what could be achieved by normal humans. Normally, a magician's body could be considered a machine which created magical energy, a Dragon's magic origin acts as a factory which created magical energy. It functions as an enormous magic core with tremendous capacity that generates energy independent from their body simply through breathing. To this extent, when flared up to its greatest extent, the magical aura of the White Dragon is capable of disrupting all forms of defensive-based magic. As a byproduct of his immense power, Vincent is immune to the effects of manipulation-based magics, including the non-existent Dragon Supremacy Magic.

  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki): A Magical Aura is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts, which will be outlined in the following sections. A standard aura is produced by mages with a moderate level of magical power within their body. Upon release of his magical aura, the magical aura almost consumes Vincent in their colour, leaving nothing but a phantom-like apparition to remain. It should also be noted that the aura is far wider, and is generally uncontrolled by Vincent. However, "Monster" auras aren't limited to intimidation, and can be used for the preparation of a spell; this is seen when Vincent uses his Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts, which can cause the environment to become distorted due to the sheer level of magical power concentrated in the atmosphere thanks to his release of power. The presence it exudes is completely at odds with his appearance; the magical energy itself is a vibrant golden, crackling intensely when Vincent focuses on a singular target; when his aura is fully released, it takes the form of the frightening visage of his dragon form which surrounds him, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on individuals even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this aura. By exerting it outward, it forms a thin layer of pressure that can cause one to be intimidated if they are much weaker than Vincent; this power can be seen throughout many of his battles, as he's generally holding back- the sheer density of Vincent's aura can cause physical attacks to be repelled with notable ease.
  • Magic Skill: Eternano Haste (内魔導・復魔力(マジック・スキル・エーテルナノ・ヘイスト), Majikku Sukiru: Ēterunano Heisuto lit. Internalized Magic Arts: Magic Power Restoration): The Magic Skill known as Eternano Haste is a rather rare skill that only the most powerful of magicians are born with, or they develop later in life. However, firstly, as it has been discovered, some magicians, once they have mastered the art of magic, are capable of manipulating eternano, or just plain showing off unique ways to utilize magic, far beyond the norm. These skills are collectively known as Magic Skills (内魔導(マジック・スキル), Majikku Sukiru lit. Internalized Magic Arts) instead of magic proper; thanks to being simply a manipulation and extension of the basics, as opposed to using magic to create a new function entirely. In this case, while normally, eternano flows into the magician's Magic Origin from the atmosphere after their magical power has been expended. However, if the magician has access to Eternano Haste, then eternano will enter the magician's body much quicker; it works by converting half of the nearby eternano into magical power, which the user's Magic Origin absorbs, thereby cutting the cost of regular spells by half the amount, as the name suggests, enabling them to gather magical energy much faster than many other magicians who even use less magic; especially when they have been recently drained of power, allowing the user to get back to casting powerful spells easily, in addition to this, when they are half out of energy, the user's Magic Origin initiates a suction effect, absorbing any ambient eternano from the atmosphere and drawing it into the user's body, restoring their magical power. However, this can only be done five times per battle, as after that, the area will be devoid of eternano, rendering both magicians' magic effectively useless.
  • Strength Limiter: Enchant Dragunov (生連魔法禁伎・滅竜魔力限定(ストレングス・リミッター・エンチャント・ドラグノフ), Sutorengusu Rimittā: Enchanto Doragunofu lit. Organic Link Magic Secret Art: Dragon Slayer Magical Power Restriction): Enchant Dragunov is a Organic Link Magic (生連魔法, Seirenmahō) spell; which is a Caster Magic. Organic Link Magic revolves around the creation of links between people and Magics in various ways. The first way shown was an attack reversal of sorts, meaning if a person were to damage or destroy a specific target, then the person responsible would also receive the same amount of damage dealt as well. The second way this Magic is used is linking one's own Magic Power to an object in order to supply it with Magic Power. The last known usage of this Magic is for it to serve as a bind or a seal linking a group of Mages in order to seal away someone or something. As Vincent grew stronger and stronger during the Dragon Civil War, he became afraid that eventually his body could not comfortably contain his strength and he eventually he would lose control, and Enchant Dragunov was developed to limit his actual strength as to allow Vincent to avoid killing anyone by accident. When the ability is in effect, Vincent gathers stray eternano within the atmosphere; condensing it upon his own body as to completely and utterly compress his eternano and magical aura; forging it upon his body as to prevent Vincent from killing anyone by a simple misfire. Indeed, it also enables Vincent to reach levels of physical and magical prowess most magicians would have their bodies give out at and cannot handle; however, this level of power is inferior to his true power—and it serves as a limiter of sorts, constantly dialing his power back to ten percent when fully sealed- despite this, Vincent is considered stronger than most other magicians, even those with Slayer Magic or Lost Magic. Enchant Dragunov is a method to ensure that Vincent will not channel more magical energy than permitted, effectively reducing his power several levels; since his power of great magnitude endangers the fabric of the time-space; and in addition to that, if he were to go all-out on an opponent, it would mean that he could be capable of killing everyone that he faces in a single strike.

Dragon Slayer Magic

Dragon Slayer Magic (滅竜魔法, Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and Slayer Magic that allows its users to transform their physical bodies into a Dragon. Dragon Slayer Magic is formed during the process of a Dragon teaching it to a human. It's a form of magic that requires a physiological change in order to properly employ, as demonstrated when a specific Lacrima is required to artificially gain this power. During the initial training of utilizing this magic, the Dragon who passes on this magic actually creates a magical change in how the body's origin (internal magical power) worked, therefore causing their bodies to possess the magical powers of a Dragon - otherwise known as Dragon Slayer Magic. Continuing with this process, this magical power acts alongside the energy of the body in order to catalyze a variety of bodily processes when younger, therefore allowing the morphing of their physiology to a point where the individual has adopted some physical traits, as well as the element, from the said Dragon.

As a result of the magic's mechanics, the user can transform their body with features of their respective element, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles. They can consume external sources of their respective natural element to replenish their own energy. A Dragon Slayer is immune to the effects of their own element, and can consume external sources of their element to replenish their strength. However, a Dragon Slayer cannot consume the element that they produce themselves, and elements must be consumed through the mouth. It is known that certain Dragon Slayers have been able to consume elements other than their own, allowing them to combine both elements inside their bodies and use them to increase their abilities. Dragon Slayer Magic seems to be the only way to kill, or even hurt Dragons, who are shown to be mostly unaffected by other forms of Magic.

