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"Even if you beg for mercy, I won't listen!"

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"I won't. There's too much at stake for me to back down now...and I swore I'd protect Jason from everything. Let's help each other win, Momoko-san!"
— Wendy Marvell to Momoko Sitri
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Wendy Marvell



Wendi Māberu


Silicon-based Human


Female.png Female


Less than a year (chronologically, Part I)
12 (physically, Part I)
7 (chronologically, Part II)
19 (physically, Part II)


X772 (original)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

243782-uzu logo super.png Akatsuki
Jason LaHote

Guild Mark Location

In between both scapula, dead-center







Base of Operations

Akatsuki Building
Guild Haven

Personal Status



Wendy Marvell (original, cloned from)
Dosaman Ghasulchaonlor (creator, father)


Sky Dragon Slayer Magic


Ruyi Jingu Bang

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Wendy Marvell (ウェンディ・マーベル Wendi Māberu) is Silicon-based Human, and a Sky Dragon Slayer Mage. Despite appearing to be phsyically identical to Wendy Marvell, this Wendy is not the 'original' Wendy that was a member of Fairy Tail.

This Wendy Marvell however, is a "clone" of the original, created by Dosaman Ghasulchaonlor through the use of Lacrima, the DNA of the original Wendy Marvell, and Arc of Embodiment. She is a main protagonist in Fairy Tail: Dawn. Originally a failed project, a "doll without a soul", Wendy was cast aside by Dosaman and buried away. Her Lacrima body, however, resonated with the powerful Lacrima sealed inside Jason — the very Lacrima that keeps him alive and healthy — and the doll quickly gained life and sentience. After the death of her 'father', Wendy decided to travel along with Jason due to the feeling that she'd be safe with the man, and quickly a strong attachment to him as a result of this.

As of the timeskip, Wendy has grown older, and become far more knowledgeable and powerful. With her newfound attitude and confidence, Wendy now tends to refers to herself as the White Mage (白魔道師, Shiromadōshi), referencing her healing abilities. Among enemies such as the Magic Council and the Shadow Remnants, Wendy is referred to as the Sky Sorceress (天空の巫女 Tenkū no Miko).

Wendy is one of the main protagonists of Fairy Tail: Dawn.


Wendy Marvell's full appearance as a child.

Wendy is a cute little girl with long, dark blue hair and brown eyes. Like all the Dragon Slayers, her canine teeth are a bit longer than other people's. She generally wears loose fitting or bare-back dresses and sandals with wing designs possibly to denote that she is the Sky Dragon Slayer. Later, Wendy is bought a new outfit from Jason. Wendy's new outfit is a little golden dress that is held up by straps of a lighter gold that rest upon her shoulders. The lining is the exact same colour as the straps; embedded with several heart patterns in addition to a brown crystal resting right in-between her small chest. The hem of the dress mostly flows about; it was designed to look good as well as aid in mobility. Along with this, she wears thigh-high socks with a gold and light-blue cross pattern; these have small bands around them, probably to assist them in being held up. For footwear, Wendy wears standard brown boots; in addition, she has bracelets that appear visually similar to flowers on her wrists, and finally, she wears a wing-shaped hairclip. Wendy notably undergoes several other outfit changes, such as donning black leggings with stylized, dress-like outfit that is purple, white, and blue in colour worn over. She also has a white variation of said outfit.

Wendy's full appearance as an adult.

During the seven year time-skip that separates Part I and II of Fairy Tail: Dawn, Wendy grew older, and cut her hair short, wearing it tied in a bun. She also ditched her more modern attire for what can only be described as the look of a samurai; a dark blue kosode, matching blue hakama with white triangular patterns, completed with a white obi and thick brown leather gloves. Her hair itself was tied with a white ribbon, and her footwear were simple warajii.

After the timeskip that separates Part I and II, Wendy has grown noticeably older, aging perhaps a little faster than she normally would, due to being an artificial creation — she was later stabilized at an adult stage, rendering her aging as now slower than the rest. As she's reached maturity, Wendy's gained a considerable boost in height, and she's grown 'outwards' as well, becoming considerably more well-endowed. Her clothing tends to vary, but it is notably similar to that of her Edolas counterpart; a very revealing cerulean-colored top with a thin white trim, which tapers off at her waist and at her bust into multiple spiked points. Decorating the front of this top is a sky blue bow tied in the very center of her chest, and she wraps up her overall appearance with a pair of dark blue capri shorts.

