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Voodoo Magic



Būdoū Mahō


Holder Magic
Forbidden Magic
Subspecies Magic


Noray Valgas

Voodoo Magic(ブードゥー魔法 Būdoū Mahō) is a forbidden Holder Magic an variant of the Lost Magic: Ushi no Koku Mairi.


Voodoo magic is one which - like it's parent magic, revolves around the use of voodoo dolls. The user is able to utilise straw effigies which contain the hair of the target to control others. The user is unable to actually manipulate the opponent's movements with the doll alone but is able to cause injury by striking the doll with needles, also unlike Ushi no Koku Mairi - the user cannot manipulate the properties of the effigies. By nailing the effigies to the user's own body they are then able to control their movements in exchange for a great amount of pain on their own behalf. Due to the risk involved with this magic and the threat it poses: it has been outlawed.


Noray's Spells
Name Description Appearance
Dark Crucible (暗いるつぼKurairutsu Bo)

Noray takes her straw effigy and violent hammers a nail into it, causing whoever's hair is placed on the doll to experience the actual sensation of being stabbed - making this spell ideal for executing offensive attacks from a long distance. Multiple nails can be used at once.

Puppet Torture (人形拷問 Ningyō Gōmon)

A powerful spell in which Noray nails her effigies to her own arm, allowing her to not only inflict damage to her opponents but in exchange for the great pain the spell would cause her body: she is able to manipulate the movements of those who's hair is placed on her straw effigies, which she dubs Straw Effigies of Cursed Blood (呪われた血のわら肖像 Norowareta Chi no Wara Shōzō lit. Straw likeness of blood which has been cursed).

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