Vincent himself is one of the few users of Ancient Generation Dragon Slayer Magic (古代滅竜魔法, Kodai Metsuryū Mahō); a thought-to-be extinct type of Dragon Slayer whom only existed during the Dragon Civil War, where they were taught by the very first dragons a "pure" form of Dragon Slayer Magic- unaltered by the introduction of dual-modes and various other "gimmicky crap"; this version of Dragon Slayer Magic is stated to be simply "to harness the power of a dragon at its strongest", as the addition of countless other abilities modified the Dragon Slayer Magic to the point that it is nearly unrecognizable from its "true form". As such, due to slaying countless Dragons and defeating numerous Dragon Slayers with not-so-good intentions, Vincent's Dragon Slayer Magic has grown in power over four centuries to become stronger than almost any other. While his original Dragon Slayer Magic evolving into his trademark Dragon Slayer Magic due to absorbing an enemy's Dragon Slayer Magic, this was merely but a kink in its power- the benefits granted by the two elements far outweighed the drawbacks.

  • Ancient Generation Dragon Slayer Magic Skill: Elemental Shift (古代滅竜魔技・要素変, Kodai Metsuryū Magi: Yōsohen): A skill exclusive to Ancient Dragon Slayers who, during the Dragon Civil War, managed to kill numerous dragons- as their magic should actually do; it is considered an Ancient Generation Dragon Slayer's ace in the hole. When performing Elemental Shift, the user is capable of converting a spell of an opposing nature into their own element—upon contact with the opposing natured spell, the user thrusts their hand outwards, before gathering and condensing their element upon their hand, before touching the opposing natured spell, using their magical power in order to take ahold of the attack and influencing its shape and structure, turning it into their own element, effectively rendering the user's spell null and void. While almost 'game-breaking', it does have a specific limit to what can and cannot be affected—for example, 'natural' elements such as fire, wind, water, earth, forest, wood, and iron can be effected by Elemental Shift, but anything related to a phenomena, such as lightning, darkness, steel, and light, will be capable of striking through this Magic Skill. However, the user is still subject any secondary effects the attack could have when performing Elemental Shift; in addition, since Elemental Shift turns the opposing natural element into their own element, the user is incapable of absorbing it for sustenance—instead, Elemental Shift simply dissipates the enemy's attack.
  • Final Step: Dragorize (古代滅竜奥義・竜化(ファイナル・ステップ・ドラゴライズ), Fainaru Suteppu: Dragoraizu lit. Ancient Generation Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Turn into a Dragon): The Final Step: Dragorize is a spell exclusive to Dragon Slayers who bathed in the blood of countless dragons, which resulted in them gaining the ability to transform into a dragon themselves. When Dragorize is activated, this causes an instant change in the form of the user which blatantly ignores the law of conservation of mass, going from a (comparatively) small human into house-sized dragon in seconds (but hey, it's dragon magic); they can also return <> transform into a dragon in a mere thought at will. Surprisingly, Dragorize is not taxing upon the user's body or magical reserves, and the moment that the user releases this spell, they gain all of their dragon form's strength, speed, durability, and magical power, at the top of their form once more. Being a dragon, the user possesses the ability to fly; using their large wings to travel over long distances and at high speeds, manoeuvre high up in the air and perform aerial assaults on those below the user; and given their now gargantuan size, the user is capable of easily reducing a house into rubbles simply by landing on it after flying high up into the sky. Their strength is shown to be enough to level small houses with a swipe of their tail, and they are also able to break through even the sturdiest defenses. In this form, the user is shown to be capable of shrugging off many a powerful spell; even including Dragon Slayer Magic; which is supposed to be supremely effective against dragons.
Aether Dragon Slayer Magic

Aether Dragon Slayer Magic (天空の滅竜魔法, Tenkū no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, Slayer Magic, and of course, a Dragon Slayer Magic that enables Vincent to generate, manipulate, and consume the elements of light and sky; it is a Dual Element Dragon Slayer Magic. During initial training of utilizing his White Dragon Slayer Magic (白の滅竜魔法, Haku no Metsuryū Mahō), the dragon who passed on this magic to Vincent actually created a magical change in how the body's Magic Origin functioned, therefore causing his body to possess the magical powers of a Dragon - otherwise known as Dragon Slayer Magic. Continuing with this process, his magical power acts alongside the energy of the body in order to catalyze a variety of bodily processes when younger, therefore allowing the morphing of his physiology to a point where Vincent has adopted some physical traits, as well as the element, from the said Dragon. In this case, the dragon who taught Vincent was a Light Dragon, which granted Vincent the ability of light manipulation, Dragon-style. Soon during the Dragon-Human War, Vincent absorbed the Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (天の滅竜魔法, Ten no Metsuryū Mahō) of an enemy Dragon Slayer, causing the two elements to merge into its current form.

In any case, Aether Dragon Slayer Magic grants Vincent characteristics typical of both Sky and Light Dragons: lungs capable of spewing light and air, scales that grant protection against light and air in general, and nails immersed in light and air, asserting absolute dominance over the elements of light and anything to do with the skies; whether artificial or otherwise- Vincent can manipulate these elements as much as he wishes without any drawback. Like all Dragon Slayer Magics- and Slayer Magics in general- Aether Dragon Slayer Magic enables Vincent to transform his body with features of light and air, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles, ensuring that his body doubles as a make-shift weapon unique to himself, thus greatly increasing the damage of his blows. As with most Slayer Magics, Aether Dragon Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the air and light formed through simple magical manipulation- the colour, properties (not limited to but including heat, smell, and taste), and "feel" is capable of being modified to Vincent's for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to his own personality and ambitions; their "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency; Vincent is capable of utilizing the light and air any way that he wishes, whether for offensive, defensive, evasive, or supplementary techniques- as long as he can imagine it being doable, then the sky is the limit, more or less.

