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Warrior Angel Guild

ワリアー エンジェル


Wariaa Enjeru


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Tristan Scalibur

S-Class Mages

Zora Halo
Dalton Longside




Deltra City

Warrior Angel Guild (ワリアー エンジェル Wariaa Enjeru): is a wizards guild located in the Kingdom of Fiore. It is widely known as one of the strongest guilds in the country.


Situated in the Kingdom of Fiore, it lies on the southern coast of the country in Deltra City where it is the only guild in the city. It is located in the northern part of the town not far from the coast. Once entering the city, the central path way will lead to the guild where it lies about 8 kilometres up the path


Exterior Design

Warrior Angel's headquarters resides in an imposing building consisting of a 3-4 story mansion. This building strongly resemble a castle in appearance. It is shown to have a very large facade that faces the cities central pathway and extends back covering over 8'000 square feet of floor space. It has a Western-looking roof, consisting of many small, dark blue square tiles of different size. The main section possesses a huge entrance topped by a small, tower-like dome that stands above the entrance, which has a pointed roof made of dark blue tiles with elongated glass windows around the tower which stands as the highest floor in the building. Several towers of a much smaller and circular scale can be located around the building. The rest of the main part's facade is covered in a multitude of windows many of which are elongated, with some of them, protruding outwards, being also present on the lower part of the pitched, tiled roof. Flanking this central section are two massive, buildings that is apparently much larger then the facade. These buildings extend backwards parallel from each other reminiscent of walls adorned by windows.

In front of the headquarters is a fence composed of stone over topped by decorated railing, with a stone stare case in the middle leading from the central path to the buildings entrance with planted bushes and grass at both sides of the stare case. Around the building is plenty of planted trees, flowers and walk ways.


Between the parallel builds is a huge yard that acts as the guilds garden which is full of flowers and plant life with a gorgeous water fountain in the middle with well decorated tile stones through it so the member or visitors can enjoy the beauty of the front entrance of the guild hall, the guild mates can go out there i gaze at its beauty to relax and enjoy the peace and while talking to others.

In the back of the mansion is a giant meadow of grass surrounded by a forest with an arena built just outside the back entrance of the building for the members to fight on, this was built so that the members can sort out their rampaging needs against each other and not destroy any of the valuables inside in the process, however this rule doesn't work well with the member since an all-out-brawl always happen inside the building. Although the whole meadow is considered the battle field the battle starts at the arena.

Interior Design

Entrance Hall

The inside is similar to a large lunch hall, and mainly consisted of stone floor in the center of the hall with a wooden platform around it. At the edge of the stone floors area has several long beams supporting the above floors present on both sides of the hall. At the end of the hall is a large banner bearing both the guild's name and its symbol is visible onto it wall. The floor is a mixture of stone and wood while the walls consists of bricks

When first entering the guild, there is a request board located on the left side of the room where it covers up the entire wall and is always filled with request fliers, and an information desk to the immediate left of the entrance doors. Within the stone floors area there are two dozen restaurant tables that stretch across the length of the room. The tables end at a large, wooden stage that has four stone staircases behind it on its left and right sides that are symmetrical of each other. Two of the staircases that curves outwards as it leads to the upstairs to the second floor and two of them lead down stairs.

In the middle of both the left and right end of the walls within the hall is a pathway that leads out of the hall and into hallways that lead have several built in different rooms

Members Rooms

Warrior Angel's room design

The members can choose to live in the mansion which has plenty of rooms for everyone to sleep in for free of charge but some would have a roommate to live with or they can choose to rent an expensive apartment in the city, most of them chose to live at the guild hall while the others others own their houses or apartments in the city. The guild hall has plenty of rooms for every member and has yet to have a problem with there not being enough rooms, the room are big enough to share with a roommate without feeling invaded of privacy. The mansion has many rooms located all around the two floors of the guild hall.


The Bar

Located to the right of the upper right hand corner of the hall, there is the guilds bar, composed of wood and sporting a wooden counter, which is run by Karina Eclipse and assisted by Terra Jenny. It has a well decorated counter with high counter chairs. Its liquor are stored in a glass cabinets on the wall just behind the counter framed by a well crafted arch way on the top.

The bar also serves as its own miniature kitchen with a fridge full of ingredients and plates and silverware located under the counter and miniature stove build into the holding stand under the liquor cabinets. To the left of the bar is a door way that leads to a fully functional kitchen and food storage.


Guild Library

The guild has a large room in the first floor where the guilds library is at. Its a huge, well decorated room where they store all their data, spell books, history books and hole bunch of other types of books. There are multiple tables in the middle of the room that can fit six people on one table, they can head over to that table and begin reading or do research. At night when the room is dark there are lanterns attach to the book shelves with light lacrima's built inside that glows brightly in the dark when, it automatically lights up when someone walks in, the lacrima shines a light green glow and bright enough to light up the entire room so the people in the room can see clearly. Not many people enter this room so its always quiet and empty the only person who is always in there is the librarian Emila Nostrade.

