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"A man whose heart if a calming and peaceful flame, he unleashes it on the evil in the form of a vengeful furious fire."
— Primarch11
Voz Apoye
Sentinel Voz Apoye
Name Voz Apoye
Kanji サポート声
Rōmaji Sapōto-goe
Race Human
Birthday December 7th
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 6'9'
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Sentinel Order SymbolSentinels
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Member of the Sentinels and part of its elite and only team
Previous Occupation None
Team Team Cazador
Partner Agire Hitokuchi
Base of Operations Heavenly Palace
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Alias Sekihyō (赤豹, Red Panther)
Sekiyoku (赤翼, Red Blade)
Magic Fire Magic
Unison Raid

Voz Apoye is a member of the Sentinels, a secret order dedicated to protecting the peace of Earthland and stopping anyone or anything that may threaten it. His partnered with fellow member Agire Hitokuchi, with the two being the order's only and so far the strongest tag-team in its history. They are well known for their perfect sync in battle as well as use of Unison Raid, combining Agire's lightning magic with Voz's fire magic.




Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Immense Magical Powers

Immense Natural Reflexes

Incredible Speed

Incredible Strength

Incredible Durability

Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert

Magical Abilities

Fire Magic


Unison Raid



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