Wendy's Guild Mark is located in-between her shoulder blades on her back, located directly in the center.


Wendy has a very shy and polite personality. She is very eager to try and make friends. Wendy also cares greatly for the guild members. Wendy is becoming more confident and brave as time goes on, and she always tries to be of help wherever she can. She also is intelligent and has a very honest personality, is "direct and open with her emotions", and is easily swayed by people around her. However, this also causes her to be "very romantic". She can be spontaneous and "very ditzy".

Due to being rescued by Jason, she admires him greatly, and is more than willing to travel with him and help him when he needs it. However, she is also shown to be rather clingy to him, possibly due to being the only person she'd ever known before Vivian, and gets jealous quickly of other girls who spend too much time around Jason.

After the timeskip, due to the seven years Wendy spent away from Jason, fending for herself in the forests of Caelum, a land she chose for it's connection to the sky, having the purest air in all of Earthland, Wendy has grown into a very independent young woman. Quite differently from her meek childhood — where she had been mostly quiet and, before starting to become more of her own person, she would hide behind Jason — Wendy has now fully come into her own as a mature, confident adult. 

While maintaining her kind disposition, Wendy has also developed a frisky and flirtatious nature, now often referring to Jason as "sweetie", and enjoys showing off for Jason. Due to the years apart, she's become, if anything, more touchy-feely with him, outright kissing him when they met again for the first time in seven years, and is not above using her new body to get his attention. 

She also, however, has a slight arrogant streak that possibly came from her newfound independent attitude. Well aware she is quite possibly the best healer in Akatsuki, alongside Chelia, she outright refers to herself as the "White Mage" (despite the fact that "Red Mage" is more accurate), and knows that she can probably get away with what she pleases, because if anyone in the guild is dissatisfied with her, they won't be getting back up again.


For the History of the Original Wendy Marvell, please go here. Wendy Marvell#History

The creation of the clone of Wendy is a very unique instance in the history of Earthland, and thought of as a breakthrough in the use of Lacrima and Magic. A scientist by the name of Dosaman Ghasulchaonlor who was studying the limits of the uses Lacrima, a type of crystal with numerous known uses, encountered a Lacrima crystal with what he initially thought was blue thread hanging onto it. He uprooted the crystal, taking it back to his own location to examine it. Upon concluding his examination, he found the "blue thread" was in fact a hair, the hair of Wendy Marvell, which was recognized even by Dosaman himself as impossibly lucky.

He decided that this would be a perfect test of the Lacrima's limits, to attempt to clone a living being. Through a complicated process, he was able to merge the hair with the Lacrima, but many of his attempts to create a decent clone failed. However, being tenacious, he decided to employ his own brand of Magic, the "lost magic", Arc of Embodiment, able to materialize a technology capable of fully cloning Wendy. However, the body itself was inanimate, and was considered to be a failed project.

Dosaman disposed of Wendy's body outside, simply burying it in the yard. However, Jason LaHote happened to be passing by after she was buried, and their Lacrima "synched", which was able to grant movement and a sense of self to the buried Wendy, who dug herself out. Jason noticed this, and went into Dosaman's lab to ask why a girl's body was buried in the yard, he saw the moving Wendy and was delighted to see his experiment had succeeded, even though he did not know why. Jason was less than pleased to see that Dosaman has thrown Wendy out like trash, and decapitated him as "punishment". He invited Wendy to come with him, an offer she decided to take him up on.


Fairy Tail: Dawn


Wendy wielding the Ruyi Jingu Bang

Ruyi Jingu Bang (如意金箍棒; Pinyin: Rúyì Jīngū Bàng, Japanese: Nyoikinkōbō, literally meaning "Ideal Golden-bound Cudgel"): Wendy's weapon, specially designed by Mr. E through some sort of magic. It is a gold staff of immense weight, capable of altering it's size and is used by Wendy often in combat, however, it's weightless in Wendy's own hands, due to the magic the staff is blessed with, and the actual weight is only felt by the opponent's it makes contact with. 

As Wendy practised more with the weapon, she has shown great skill in it's use, able to extend and expand it to great sizes, rivalling that of giant redwood trees, and has enough expertise to swing the weapon as if it's nothing to her. She usually keeps it about the size of a pin, and stores it behind her ear. The weapon is based one of the Monkey King's possessions from the Chinese novel Journey to the West. In both depictions, the weapon is a pole that can change size when the user wills it. Wendy's own weapon matches the weight of the Monkey King's; over 8.5 metric tons.

