Welcome to Koma Inu

Hand in hand, a tall, handsome young man and a short, beautiful girl come upon the guild hall of Koma Inu. Their names were Niklas Thoth and Mandi Starstrike. These young mages have been traveling all around Fiore in search of a guild. Even stopping dark guilds and bandits along there way. Now it seems our young mages have come to the end of there travels...

Niklas: "We're here, we're finally here"

Mandi: "Oh my gosh, are we really at Koma Inu?"

Unknown Voice: "Yes you are."

Niklas and Mandi turn to look at the owner mysterious voice

Samarra: "Hi, my name is Samarra Inari, also know as Lady Komainu, and I'm the master of this guild. Welcome to Koma Inu."

Niklas: "I can't believe we're actually here."

Mandi: "Me and Niklas were wondering if we could join the guild?"

Samarra: "Sure, but let me ask you something... why do you want to join?"

Mandi: "We need friends."

Nikas:"No!! We wanted to join this guild because it's been a dream of ours."

Samarra: "I can promise you will make friends, you don't have to worry about that!"

Samarra: "Now come inside and meet everyone while I get the Guild Mark tool."

...inside the guild hall.....

A pretty woman, with red hair and piercing grey eyes comes up to the pair

Nova: "Hi welcome to the guild! My name is Nova!

Niklas: "Hi! I'm Niklas and this is Mandi."

Mandi: "Hi!"

Nova: "Nice to meet you."

A young man with brown hair looked over

Arthur: "Newcomers? Hi! My name is Arthur."

Mandi: "Nice to meet you Arthur! I'm Mandi."

Niklas: "Nice to meet you, I'm Niklas."

A young woman with blue hair came up alongside a young man with orange hair

Umi: "Yay! New people! I'm Umi!"

Aiden: "Sup, I'm Aiden."

Niklas: "Hi, I'm Niklas."

Mandi: "I'm Mandi."

2 men come up, one with short brown hair and another with longer reddish hair.

Zero/Scorpius: "Hey, Welcome to Koma Inu!"

Zero: "We're glad to have you! I'm Zero."

Scorpius: "Hope you like it here! And I'm Scorpius."

A masked man along with a boy with glasses comes up

Niwatori: "Welcome! I'm Niwatori."

Tojima: "Yes, welcome, they call me Tojima."

Samarra comes back out with the Guild Mark tattoo

Samarra: "What color would you like to have the mark and where would you like it?"

Niklas: "Mhhm, I think I'll get dark green on my back."

Mandi: "I'll take pink on my right upper arm."

Samarra: "Sounds good to me."

...5 minutes later...

Samarra: "There you go!"

Niklas and Mandi were admiring there new marks

Niklas: "Our dream finally came true."

Mandi: "Yea it did."

Samarra: "Now it's time to make new goals and dreams."

Mandi and Niklas looked at each other and smiled

Mandi: "Then let's get started!"


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