With the light-based portion of Aether Dragon Slayer Magic, Vincent is able to utilize light-based attacks that range from shooting laser beams from his hands, fingers, or feet; the light generated from Vincent's own body is noted to be far beyond any other Light Magic, including other Lost Magic and any other type of Slayer Magic. When solely using the light-based portion of Aether Dragon Slayer Magic in close combat, it boosts his already phenomenal melee performance, empowering his physical attacks with wakes of light which can blind an enemy or cause the immediate surroundings to explode; each blow is extremely devastating, and the composition of the light seems to shift from hard for offense and defense to it's regular form for mobility on a whim. However, because they are light, Vincent's offensive attacks can only travel in straight lines, though in most instances, they are able to be rebounded off surfaces to shoot around corners. He is also extremely accurate with his blasts of light; and he is also able to use the light-based portion of Aether Dragon Slayer Magic in order to use a highly advanced version of the common Dragon's Claw spell which enables him to move faster than even those with future sight can see or even teleportation- he's also capable of reflecting himself to any desired location. Vincent has demonstrated the ability to condense his light, enabling his light to cut clean through various objects. When formed into spheres of light, the light serves to be rather concussive, able to firmly pulverize objects, such as stone; Vincent is able to generate powerful shields of swirling light which could withstand the full force of four simultaneous elemental attacks. In addition, with this portion of the magic, Vincent can defy gravity to eliminate his own weight, making him even more mobile and harder to hit.

Now, the sky-based portion of Aether Dragon Slayer Magic is a different story. Using it, Vincent is capable of manipulating the element of air to its fullest extent; the attacks consist mainly of short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal cutting and slashing damage; it can also be channelled into blades to increase their cutting power and overall range. Due to being alive for so long, Vincent has achieved absolute mastery over the skies; this grants his incredibly high offensive power, enabling him to assault his foes in countless ways; he not only has control over wind, but taken to an entirely new level, Vincent has control over air molecules and anything associated with their composition, enabling him to manifest and manipulate air of any strength and intensity; he displays a level of aerokinesis far beyond normal wind magicians and even perhaps those with Sky-Slayer powers; in any case, Vincent has absolute dominance over the heavens, the azure skies- if an enemy were to attempt to utilize a wind-based power against him, Vincent could effortlessly take control of the power and turn it against them with twice the power as it had under the ownership of his inferiors. Some of Vincent's deadliest and most devious abilities with the sky-based portion of this magic is the creation of miniaturized hurricanes that can bring destruction to anything that comes into contact with the wall of wind; in addition to their rotational power, they retain the signature sharpness of Wind Magic- these hurricanes create pressure of enormous proportions, flinging everything that it touches away at horrifying velocities. Vincent can even siphon the air out of others' lungs; suffocating anyone he wishes with no more than a thought or incapacitating them by saturating their surroundings with oxygen.

As one of the most powerful Dragon Slayers to ever exist, Vincent has domination over the elements of light and air, allowing him to take an opponent's light-and-air-based attack and turn it on them, essentially making it his own; Vincent controls all of the light and sources of air in the area and he can manipulate it to his will. Unlike most other Dragon Slayers; when Vincent is performing his techniques, his magical aura can absorb sources of air and light from the atmosphere in order to bolster the strength and scale of his next attack. Additionally, he can employ the healing of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic upon himself, something thought impossible until now; this is due to both elements being capable of healing, allowing him to break the taboo of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic to produce something one-of-a-kind. Like all Dragon Slayers, Vincent can consume his elements, which in this case, is any source of light and any source of air to replenish his energy reserves. As well as the added benefits of his elemental advantage, the Dragon Slayer magic gives Vincent a much greater level of endurance. Vincent is endowed with a much more powerful sense of smell than that of a human. Another Dragon Slayer trait is the ability to roar extremely loud like a dragon. Overall, due to this completely astounding magic, Vincent was referred to as the "Strongest Dragon Slayer", though the prize he is willing to give to the winner of the next Dragon Slayer Royale blows Aether Dragon Slayer Magic out of the water.

Basic Spells
  • Aether Dragon's Roar (天空竜の咆哮, Tenkūryū no Hōkō): The basic Dragon's Roar attack of Dragon Slayer Magic, and the first spell that any Dragon Slayer learns when training under their dragon parent. When performing Aether Dragon's Roar, Vincent gathers and compresses magical energy within his mouth, before converting it into his elements of air and light. Kneading the element into a compacted form, Vincent quickly decompresses the dual elements and roars, releasing two extremely large elemental roars; a straight, piercing beam of light with an additional hurricane of air which coils around it, thus creating an effect similar to a drill or a screw; this attack produces an immense amount of light and is capable of travelling for great distances, wreaking havoc wherever it passes. Aether Dragon's Roar burns and shreds everything that it comes into contact with as it traverses the area, shooting out into the skies above; it is capable of crossing the entire distance of a forest, generating a large explosion upon impact with Vincent's intended opponent. It will "fizzle" out after a certain range, but if charged to the maximum, it can hit twice, and will continue to fly without fading. Aether Dragon's Roar is multi-hitting, the maximum usually being five hits, and it has a property that lets it break through any projectile, which usually catches foes by surprise, as well as blow reinforced, solid titanium walls without effort, making it one of Vincent's most powerful techniques; and he has mastered the technique to such a level that he can modify its shape, range, etc. If he wants to focus it into a stream, he can with frightening ease by spreading out the energy before it is kneaded and converted into flame; and he can transform it into a chaotic set of spiraling energies by distorting and randomly converging and separating the energy that is required to create the technique. Aether Dragon's Roar is capable of hitting about 7.5 times a second, although this is unlikely due to the speed the blast spins at and the knockback delivered. Along with its astounding destructive power, the attack has a delayed effect if the initial blast should fail, wherein the target will be blasted by residual effects left over by the hurricanes stirred by its release; absolutely obliterating the opponent. Not only is it five times as powerful, its energy is capable of withering the skin, muscle and tissue of a dragon to a quivering mess. Lastly, the trajectory of Aether Dragon's Roar can be altered; allowing Vincent to strike more than one opponent with ease; and Vincent tremendous speed allows him to move faster than the Aether Dragon's Roar itself, allowing Vincent to fire multiple blasts from different directions.
  • Aether Dragon's Glint Fist (天空竜の閃光拳, Tenkūryū no Senkōken): Aether Dragon's Glint Fist is Vincent's signature attack; when performing Aether Dragon's Glint Fist, Vincent stabs his fist forward in a punching motion at speeds faster than the eye can see; presumably at a speed near light- this itself generates a truly enormous amount of pressure; howling winds and burning lights surge forward as incredible tempests tear apart the landscape, all from a single punch. The velocity that Aether Dragon's Glint Fist is cast is intense to a point that even the slightest of movements travel at speeds faster than anyone, even those with clairvoyance, cannot predict. This attack enables Vincent to assault things which are out of his range, sending his enormous pressures through the air at such a velocity that the person struck by the spell is assaulted by countless invisible blades and rays of light which happen so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body into mincemeat and devastating everything that the pressure released from Vincent's fist even so much as touches while vaporizing incoming projectiles and rending the landscape in twain. Aside from this, the attack additionally causes sheer blunt damage and burnings from the light- it has a "multi-hit" feature which doubles the damage as the light and winds spread out onto the opponent, swirling around them in a powerful spiral, creating a grinding drill effect that blasts into the opponent, inflicting major damage and launching them far away, creating an impact which is powerful enough to propel the unlucky recipient several meters away. The Aether Dragon's Glint Fist can deflect both physical and supernatural-based attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. It is a very useful and impossibly powerful technique that can connect rapidly and accurately, which works well with her impressive speed and agile techniques. Everything that is in his range is smashed to atoms like a bug, their feeble bodies shattered effortlessly even if they attempt to resist the attack; the combination of Vincent's overwhelming strength and his law-defying speed makes this attack ever-the-more deadlier, as he strikes at such a velocity with Aether Dragon's Glint Fist that more often than not, his opponents don't even realize that he's landed a killing blow until they become aware of the fact. Aether Dragon's Glint Fist, at its lowest levels of power, is stated to have the force of ten cannonballs smashing into the frame of his helpless opponent, obliterating and eradicating his enemies without fail or mercy. At its highest levels, the spell is capable of parting the clouds. The incredible speed both makes the strike far more powerful, and harder to dodge. The amount of time in which these actions transpire make it seem as if the opponent has been punched with the force of a powerful cannon shell, blowing them away instantly.
  • VincentPerAttack

