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Warrior Soul

戦士 の 魂


Senshi no Tamashii




Aldro Gaivan

Trode Castellanetta

S-Class Mages

Alanta Gaivan

Zeno Drollinger

Skyle Castellanetta




Mid-Western Fiore

Warrior Soul is highly reguarded as the strongest guild in the Creek of Wolves Alliance. It is located in Rumbai, and is accompanied by another major guild named Zephyr Wing



The Warrior Soul Guild Hall

The Guild Hall for Warrior Soul ressembles a giant pagoda, with a courtyard. It stands on top of the highest hill in Rumbai and contains over 200 rooms. Many of these rooms house the members of the guild. Inside the courtyard is a beautiful oriental style botanical garden and fountain. Inside is and even larger fountain with the centerpiece ressembling the guild's symbol. Inside the hall are a hospital, a bath house, and a training dojo.


Out of all the guilds in the Alliance, the Warrior Soul Guild currently stands above them all when it comes to strength. It has the most credibility of any guild in the midwest, and appears to know no limitations on how much stronger it can get. With the most successful jobs completed, and the most applied discipline of any guild in the Alliance, the guild has grown into a favorite guild among the citizens of the midwest.


Name Role Magic Team Status
Aldro Gaivan 1st Guild Master Active
Trode Castellanetta 2nd Guild Master Semi-Active
Alanta Gaivan Guild Ace Active
Zeno Drollinger S-Class Mage

Iron Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic

Skyle Castellanetta S-Class Mage Active
Galgar Schlerk Mage/S-Class Nominee The Schlerks Active
Griffith Mallice Mage/S-Class Nominee Active
Den Mallice Mage/S-Class Nominee Active
Aerial Mintaro Mage/S-Class Nominee Active
Siege Klefka Mage/S-Class Nominee Semi-Active
Brock Wakabaro Mage/S-Class Nominee Active
Bramph Schlerk Mage The Schlerks Active
Zek Schlerk Mage The Schlerks Active
Maria Ceres Mage

Mud Magic

The Earth-State Siblings Active
Token Ceres Mage

Sand Magic

The Earth-State Siblings Active
Boo Drollinger Mage

Iron Dragon Slayer Magic
Solid Script

Maven Mage/Mascot Active
Tyra Castellanetta Former 1st Guild Ace Retired
Chel Gaivan Former 2nd Guild Ace Deceased
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