"Endlessly judging you."

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"Chained onto the earth.
The clean, sad earth.
He looks up to the sky.
The littered, happy sky.'
Release 21st October 2013
Randall Flagg

Birdwatcher (鳥見物 Torikenbutsu) is the second volume of Fairy Tail: Flocking Home, featuring Randall Flagg.


Randall's Trivia Points

  • Randall's parents were deceased upon his birth; Hades was his only parental figure.
  • Randall's favorite food is Macaroni Cheese, specifically Macaroni Cheese which has slightly burnt cheese.
  • Randall's favorite beverage is Red Wine, something he drinks quite often.
  • Randall wishes to fight Hades, Bluenote Stinger, Gildarts Clive and Jura Neekis.
  • Randall's hobbies include: drinking wine, hitting on younger women, recruiting mages for Desperados.
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