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Way of the Grand Fist



Sōdai ken no michi


Martial Art
Fighting Style


The Way of the Grand Fist style was made centuries ago by a group of warrior-monks who traveled earth-land. These monks eventually vanished from history either due to in-fighting or dieing of natural causes, these caused the style to be lost for many decades until recently a warrior from an unknown nation found a box of scrolls that outlined the techniques and secrets of the style, the warrior leant from these and improved on the style creating a brand new method of combat using strikes at different distances such as short ranged attack and defence staying just within the opponant's guard or strike just outside their range without sacrificing balance or power. The style also uses smooth flowing techniques for defence and counter attacks letting the opponant beat themself by avoiding and deflecting their attacks.


  • Shackled Fist: (縛ら拳, Shibara ken) This technique is based around enclosed short ranged fighting, a practioner of the style strike as if their hands have been bound or shackled together with a relativly short chain. Each punch brings the free hand along stopping jsut behind the striking arm which is repeated with each step, the power comes from steopping and striking a split second apart and the idea of that the practioner is not striking thier opponant they are striking through them aiming at what's behind them.
  • Flowing Hands: (流れる両手, Nagareru ryōte) This is the main defence/offence technique of the style. The practioner uses his/her hands to defend against attacks in a smooth flowing manner that can elave the opponant open for an attack, the technique is focused around circular movements twisting the opponant's guard open for a instant coutner attack using the block to absorb the momentum of the opponant's attack and then turn it on the opponant with a strike to the openning.
  • Sun and Moon: (太陽と月, Taiyō to tsuki) when using this technique the practioner attacks with a punch and kick at the same time or with a tiny amount of time between a punch or kick. For example if a practioners uses a straight direct punch they would use a front kick at the same time to strike the chest and stomach at the same time. While powerful it does have a weakiness of limited balance and if countered during a twin attack as described the practioner can be brought down.


  • The style's techniques are based on Xing Yi Quan (a style know for it's short ranged direct combat), Northern Shaolin (A style uses long range combat and fast agressive techniques) and finally Tai Chi (a style that uses smooth flowing technique to deflect and beat oppoants with ease).
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