    Vincent summoning Aether Dragon's Halo Blade.

    Aether Dragon's Halo Blade (天空竜の後光刃, Tenkūryū no Gokōjin): When performing Aether Dragon's Halo Blade, Vincent gathers magical energy within his palm, and, adding his elements of light and air into the mixture and using magical manipulation, he forms a long, very sharp sword out of energy and hardens it, embedding it with the potential to match with real swords; and even overpower them with relative ease. The design of the sword is that of an extremely large broadsword which is highly sharp and durable, the blade is crackling with golden energy. Because of this it can only be used in close combat. Using Shape Transformation, Vincent molds air upon the weapon, compressing multiple layers of wind into air of a super-high pressure onto the weapon, which distorts the refraction of light and renders what's inside the multiple layers of wind invisible to the naked eye. The moment that the wind is molded upon the weapon, it takes upon the shape of the armament and renders it as an invisible weapon that emits no secondary effect—not even sparks will fly off of it, and no clashing sound will be heard. The spell itself is known to be exceedingly simple in regards to its execution, but that, along with its effectiveness in combat, for the record, the winds compressed upon the weapon are not a vacuum, so the air which is always whirling around the armament grants it a rather notable boost in power. Due to the slicing winds surrounding the armament, the damage emitted is increased, and so is the cutting power—and it also has the side-effect of being more difficult to evade, as the winds can expand their range at a moment's notice. Aether Dragon's Halo Blade is known to be highly sharp and durable, capable of slicing through magical barriers, and its slashes are capable of trailing large amounts of light in its wake, which can damage the opponent. The moment that the weapon makes contact with the foe via impaling them, the composition of the weapon is altered to cause additional, smaller blades to protrude from the bladed weapon inside of the foe's body, drastically increasing the number of wounds dealt to the foe. When the Aether Dragon's Halo Blade comes into contact with a barricade or anything attempting to defend itself against the spell, the energies that compose the blade momentarily forge itself into sharp fangs, which tears through the so-called "defense" with ease. The destructive force of this spell is enormous. Its effect extends to magic itself, and no being, not even high-level defensive spells can deflect it, although the stronger demons have bodies too big to be destroyed by a single swipe. However, its true purpose is what makes it so deadly—due to the weapon being, well, invisible; it is indeed extremely difficult to counter for people whom are unfamiliar with the nature of the spell, as they are left unable to successfully defend themselves from a weapon which cannot be seen. The opponent would fail to analyze or discern the properties of the armament, which would leave them constantly on the defense against Vincent, relying only on their movements in order to develop a proper counter for his strikes—this causes them to become confused regarding Vincent's attacks and defending actions, and thus, they are required to stay out of Vincent's strike range in order to stop themselves from being defeated rather easily.
  • Aether Dragon's Bow and Arrow (天空竜の弓矢, Tenkūryū no Yumiya): When performing Aether Dragon's Bow and Arrow, the user snaps their fingers, generating an lightning arrow-head-shaped bolt of light which they swiftly launch at the opponent. When manifesting the arrow, any characters in their line of sight will flinch. When the blast lands, it blows the opponents away with tremendous speed and force; blasting through everything in it's path in order to assault the opponent ferociously as the arrow sends the opponents flying at a semi-spike angle, inducing tremendous knockback from which it is difficult to recover. The move goes through walls. The move can hit a maximum of six targets but the damage and knockback weaken for each target hit; thus if used on many opponents, it may not destroy the ones in the back, even if the foes are still suffering from harm. This attack goes through any and all defenses, and at extreme distances it does slightly less damage. If the opponents are too close together, they may collide with each other and prevent immense damaging from happening. The attack seems to possess highly destructive power, having caused great damage to the area it affected, destroying the ground and piercing through buildings alike, and appears to have a long range, wreaking havoc wherever it passes, as shown when it crossed the entire distance of Hargeon, generating a large explosion. The trajectory of the arrow can be altered, allowing the user to strike more than one opponent. The user can change the direction the arrow will go while holding it; backwards, forwards, and upwards. The user's shining arrows move much more quickly than other character's arrows, and can be controlled in midair. The user is not able to hold the blast indefinitely in normal use; however, if the user keeps changing the direction the arrow will be released, they can hold onto it for a while. The flaming arrows can actually be curved around in a full circle if controlled properly and thus avoid veering off somewhat else. However, its most useful aspect is its secondary effect—when the arrow touches an opposing source of light, the blast dissipates it. In the case of lights fused with another source, Aether Dragon's Bow and Arrow immediately lives up to its name by de-fusing any other element from the light; after that, the user is capable of devouring the light.
  • Armure Lumiere (天空竜の光波結界(アームー・ ルミー), Āmu Arumi lit. Aether Dragon's Lightwave Bounded Field): When scattered in the air, the repulsive forces between eternano particles cause them to spontaneously align; which Vincent can form, with magical manipulation, into a regular cubic lattice structure; this is referred to as the Armure Lumiere, which will slowly expand and scatter into the area; this is also formed through Vincent's air and light elements interfering with the eternano particles. When eternano particles are spread in large numbers in the open air or in open space, the particles disrupt metal. The eternano also interferes with the operations of magic items due to the eternano particles high charge which act like a continuous electromagnetic pulse on metal objects. The disruption of metal is due to the small lattice of the spell creating fringes that long wavelengths cannot penetrate, and that diffract wavelengths that have similar distance with the fringes. This diffraction and polarization process disrupts the alloys. If controlled, the particles can form fringes of different widths and further interfere with alloys and machinery. Armure Lumiere forms an invisible barrier of light and wind around Vincent, protecting him from incoming magical attacks letting only a fraction of the magical force behind his pass through to strike his body; at which point the attack is immediately nullified- the energies gathered, and then focused into the next step. This spell is not a perfect defense, as