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Water Devil Slayer Magic
Water Devil Slayer Magic



Devil Slayer Magic

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Water Devil Slayer Magic(水の悪魔殺人者魔法) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic and a type of Devil Slayer Magic. It enables the user to control the element of water. The user can also consume the element of water. It is a very powerful type off magic as it is a slayer magic but this doesn't mean that this magic is the strongest magic their is just becuase it is a slayer magic. 


Water Devil Slayer Magic is learnt from a Book of Zeref. When a Water Devil Slayer enters the room, the air actually feels kind of wet. This is because there is an invisible aura surrounding the user and the moisture in the air enhances in the aura so if someone is close to the user, they will feel slightly wet. The book needed to learn this magic is called 'Mizusui Sasshi' meaning Water Book. This book was found by Arina Hotoma at her family's mansion. There is only one book that teaches Water Devil Slayer Magic so it is one of a kind. Because of this, Arina Hotoma is the only known user of Water Devil Slayer Magic. Once someone has learnt this magic, no one else can use this magic unless the Mage that has learnt this magic finds a way to teach another mage this magic which would be very difficult since all devil slayers learn their magic from a book. Like all devil slayers and slayer, Water Devil Slayers can consume their element which in this case is water. The user will be able to consume enough water to fill a giant pond. The user can also control their element. In this case, the element would be water so the user would be able to control Water

List of Spells

Arina's Spells

  • Water Devil's Rage
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