Job Request Board

The Job Request Board is located on the right side of the entrance room. The board is well decorated and covers partial of the entire wall. It is practically covered in job request flyers. Some of the job requests are minor jobs that requires a wizard to help citizens all over the city with chores, assistance or helping find lost animals that require a minimum amount of payment, while others are big time jobs where the wizards go and travel the country and visit different places for a large payment. The jobs they request can be from assisting a citizen in the city to slaying giant monsters. There are roughly around 100 job requests or more on the board for each wizard to take.

S Class Quest Board

The S Class Quests are located on the second floor in the middle of the guild hall just above the main room. The room is strictly off limits to everyone under S-Class from entering the room. The room itself is a mystery however it contains another request board which is dedicated strictly to S-Class Jobs, off-limits to everyone except S-Class Wizards. These missions are said to be so dangerous that even the smallest mistake can lead to the Wizards death. However, in return, the pay is very high, easily going into millions of Jewels. Zora Halo and Dalton Longside are the only wizards in the entire guild who are allowed to take the S Class Quests. The eight members who have been given the title S Class Candidates are forbidden to take on an S Class Quests for they have not proven to have passed the S Class Trials therefore are not ready to take on the quests. Unlike the jobs down stairs there are not as many number of requests, usually up 10 or less number of flyers on board.


Warrior Angel has existed for at least several decades but has only grown to its current prominence and strength in the last few years. In this growth, it began to be known as one of the strongest guilds in the country


The guild comes with special rules that every member must follow if any member fails to follow these rules will be banned from the guild without exception.

Guild Rules

All guild members must use their magic powers to fight evil and to protect those who can not protect themselves. in order to be a vision of hope for them to look up to should things go wrong. Most members joined the guild solely for that purpose.

Members shall no pry into another members life if they chose not to share and ask no questions of another member's past.

When members are in a personal disagreement they can resolve it with a fight.

If a member or ally is in crisis everybody needs to use all of their power to help.

No member should ever use their magic powers at an ally to purposely do them harm. This is a mandatory rule that must be followed without question in order to keep peace in the guild and preserve trust between each member. Any attempt to do so will result in the member being exiled from the guild

Leaving Warrior Angel

Whenever a Mage wishes to leave Warrior Angel, they are free to do so, however they are expected to follow three rules:

  1. You can not share sensitive information with anyone about Warrior Angel, it's members, or any of the data stored within the guild's library. You may not contact past employers for work or information; unless they request you specifically.
  2. Although you are no longer part of the guild, we wish that you would uphold the guild's values of kindness and acceptance, and continue to grow to be the best person you can be.


The guild is home to many powerful wizards, all of which are talented of their own rights, they each have incredible power and combined they make one of the most powerful guild in the country. However they are all very destructive not only to the guild but to the cities their jobs take them to. During jobs weather its chasing criminals or some other job the members manage to complete it with ease, after several damages to the cities just to complete it, this makes them at odds with the Magic Council, making them think the guild members might be a threat to magical world, however despite their destruction, the good deeds they've done is whats preventing the council from arresting them all but that's not stopping them from threatening to disband the guild.

Guild Master

The Guild Master is the highest ranking authority within the guild and effectively acting as the guild's leader. As the rulers of the guild, they have virtually complete authority over their subordinates, and, thus, can dictate their actions. Following the guilds customs laws, only the most capable leader are to be trusted to be the next Guild Master. The Guild Master is always the wisest and most powerful out of all its members. The Guild Master declares the rules of the guild that must be followed without question.

S Class Wizards

The S Class Wizards are elite members of the guild, and usually are among the most powerful individuals in the guild itself. They are the members that have proven themselves worth of being S Class by passing the challenging S Class Trial. Only officially recognized S-Class Wizards are able to undertake difficult S-Class Jobs. They are the next in line of command within the guild whenever the master is unavailable. In the Warrior Angel Guild, one must go through a trial and compete to obtain the rank of S-Class. Eight chosen candidates have deemed themselves to be the highest chances of passing these trials however due to the trials being nearly impossible to complete not a single candidate have been able to pass in the last 10 years. Only two known members that have passed the trial and have been promoted to an S Class Wizard. Those members are Zora Halo and Dalton Longside with Zora being the strongest member in the guild however their strength and power are nearly equal.