it can be worn down by repeated blows, or can be broken by a spell as a prelude to an attack. In addition, some people are capable of breaking or bypassing barriers altogether. However, this barrier's defensive properties have no effect against solid objects like swords and projectiles, and magic can still be used at point blank range within the barrier's boundary. However, the Armure Lumiere is difficult to use has it can only manipulate so many eternano particles at a time and it required precise timing; and, despite being far more advanced than any other barrier, it still suffers from magical draining. The barrier can only be used for a total of one hundred and five seconds and requires one hundred and twenty seconds to cool down. If Vincent has no other defensive measures this leaves a window of fifteen seconds where he has no defense against attacks. The second stage of Armure Lumiere is when the spell gathers and dissects the energies that splashed upon the spell, before reversing the opponent's attack, whether it be close-range or projectile, upon them, returning it to sender, causing Vincent to retaliate in any way that he wishes as well. If the attack is a projectile, it will simply be deflected behind her and upwards at about a thirty degree angle. It's worth noting explosive projectiles can still explode and will still do damage if they are struck when Armure Lumiere dissipates. If the attack is a powerful spell such as a Secret Art, then the attacker will be knocked back at a ninety degree angle.
  • Lightspeed (天空竜の光速鉤爪(ライトスピード), Raitosupīdo lit. Aether Dragon's Light-speed Claw): Lightspeed is a spell which, like Curaga, is only possible due to the fusion of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and White Dragon Slayer Magic- the merging of the two allowed Vincent to break all taboos, creating an "ultimate combination". In any case, when performing Lightspeed, Vincent charges his body in light, before using the winds to decrease the air resistance around himself; effectively removing his own weight. At that point, by utilizing expert magical manipulation as a small "push", Vincent can take off at high speed with perfect timing, so Vincent could remain flying in the same place without any thought. When in motion while using Lightspeed, Vincent manifests a ring of light upon his back which captures these winds with its thin curtain of magical particles, propelling Vincent and allowing him to build up speed over time as he darts through the air. Lightspeed, as the name would indicate, enables Vincent to move at a speed that nobody else can comprehend; all Vincent is required to do is utilize magical manipulation to serve as a kick-off point; granting them "true flight", moving throughout the air as free as a bird, or rather, in a "deeper" term, like a plastic bag in the wind. In any case, Lightspeed drastically augments his movements with the power of the wind and light, allowing him to fly swiftly, or even shoot up vertical surfaces; moving dozens upon dozens of times faster than somebody using any form of high-speed movement spells while maintaining flight for extremely long periods of time. The speed and after-images granted by Lightspeed allow Vincent to effectively dodge all sorts of multi-directional attacks. Activating this attack causes a slip stream effect that allows Vincent to achieve speeds normally impossible him in any location. By charging the particles with magical energy this allows Vincent an additional defensive measure as well as immense propulsion. Even if someone could detect the trajectory of his movements, it is considered to be nearly impossible to catch him. With his speed, Vincent is capable of assaulting his opponents with quick, but powerful, melee attacks. Vincent's speed appears to create up to eight doubles of himself while in motion. These doubles are not illusory; he is moving at a speed between different positions that is vastly faster than the speed of sound. As such, were all the doubles to attack at once, it would mean that Vincent is attacking from all those positions simultaneously, giving him incredible destructive power. Similarly, because of this same speed, attacking the doubles would be futile as Vincent would have moved long before the attack even reaches him. Vincent can also enhance his already swift flight speed by riding on strong gusts of wind, and can slow or deflect falls by creating cushions of air. When used in the heat of battle, Lightspeed causes Vincent to appear as if he is simply flowing around his opponents without expending any energy at all, letting the opponent tire themselves out and thus creating exploitable openings. This conservation of energy, combined with her high stamina, gives Vincent an advantage in prolonged combat. Following Issac Newton's first law of motion, Vincent will accelerate indefinitely as long as he keeps moving.
  • Curaga (光空癒し系(ケアルガ), Kearuga lit. Shining Skies Rejuvenation): Curaga is one of the more important spells of Aether Dragon Slayer Magic; it is regarded as an "evolution of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic healing". Because White Dragon Slayer Magic and Sky Dragon Slayer Magic both possess certain healing capabilities, Vincent, upon gaining Aether Dragon Slayer Magic, was capable of breaking the taboo of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic to produce something one-of-a-kind. With Curaga, Vincent is able to focus his light upon a target and infuse it with pure air, enabling him to rejuvenate somebody's injuries with the formed energy. This is done through stabilizing his magical energy, heightening his magic's own natural healing properties, before projecting it outwards through his hand. With Curaga, Vincent can perform various feats, such as draining poison from an infected victim. By using a lot of energy, Vincent can even revive people that are in a near-death state. With the use of this Magic, Vincent is also capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress; Curaga is also capable of nullifying powerful poisons and curing numerous diseases. The healing power granted by it is extremely high, having been described as capable of healing wounds inflicted by a real Dragon. In addition, with Curaga, Vincent is capable of absorbing external sources of air and merge it with his soothing light in order to restore his body and vitality; this results in Vincent being capable of almost immediately restoring any injury inflicted upon him, making it disappear harmlessly. Such a remarkable ability makes him tricky to defeat, considering that, if the opponent doesn't manage to strike him down in a single blow, Vincent can heal himself and continue battling as if nothing happened. However, a downside to this function is that, like Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, Vincent is directly affected by the air surrounding him, meaning that, if the air were to be clean, he would become more powerful, but if it were to be heavily polluted, it would be hazardous for his health. In all cases, Vincent is capable of healing injuries in a matter of seconds, without the need for any preparation or particular stance. This ability is why Vincent is considered a healer on par with, if not greater than a Sky Dragon Slayer.
Advanced Spells

