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Violet Spark



Baioretto Supāku


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Takamiya Tengo
Fyodor Gryaznov

Violet Spark (バイオレットスパーク, Baioretto Supāku) is a Subspecies Magic of Lightning Magic, which roots stretch to the ancient times, when the Black Wizard became world-known, when Magic was a rare phenomenon rather than everyday case. Known as a very rare variation of Lightning Magic, which cannot be learned by everyday means, it is renowned as the one of the most powerful lightning-based magic in lightning-centered history; not being dissimilar and equal to famous Red Lightning, Violet Spark utilizes the power of purple lightnings in order to destroy any obstacle in its path.

Violet Spark has many rumors about it, the most known is that it was created by the Demons and Devil Slayers themselves, so usual Mages may possess an equal weapon for destroying the evil; at least, in terms of its color scheme and possibly the power, which isn't mimicried by Violet Spark, it may be true.

Takamiya Tengo is known as the one, who mastered this kind of Lightning Magic, moreover, he was able to create an enhanced version of Violet Spark, connecting it with his own Darkness Magic.


Violet Spark is a type of Lightning Magic that gives the user the ability to create and battle with purple lightning. This lightning has the properties of a solid substance and because of this, can be used in a much wider variety of ways than regular Lightning Magic. Despite it's solid properties, the lightning can be either hot or room temperture, this depending on what the user wants to use the lightning for. Violet Spark has many similarities to Purple Flare, a similar magic having to do with fire.




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