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Warlock Fist
Warlock Fist Image
Name Warlock Fist
Kanji ウォーロックフィスト
Rōmaji U~ōrokkufisuto
Symbol Warlock Fist Image
Master Constantine Noble
Type Independent
Location Caelum, Ishgar

Warlock Fist is an independent guild in the country of Caelum. Their ultimate goal is to find the power hidden in the Lunar Eclipse World. They have affiliated themselves with the Bellona Alliance.


Warlock Fist is classified as an independent guild due to their secrecy, as no one knows of the guild. If their objectives were known however, the Magic Council would classify them as a dark guild. Although they have been doing some legally questionable activities, their ultimate goal has always been to find the ultimate power hidden in the Lunar Eclipse World. Every member of the guild also joined because of their respect for Constantine and were convinced to join due to his Sweet Song spell, and naturally charismatic nature. The only exception to this was Drake Doomkaiser. The guild is also well versed in some varied and more unique variations of magics.


The guild's members are incredibly powerful capable of going toe to toe with powerful mages. Each member is notable for practicing rare or powerful magics, including Constantine's Infinite Cutting Blade and advanced Sound Magic, Lela's Beast Enhancement Magic combined with her Fusion Magic, Drake's Lunar Eclipse Eyes and Qui, Cole's advanced Water Magic and Underworld Rivers, Hector's Requip (most notably his Mask of Power), Nicholas' Hell Freezer, and Tyson's advanced Earth Magic.


Name Rank Team Status
Constantine NobleGuild MasterNoneActive
Delilah NobleMageNoneActive
Drake DoomkaiserMageNoneActive
Cole KyusatraMageNoneActive
Hector LinkMageNoneActive
Nicholas FrostMageNoneActive
Tyson BouMageNoneActive
Nora NovaMageNoneActive


The Warlock Fist Guild mark is based off of the Fighting-Type energy in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

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