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"Even if you beg for mercy, I won't listen!"

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"Endlessly judging you."

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"No matter if I weave the strongest of illusions. No matter if I ignite the world with the flames of deception. No matter how many I fill with hope and destroy. I do it all, for him"
— Vulpecula
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Vulpecula (小ギツネ座 Fox Constellation) otherwise known simply as Maya (マヤ Maya) is one of the Crystal Keys and a Celestial Spirit of the man Ahatake Kurosaki, she seems to be a rival of Sirius, and is also an unusual individual, who can't be discerned, much to her comrades' chagrin.



Maya's general appearance

Maya bears the appearance of a young, teenage girl despite her age, with a curved and slender figure, along with a moderate bust size. She has noticeable amber eyes, which glow with what seem to be concealed malice. Standing with a mildly innocent yet seductive posture, normally with a winked eye. Her most noticeable traits are her orange-tinted fox tail and ears, which she regularly employs in combat. Her hair is a bright pink and is kept in two pigtails, with two bangs caressing her face down to her shoulders.

She is normally seen wearing a sleeveless blue kosode with white, black and golden lining, along with black sleeves, and a black and gold obi sash around her waist. The bottom section of her kimono is left open around the legs, revealing a majority of her slender legs, and finally, she wears high heels to finish off the attire.


Maya, a complex and unique individual who projects the traits of a normal fox. Maya displays predominantly a cheerful and kind personality, and is also mischievous at heart, performing several pranks and being rather unusual in her demeanor towards her fellow spirits. Commonly talking in a manner similar to a high school girl, Maya will overreact about almost anything, especially when the fact is concerned about those in the male gender, Maya reacts with very unusual, immature phrases such as "OMG", and "ewwww", mainly to cause irritation among her adversaries and comrades. Despite being a talkative and annoying individual, much information about Maya herself is never disclosed, seemingly kept bottled up inside of her unless she wishes to express it.

In all actuality, Maya, like her name suggests, is a complete fox. Her facades are a deception, and merely a layer of clothing that she uses to cover her deceitful and manipulative traits. Maya isn't loyal to anybody, and in only moments she is able to completely betray any individual she displayed "loyalty" to and strike them down, without any form of hesitation. She merely plays with individual's, their goals and their emotions to further her own ambitions, and is able to effortlessly manipulate and toy with any individual, feigning loyalty and trust until that single moment, where all in her path has drifted off, into the flames of her deception.



Powers and Abilities



Behind the Scenes

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