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義, Metsu Ryū Ōgi): The strongest techniques of a Dragon Slayer. What should be noted, is that Vincent's bog-standard Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts are about as powerful, if not more powerful, as anyone else's Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Arts (滅竜極義, Metsuryū Gokugi) and Dragon Slayer's Forbidden Arts (滅竜禁義, Metsuryū Kingi)—this is because he has not bothered to obtain those, and instead focused on strengthening the basic secret arts; as Valerious had mentored him on them, and through arduous training, Vincent's Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts can be considered some of the strongest around.

  • Dragon Buster (滅竜奥義・八方龍殺陣(ドラゴン・バスター), Doragon Basutā lit. Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts: Omnidirectional Dragon-Slaying Circle): Dragon Buster is a special Dragon Slayer spell—it is not exclusive to any particular Dragon Slayer, but rather, it is capable of being learnt by all Dragon Slayers; this makes it one of the few Dual Spells to exist; which is a spell that can be cast by more than one medium of magic. Dragon Buster known to be extremely powerful regardless of the element it is saddled with—despite being a Dragon Slayer's Secret Art, Dragon Buster is as powerful as a Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Art, if not moreso. When performing Dragon Buster, the user gathers and condenses their magical energy into their fist; alongside this, they absorb ambient eternano from the atmosphere into their palm. Triggering the fusion of eternano and magical energy, the user adds their own Dragon Slayer Magic element into the mixture. The energy gathered takes the visual form of elemental wisps of various colours when adding to the elemental energy upon the user's fist. The creation of the attack promotes a calm breeze away from the sphere, which turns into a strong continuous gale and expels bands of energy which is akin to an aurora. After this, the user punches the ground with all of their might—fracturing the earth and launching the elemental energy in the form of an orb into the air, which leaves behind streaks of orange as it flies; the spell's area of effect is immensely large, the sphere expands outwards as it devours anything that it comes into contact with— creating a swirling vortex that pulls in and "devours" any and all objects in the vicinity. The elemental energy utilized in this technique possesses immense attraction force, and is thus capable of attracting everything in a wide area towards itself, subsequently sucking it up, before the user takes aim at their true target, unleashing the orb towards them at high speeds, tracking the foe's magical energy signature before it impacts; it is released in the form of an enormous dome of the element in question which expands outwards swiftly for several meters; the surging radius seems to hit a wall; as if the explosion is contained somehow in a giant glass sphere. The light released by the attack rebounds inward, sharpening, rippling across itself as the wave appears to have reached a predetermined diameter and hovered there. The blast radius looks like a huge sphere of negative space one thousand and five hundred feet across, with neat slices taken out of surrounding buildings, pavement, cars, hillsides, et cetera; there appears to have been no actual heat, let alone shockwaves, emanating from the explosion at all - the only result is that a massive spherical section of the area appears to be missing. The power of Dragon Buster is capable of tearing through defenses and destroying weak foes with a singular strike.
  • Quo Vadis: Ain Soph Aur (滅竜奥義・天震星爆砕(クォ・ヴァディス・アイン・ソフ・アウル), Kuo Vuadisu: Ain Sofu Auru lit. Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Heavenly Quaking Star Explosion): Vincent initiates this attack by bending his right arm backwards, the fist clenched, and extending frontwards a mildly bent left arm, tiny streaks of light and air gathering before the outstretched fingers from the surrounding area as he takes control of the planet's rotational vectors and transfers an enormous amount of energy into one attack. There, he punches forward, releasing a high speed attack consisting of nine consecutive punches, as swift as if the attacks are overlapping, discharging nine dragon-like homing lasers at the enemy that move at incredible speed and possess tremendous force, they are touted to chase their foes to the ends of the earth, no matter where the foe is standing, even if they possessed high speed, as they would catch their foe eventually. The dragons can move at impossible angles that always manage to reach its target; they will always change their path around any obstacles or pierce through any wall in order to reach their target. As they move though the atmosphere, they gather and condense stray magical particles upon their forms to increase in speed. Upon impact, the nine dragons converge into the form of a massive vacuum that takes the form of a pillar; spinning around like a vortex at high speeds—it keeps the foe stationary inside the vortex leaving an opening from which Vincent can attack. From inside the vortex, countless wind blades are thrown back and forth at the foe, inflicting minor cuts upon their body at unpredictable points; while the damage seems small at first; once the vortex subsides, all of the damage adds up—in the form of an extremely damaging move that can critically injure them. The tornado manifested slices away at the opponent's body via multiple miniature blades of wind that compose its entirety that severely damage the body on a cellular level. It produces so many individual strikes that they are uncountable, and the wind-blades sever all nerve channels in the body, leaving the target unable to move after being struck; as an extra bonus, this technique the attack keeps going like an actual whirlwind and cuts up anyone who gets caught in it even after the initial strike—with every hit, a wind blade absorbs a portion of the opponent's magical energy, all depending on the amount of magical energy poured into the attack. Immediately after, the vacuum collapses in on itself in the form of an enormous, expanding sphere of destruction which is capable of destroying massive amounts of architecture in one shot. The power of this technique creates a one hundred and fifty meter diameter of extremely high heated energy, and also an electromagnetic field effect- akin to a nuclear explosion. In order for Ain Soph Aur to fire, a small amount of charge time is needed and limiting this attack to a single shot in battle. However the strategic value of that single shot is not to be underestimated, though it must be used carefully, for even Vincent's sturdiness can only protect himself from the edges of a nuclear explosion. This attack uses up so much of the planet's rotational energy that it slowed down the earth's rotation by about five minutes. This attack becomes far more powerful the later it's used- it is most useful when activated towards the end of a battle between high-level opponents, since the area will be saturated with excess energy from their attacks. It is a recycling of the magical energy just used and spread over the battlefield. Therefore, even though the user has been exhausted from their magic, the ability can still be invoked. Interestingly, the name of this attack is derived from the Hebrew term "Aur Ein Sof" (אור אין סוף), meaning "never-ending light" or "light without limit". This term appears as part of the Jewish Kabbalah methodology, referring to the source of the Sephiroth, and thus the source of the universe as a whole, and all created existence.
  • Quo Vadis: Over Flash (滅竜奥義・改・無極曙の衝槍(クォ・ヴァディス・アイン・オーバー・フラッシュ), Kuo Vuadisu: Ōbā Furasshu lit. Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision: Piercing Spear of the Limitless Dawn): Vincent's strongest spell. It is said that he has only ever utilized it once; fearful of the fact that it could very well bring an end to an era.
Dragon Force