Magic and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Wendy can combine unarmed attacks with her Sky Dragon Slayer Magic in order to make up for her reduced size, making the blows she lands stronger and increasing their range with the wind currents characteristic to her Magic. This type of combat seems to be common to those who use Sky Slayer magic, as Chelia Blendy utilizes it in a similar manner. After the timeskip, Wendy herself has clearly become highly skilled in martial arts, even without her staff, and is a skilled athlete. Many of her attacks involve split kicks or ornate gymnastics, and she can easily balance on one leg on the tip of her upright staff and still generate enough power to kick downward at an enemy. Wendy's fighting style focuses on a form of kickboxing, a style she has derived from her combat training, and is rarely seen using her arms or fists when fighting. When in battle, Wendy primarily fights her opponents by using a large number of skillful and specialized kicks to strike blows. Using her agility in line with her training, Wendy can perform moves such as high kicks, side kicks, spinning kicks etc. striking her opponents with deadly precision and efficiency, and can even send her whole body spinning through the air with her feet first, turning herself into an all-piercing spear. Her formidable fighting skills, combined with her independently attacking staff makes her capable of attacking from many different angles at once.

Bōjutsu Master: Due to the gift of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, Wendy has practised in the use of the bō, and gained an expert amount of skill through nothing but special training on her own. Wendy's method of fighting goes through the transfer of motion. even if one edge of the staff is blocked, she can transfer the motion and energy of her opponent's blocking motion into the staff's other edge, using them to disable and stun them, finishing them off with a quick moving combo. With the Ruyi Jingu Bang's special abilities, Wendy is capable of wielding it at any size and weight, and thus, she can always block and strike back at any opponent with great ease, though some would call this cheating. After the timeskip, Wendy's skill with her staff has increased to the point that she can be considered a master of bōjutsu; knowing many forms of the art. The speed at which she attacks now is noted by others to be incomprehensible, as she can inflict several blows upon her opponent in the blink of an eye. Wendy utilizes many graceful flips, twirls, and cartwheels, often throwing her staff at her opponent in battle. She often mixes in pirouetting kicks, twirls, and one-handed backflips with her bōjutsu, overwhelming an opponent through multi-directional attacks with relative ease. Wendy can slice through any echelon of supernatural energy with her staff, such a feat is capable only due to the magical properties of her staff. Wendy has the ability to mentally control her staff from a distance. Her staff is usually seen floating behind her and it will thrust forward as she punches and kicks before returning to its neutral position. She can also throw it so it lands, erect and upright, far away from her, and she can later make it fly back to her, twirling rapidly like a wheel so that it hurts anyone in its way.

  •  Graf Eisen (グラーフアイゼン Gurāfu Aizen; German for Iron Count): Wendy can create a staff jab so powerful that it can easily break through concrete and steel, and knock out even extremely powerful beasts; this is her most potent and signature move. After building up power in her staff, Wendy unleashes it as a flurry of straight jabs that seem to hit the target simultaneously, creating a number of surreal, delayed shockwaves that possess cutting force, due to her magic; manifesting an effect to a hammer repeatedly striking a nail, hence the name of the technique. The more hits the attack consists of, the more time she needs to gather up her strength and the more magical power it uses.
    • Graf Eisen: Raketenform (グラーフアイゼン・ラケーテンフォルム, Gurāfu Aizen: Rakkutenufōmu; German for Iron Count: Missile Form): A rather simple expansion of Graf Eisen; where Wendy puts equal focus in the hands gripping her staff while building up strength in her arms, gathering pulsing wind in her hands before thrusting forward with her staff, creating a growing circle of spinning winds around her. The flash and noise is enough to chase birds out of their trees and catch the opponent off guard while releasing a powerful sonic boom, destroying anything in its path.
      • Graf Eisen: Zerstörungsform (グラーフアイゼン・ツェアシュテールングスフォルム, Gurāfu Aizen: Zāutorangusufōmu; German for Iron Count: Destruction Form): The natural evolved form of Graf Eisen; in order to overcome the time Graf Eisen takes for each individual hit to pierce into its target, which can give the target time to avert the attack, Wendy developed the technique in which several hits are released as one single hit, resulting in an attack that is faster, more piercing and more powerful than the standard Graf Eisen. A fifty-strike attack is more than powerful enough to bust through diamond, and destroy a large slab of metal the size of a large boulder.
  • Jump (ジャンプ, Janpu): This is one of Wendy's most powerful attacks; where she leaps into the air, stunning the foe if they are struck, and descends to attack her foe. It takes longer to execute than any of her normal swings, but does greater damage and makes her immune to attacks while in the middle of the jump. While in the air, Wendy gathers stray magical energy upon her staff as well as her feet, which condenses to its utmost limit and shapes itself on the end of her staff, giving it a sharp cutting edge. As she descends, the speed at which she moves at quickly increases until she reaches the speed of sound; when she impacts upon the foe, the result of her staff striking the opponent causes a sonic boom; releasing all of that built-up energy for incredibly destructive results. What is notable is that when using Jump, Wendy can cancel the descent; allowing her to attack from the skies. In addition, Jump can be charged for horizontal and vertical range, also delaying the time between Wendy's leap and the descent. Finally, Wendy can descend past her initial altitude to a set limit if the opponent is on lower ground than her.

