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Void Magic





Lucifer Curse Sarina Ebonwood

Void Magic is caster type magic that focuses draining magic and material to pocket dimension created by caster. Most advanced users can even turn their bodies to void, but this have risk: untalented casters body won't turn ever back, or caster is sucked to his own dimension, trapped forever. Currently only Lucifer has mastered this form of magic completly. It is possible to even hide buildings to this space, so Lucifer keeps his Guild hidden inside void.


Zero Void (Zeroboido, ゼロボイド): Magic that was used to create Lucifer; Lucifers own body is Void that can drain limited ammount of magic around him and turns it to his life force, or release it as attack. Don't have effect to Stellar Spirits or Requips. Is capable to withstand 1 shot from Etherion (currently he have some of it inside him).

Absolute Void (Zettai Boido, 絶対ボ イド): Secound form of Zero Void, "Pure" void that has Metal armour floating around current of dark purple magic. In armors have runes and large Lachriyama; by breaking Lachriyama transformation cancels.

Abyss Void (Abisuboido, アビスボイド): Caster crosses his hands, creating Black sphere at targetted spot. After this, sphere drains magical energies and materials around sphere for 30 secounds. After this all magic and material around sphere at radius of 2 metres is launched outwards from sphere.

Splitting Void (Bunkatsu Boido, 分割ボイド): Casters puts his palms together and selects target area, then rotates palms so that fingers are facing other hand wrists. By doing this, spell activates, splitting air in targetted area, severing almost anything in that spot. This attack is rather easy to dodge, since area that splits is rather small, and after selecting one spot it don't move from spot; By moving before hands are completly rotated attack can be dodged.

Counter Void (Kauntāboido, カウンターボイド): Creates void that shallowes the enemy magic or projectiles, and then releases attack back to attacker or other target. As name describes, it is used to counter enemy attacks.

Void Prison (Boidopurizun, ボイドプリズン): Creates Void below target shallows targer almost instantly, and then disappears. As name describes, used to capture targets.

Void Mimic (Mimikku mukō ,ミミック無効): To cast this Lucifer needs to be touching enemy or absorbing its magical energy. . By using his palms Lucifer drains and duplicates magic of target, allowing him to use it. Currently limit of Void Mimic is 6 magics at time.

Void Lance ( ) : User points his/her hand towards target, releasing black beam towards target. When attack hits, target loses great ammount of his magical power. Normal human can use this spell up to three times in day, but Lucifer is able use it six times.

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