Dragon Force (竜の力(ドラゴン・フォース), Doragon Fōsu lit. Dragon's Power) is an advanced Dragon Slayer ability. When a Dragon Slayer enters Dragon Force, they effectively turn into a humanoid Dragon, gaining reptilian scales and traits, such as further elongated, and sharper, canines and scale-like patterns on their skin. According to Zero, Dragon Force is the final, most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain; granting them power comparable to that which a real Dragon possesses: the power to utterly destroy everything. Dragon Force greatly increases the damage done by standard Dragon Slayer spells, and grants the user access to more advanced, powerful attacks. It also drastically enhances the user's physical prowess, making them far stronger, more resistant to damage, and faster, and considerably boosts their Magic Power, which becomes visible, taking the appearance of a Dragon. When exuded at its fullest, said Magic Power takes on a violent corporeality, likely as a result of the immense amount of Magic power employed.

The sudden boost in strength upon activating the form allows the user to break free from any attack which binds them or prevents them from moving. In this form, the user can grab a blade with their hand without feeling any of the exerted force, though said force could do considerable damage to the surrounding area. In addition, the user's endurance has been upped significantly; enabling them to receive damage like it was nothing and ignore all senses of pain—though it should be noted that this varies on the factor of how powerful the blow is. Finally, the user's naturally immense swiftness is augmented to the point that they can forgo any need for speed-enhancing techniques, enabling them to outstrip almost anyone in a contest of pure speed. Dragon Force increases the user's moving pace to one high enough where simple melee attacks can have great power, giving him the ability to move at a rate of acceleration and maximum speed in excess to that of normal optimal human capacity. With their speed, the user has plucked an arrow out of the air from a standing start, and has dodged machine gun fire; and the user has created cyclone-like gusts of wind, which are able to knock a man off his feet.

While in this state, Vincent demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing, and it amplifies the powers of his magic without exhausting himself. Dragon Force has a notable amount of startup invincibility, so if his opponent is attacking him while he is activating the skill, Vincent will be capable of counterattacking immediately as to turn the tides instantly. Additionally, Vincent demonstrates the ability to heighten the effect of this spell to increasingly higher multiplications. However, this ability is a double-edged sword; visually, this ability causes large amounts of magical energy to become emitted from Vincent's shoulders, arms, legs, and knees in the form of beams of pure energy. What is interesting to note, is that Vincent's standard Dragon Force is as powerful as a Draconic Sovereign if not moreso, due to his origins as an Ancient Generation Dragon Slayer, and he can activate it without any drawbacks for a theoretically infinite amount of time at will.

  • Dragon Force Xceed (竜の力・超越限(ドラゴン・フォース・エクシード), Doragon Fōsu Ekushīdo lit. Dragon's Power: Transcended Limits): Dragon Force Xceed is the "second and final stage" of Dragon Force; or rather, it can be considered an upgrade. The Dragon Force Xceed form has power that surpasses regular Dragon Force and even Dragon Sovereign or any other Dragon Slayer power-booster, and is a fifty times increase compared to Dragon Force's original boost in all ways, dramatically increasing the user's statistics all across the board. In contrast to the regular Dragon Force, which simply turns the Dragon Slayer into a humanoid Dragon, gaining reptilian scales and traits, such as further elongated, and sharper, canines and scale-like patterns on their skin, Dragon Force Xceed takes this transformation one step further and then some. The very first transformation into Dragon Force Xceed involves the Dragon Slayer, while already in Dragon Force, to make contact with a truly enormous amount of magical power, elemental or otherwise; before they nullify their own magic for the briefest of moments to absorb the sheer density of the magical energy into their Magic Origin; this magic has to be related to their own element. From that point, the user activates their own Dragon Slayer Magic once more, resulting in their Dragon Force form undergoing a drastic modification into the form of a specialized armour unique to the user themselves. Once donned, the armour boosts the user's parameters immensely, vastly outstripping any known other power booster mode; indeed, the Dragon Force Xceed transformation surpasses the Dragon Force's speed, strength, and power, eliminating the need to balance between power, speed, strength, and stamina with previous derivatives of a power booster mode for Dragon Slayer Magic. This transformation results in a violent aura of elemental energy shrouding the user which possesses bioelectric properties, crackling intensely. When transformed, the user gains the ability to fly, and their physical abilities get an enormous boost as well: their speed and physical strength are vastly enhanced, allowing them to break through large obstacles and move at near light speed. Their reflexes are also increased to the point where they can match their upgraded movements and those of their foes. While transformed, all of the user's spells are enhanced to their full limit and is a vital part of their fighting style in this form.
    • DragonForceEvo

      Vincent as Albion Conquista.