S Class Candidates

The S Class Candidates are a group of eight mages chosen specifically by the Guild Master Tristan Scalibur who have the highest chances of becoming an S Class Wizard. Their strength and power make them capable of taking on the challenging S Class Trials but for one reason or another were unable to pass or haven't gotten the chance to participate. The chosen candidates are the last line of leadership if the S Class Wizards and the master are all unavailable. Once a candidate have passed the trial and promoted to an S Class Wizard, the remaining spot will be filled by the next person the master deems worthy to take on the trial, however due to the immense challenge the trial possesses, not a single candidate have been able to pass within the last 10 years. Although there are only 8 candidates it is very rare for all 8 of them to appear at the guild all at once. The only known candidates are Esca Merle, Zanto Shima and Cazzar Scorn the rest are either out on jobs, on leave or out on personal business.


A guild composed of roughly over 100 members. The members of the guild train and battle constantly against each other, honing their skills in battle. Every wizard in the guild are all powerful in their own unique way and every wizard are capable of causing massive destruction to the town in their battles.

Special Events

S Class Promotion Trial

In the Warrior Angel Guild, the S-Class Mage Promotional Trial is an event that is held every year, where the Master makes his selected candidates to participate in a trial in order to be promoted to S-Class Mages. Although what happens in the trial is unknown, every year the trial is different and the venue also but it was said each trial was so challenging to only 3 have been able to pass in the past 10 years. Current S-Class Mages also take part in the Trial, to increase the difficulty of the task and make the Trial even harder to complete. According to Zanto the trials can only be completed with one member passing it but there is also a possibility that everyone could fail and not pass at all which has been the case for the past few years.

Magic Anniversary Festival

Once a year Deltra City holds a special event of a festival for the citizens of the city, hosted by the Warrior Angel Guild. The festival is an annual event where the wizards and citizens alike celebrate the founding and accomplishments of the Warrior Angel Guild that serves as a appreciation for both sides support to each other. The festival is where both the wizards and citizens plan things together for everyone in the city to enjoy. All members of the guild are able to join in to participate in the spectacles of different events such as; exhibits, performances, spectacles, food stands, etc for everyone to experience. One of the best-known events is the Magic Talent Show. The event is looked forward to not only by the members of Warrior Angel but by the whole population of Deltra, even the surrounding cities come by to take part in the festival.

Magic Talent Show

The biggest event that takes place during the Magic Anniversary Festival that the members of the guild participates in. It is a talent show where contestants of the guild members that are currently in the city get on stage and display their Magic in a fantastical performance that amazes the crowd. Some members can either pair up with others or they can participate on their own. The hole event was meant to amaze the crowd but the mayor makes it a competition and judges them based on how excellent their performance is and awards the top 3 for an award prize on giving an amazing performance, 3rd place winner get a prize of 50,000 jewels, 2nd place gets 500,000 jewels and the 1st place gets a total of 1,000,000 jewels. The event is famous to not just everyone in the city but for many others in the surrounding area, even the members are excited to participate in the event.


The Warrior Angel Guild is composed of roughly over 100 wizards.

In spite of the guild's immense reputation and fame, becoming a member of Warrior Angel requires only the approval of the Guild Master, regardless of magical capabilities, former allegiances or the other members' opinion.

Its been explained that every member in Warrior Angel carries the weight of a sad past.

Name Rank Team Status
Tristan Scalibur 3rd Guild Master None Active
Zora Halo Guild Ace

S Class Mage

None Active
Dalton Longside S Class Mage None Active
Esca Merle Potential S Class Mage Team Warrior Angel Active
Zanto Shima Potential S Class Mage Team Ragnarok Active
Cazzar Scorn Potential S Class Mage Team Ragnarok Active
Kabuto Potential S Class Mage None Active
Duke Declan Potential S Class Mage None Active

Serendine Erhart

Potential S Class Mage None Active
Lecter Minazuki Potential S Class Mage Active

Suzika Kamino


Potential S Class Mage

None Active
Karina Eclipse Employee


None Active
Terra Jenny Employee


None Active
Emila Nostrade Employee


None Active
Hino Sontara Mage Team Warrior Angel Active
Spirit Mage Team Warrior Angel Active
Rin Amika Mage Team Warrior Angel Active
Reed Yuriko Mage Team Warrior Angel Active
Annabell Rose Mage None Active
Colby Cord Mage None Active
Alluka Luna Mage None Active
Ren Kurushimi Mage Team Ragnarok Active
Kaitlin Kumo Mage Team Ragnarok Active
Spade Mage Team Ragnarok Active
Ichika Matsumi Mage None Active
Suzaku Vermillion Mage None Active
Takota Shinoh Mage None Active
Olvia Nadia Mage None Active
Shina Aihara Mage None Active
Lilly Milon Mage

Bang Up Girl Squad

Ruiko Mei Mage

Bang Up Girl Squad

Maika Itsuki Mage

Bang Up Girl Squad

Samuel Colt Mage None Active
Jessie Longside Human None Unofficial



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