"I'll fly freely through the sky burning everything that get in my way!"

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Wall Graner pre
Wall Graner



Kabe Graner




X770, October 3th


Male Male


14 (Pre time-skip)
21 (Post time-skip)
31 (Post Cooldown)


158 cm (Pre time-skip)
168 cm (Post time-skip)
170 cm (Post Cooldown)


63kg (Pre time-skip)
75kg (Post time-skip)
77kg (Post Cooldown)

Blood Type


Unusual Features

Attacking perverted boys

Professional Status

Giant WingsGiant Wings


Guild Master



Base of Operations

Giant Wings Guild

Personal Status

Lina Graner(Sister)
Madi Graner(fiance)
Daina (Daughter)


Fire Magic
Magic Incorporation
Giant ignition
Requip: The Pegasus

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Wall Graner 壁Graner Kabe Graner) also know as "Colossal Master" is the Guild Master of Giant Wings Guild and Brother of Lina Graner. He and his sister are former prisoners of the illusion prison and were released because he protected his sister and killing all the guards of the prison and released all the prisoners.


Pre Timeskip

Wall is a tall boy for his age with brown hair and blue eyes and red. Wall usually wears a black sleeveless sweater, a green and a brown cover calsas he shows always use.

Post Timeskip

After the timeskip Wall proves to be a bit higher. Your outfit does not change much just the fact that he now wear white pants and begins to wear gloves.

Giant Wings symbol 1

Walk Guild Mark


Unlike her sister wall did not become reserved or shy after leaving prison, as he has been in prison longer than his sister Wall mostar be very responsible and brave because he had to care for themselves and also his sister alone.

Post Timeskip

Wall displays have not changed his personality.



Lina Graner


Early years

Wall and his sister were born and prisoners of illusion prison where he freed the past when he was 11. Wall defended his sister being punished by accusing shown to have feelings and when the punishment he mostar have developed their fire magic.

After both gone out together with the other prisoners they were toward the earth in order to live a new life.

Join a Guild

Within three years of prison break they start a new life with new companions and a guild ready for many adventures and new dreams.

Powers and Abilites

Physical Abilities

Wall is extremely powerful in terms of physical strength, endurance, agility and speed shown by the fact that he endured 11 years of torture in prison which usually lead to death.


Wall new magic aura

Wall Guild Master Magic Aura

Fire Magic

Wall developed its fire magic during the torture in prison and illusion prison shows have great control because conseguio kill all the prison guards.

Fire Shild: This is a spell that allows to defend any attack using fire.

Magic Incorporation

Living Fire

Living Fire

Wall developed its own magic fire that surrounds cheer to his fire ways your most used form is a fox.



Armor of taurus

Armor of Taurus

Armor of Taurus(牡牛座の鎧 Oushiza no yoroi): Wall's first armor.

Requip: The Pegasus

First Pegasus Armor

First Pegasus Armor

First Pegasus Armor(ペガサスの鎧 Pegasasu no yoroi): Wall's first armor shown post cooldown.

Pegasus armor

Pegasus Armor

Pegasus Armor(ペガサスの鎧 Pegasasu no yoroi): Wall's updated version of Pegasus Armor.

First Sagittarius armor

Sagittarius armor

Sagittarius armor(射手座アーマー Iteza āmā): Wall main armor and is said to be one of the most powerfull armors in the world.

Sagittarius armor

Sagittarius Armor

New Sagittarius armor(射手座アーマー Iteza āmā): Wall's updated version of Sagittarius Armor and most powerful.

Divine Armor

Divine Armor

Divine Armor(神の鎧 Kami no yoroi): White Knight Armor is the main armor of Lina after the timeskip.

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