      Albion Conquista (白竜力騎士現 (アルビオン・コンクエスター), Arubion Konkuesutā lit. White Dragon Power Knight Embodiment): Albion Conquista is the name of Vincent's Dragon Force Exceed. When activating Albion Conquista, light shrouds Vincent's body before solidifying into the form of a silvery-white draconic armour with a savage, reptilian-based shape - it is rather streamlined, segmented and aerodynamic. The helmet has two long horns protruding backwards; four red eyes; and the part that obscures the face is made out of a black thin-yet-strong material; the same type that the bodysuit underneath the dragon armour is composed of. The armour has two bulbous pauldrons, gauntlets with hooked claws on the fingers, and dragon foot-shaped boots. The armour also has two long black tassels with fuzzed ends dangling off them. Overall, the white dragon armour is a fearsome sight to behold. When in this form, Vincent's attributes are drastically enhanced; because, with a simple swing of his fist, he is capable of manifesting a violent tremor that obliterates the ground it comes into contact with and knocks his foes away; in addition, his attacks unarmed are positively overwhelming and can be bone-shattering. The blood in Vincent's body will harden the moment that he is faced with an attack via the elements instinctually flowing through him; represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of his skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. Any attack which is enhanced by the hardening of armour around Vincent's body is far stronger than it would normally be without it; as his fists are capable of penetrating solid steel with ease. Thanks to the immense hardening that Vincent's body undergoes when performing this spell, he possesses the ability to harm his opponents when they perform elemental transformations; rendering Vincent capable of striking the body beneath the elemental energy, bypassing their transformation; however, it does not negate their magic. When Vincent releases the magical energy momentarily, it has the same magnitude of his enormous strength, and tends to destroy the area around him, allowing him to stand up against strong attacks with ease. Aside from improved performances, Vincent gains the ability to morph in and out of light, allowing for swift, intangible movement and an erratic fighting style; releasing bursts of light when he resurfaces and whenever he makes a regular movement.
      • Sacred Aether (聖光魔力(セイクリッド・エーテル), Seikureddo Ēteru lit. Saintly Light Magical Energy): Sacred Aether is a special type of magical power that is referred to as the purest and strongest kind. It is formed by Vincent separating both the light and wind of Aether Dragon Slayer Magic while in Dragon Force Xceed, before combining the two using his own magical energy as a medium; this grants Vincent the ability to control his own personal life-force that dwells within him, enabling him to achieve untold power and great abilities considered to be beyond that of normal beings. As Sacred Aether is not a new form of energy, but rather a drastically enhanced version of his Dragon Slayer Magic, the energy can take on a variety of functions, such as offensives, supplements, and altering of elements. As well, the techniques aren't just limited to the physical, as he has shown that she can create "voids" in an enemy's harnessing of their magical energy, though this only lasts for a split second. As a supplement, Vincent can eliminate the adverse effects of the earth's natural forces upon himself in order to move more freely. By wrapping himself in it, Vincent is even able to fly and shield himself from any kind of damage dealt from enemies, and focusing it within his body results in the Sacred Aether granting him improved strength, speed, and durability. Of course, since Sacred Aether is simply an enhanced version of the elements of his Dragon Slayer Magic, he is capable of utilizing it a similar manner to that of his normal magic; projecting it as blasts of photonic energy that pierces the atmosphere and destroys anything that it comes into contact with; or he can use it to stir up gale-force winds.
        • Sacred Drones (聖光魔力・案誘導雄蜂(セイクリッド・ドローン), Seikureddo Dōron lit. Saintly Light Magical Energy Thought-Guided Drones): When summoning the Sacred Drones, Vincent channels the Sacred Aether outwards, manifesting it as multiple collections of light surround him. Using a variant of telepathy, Vincent is constantly sending signals from his brain to these seekers, creating a communication network that enables him to move them around the area almost effortlessly. These collections unleash condensed blasts of energy which appear similar to lasers at his foes; he prefers to use them to attack his foes from long-range and often in conjunction with other techniques, though due to their ever changing form, they can attack head-on. This attack embodies the idea that quantity has a quality all its own; the beams released by the Sacred Drones can be mentally stopped and pointed in another direction if the opponent dodges, drawing a beautiful geometric curtain of death, piercing the target and damaging them enormously. The curving aspect of this spell makes the beams miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target whatever enemy they have; making it impossible to avoid or escape from—a certain hit is an inevitability, giving the opponents little to no chance to escape unless it is physically impossible to harm them or a serious obstruction is in the way. With the Sacred Drones, he can take down an entire force using psychic brainwaves. These Sacred Drones are used primarily to allow Vincent to engage large numbers of opponents at the same time, or to allow him to overwhelm a powerful foe.
        • Sacred Aether Art: Galaxia Blade (聖光魔力奥義・閃光墜刃牙(セイクリッド・エーテル・アート・ギャラクシア・ブレイド), Seikureddo Ēteru Āto: Gyarakushia Bureido lit. Saintly Light Magical Energy Secret Art: Flash Light Crash Blade Fang): Galaxia Blade is a Dragon Slayer's Secret Art used only when Vincent is in Dragon Force Xceed. Though it shares a similar name to that of the spell used by the Celestial Spirit King, it is noted to be completely different in function. When performing Galaxia Blade, Vincent raises both of his hands in the air at his sides; slowly, but surely generating and gathering light between his open, facing palms. This is rapidly shaped into the form of a massive blade composed of light of a radiance beyond any glow or shine of any other Light Magic to exist—that is what makes it so powerful. It is a blade of mortality made out of light that is manifested by converting all of Vincent's defensive power into a single, maximum-powered attack; the existence of the blade provokes the visages of countless planets and galaxies to swirl around the sword. The moment that the blade strikes the opponent, the artificial gravity well generates a "custom" shockwave, transforming all particles in contact with its striking surface into photons. By swinging the blade around, Vincent creates a highly destructive vortex of light, which moved to hit the enemy in a spiraling formation. Each connecting strike seems to generate a powerful, shining explosion, capable of busting through the scales of a dragon. The Galaxia Blade has more than enough sheer destructive power to erase opponents while leaving their souls intact; Vincent's powerful strike causes them to disappear into light; the sheer power of the strike releases golden light and energy capable of destroying anything it comes in contact with; sometimes the victim into the air or anything in the vicinity by the sheer force of the blast. The force of the blast is enough to pulverize any magical weapons and armour, as well as eradicate any magical auras. To the on-looker and also the victim the move would appear as if a myriad of planets and galaxies came crashing into them provoking a massive galactic explosion; Galaxia Blade is capable of disturbing the fabric of space. Upon release, it seems to spin like a razor as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power.



  • Vincent is designed to be the "final boss" of this year's Dragon Slayer Royale; the final opponent faced by anyone who manages to defeat the rest.
  • Vincent's actual Dragon Slayer Magic and upgraded Dragon Force will be revealed before the final match, as to prevent anyone thinking of how to counter it and making a sufficiently difficult challenge. For the next week, it will be up as a sneak peek for people who are interested to see- after this, it will be hidden until the final battle.
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