Physical Attributes

Natural Talent: Possibly due to being an artificial construct, Wendy picks up on spells much faster than one would expect, and is able to mimic other Dragon Slayer's techniques with her own element after seeing it once. This, in conjunction with the plethora of her element, makes her a threat in the right conditions. Due to the innate talent she has, Wendy is able to master the use of her staff, as well as several forms of combat over the course of the timeskip with surprising ease, making her one of Akatsuki's most formidable fighters after the seven years had passed.

Enhanced Durability and Endurance: Most likely due to the physiology-altering nature of her magic, Wendy possesses good physical resilience. Even when struck with higher-level magic or physically enhanced melee attacks, Wendy is only moderately damaged. The fact that she can heal herself through consuming her element, which exists all around her, further bolsters her durability. Wendy has shown that she possesses great physical stamina. Wendy has been seen using numerous Sky Dragon Slayer Magic in various battles in succession with little fatigue and was able to continue fighting. Even after the timeskip, Wendy is still much weaker in physical durability compared to other members of the cast, since her legs buckle inwards as she slides whereas many of the other cast keep them bent strong. She also gives the impression of being as weak as ice, though the grievous wounds that she receives throughout the series imply that she is somewhat tough as well. It's more that her body hasn't been accustomed to taking serious strikes—but she is capable of tanking "weaker" attacks just like other members of Akatsuki.

Enhanced Smell: As a Dragon Slayer, Wendy has an enhanced sense of smell, stronger than even that of most other Slayers. Wendy's sense of smell allows her to percieve an entire area across time, able to pick up the scent of who was there for up to 48 hours prior, precisely what their clothes were made of, what shampoo they may have used in their hair, and several other specific details. This sense of smell can also extend up to 18 miles away. Wendy specifically states Jason's scent makes her feel at ease.

Post-timeskip, Wendy's ability to smell has increased only further. The sheer distance at which she can pick up scents is now a shocking 30 miles in any given direction, and the strength of this sense doesn't diminish until it surpasses the 30 mile mark. By that point, Wendy is still able to pickup faint scents, however, it gets weaker and weaker until she can't pick up anything.

Notably, Wendy's nose has the ability to pick up the 'scent' of magical energy. All magic leaves traces, particularly foul energy utilized by Dark Mages. To Wendy, when she's detected the scent of magical energies, it has the same wavelength in the air as a spiraling wind current, and she can analyze this 'whirlpool' of energy to find a weakpoint. This is possible due to Wendy following the magical disruptions through the air currents with her already advanced sense of smell. If Wendy can successfully attack this weakpoint, most magical techniques can be disrupted and cancelled.

High Strength: Most likely due to being Dragon Slayer, Wendy is far stronger than her tiny appearance would suggest. With her strength, she is capable of shattering solid objects and lifting larger rocks, at least two times her size. When enhancing it with her Wind Magic, she is capable of ripping into even human flesh with brute force. After the timeskip, Wendy's strength has improved drastically; to the point that she can lift a grown man with a single hand, and carry an enormous boulder with the other hand. Additionally, she can headbutt a man with enough force to crack the stone floor the man crashed upon. However, her true strength lies in her lower body, particularly in her legs and feet. Her high strength enables her to shatter boulders, slice through pieces of metal or even leave dents in thick steel walls with her kicks. She can even potentially split her opponents in half with precise kicks and create small earthquakes to trip opponents by kicking into the ground.

Magical Abilities

Wendy releasing Magical Power for a spell.

Immense Magical Power: Wendy, as a Sky Dragon Slayer, possesses a proportionately larger amount of magical power than most children would possess. Due to this, she has been able to enhance herself with magic several times, allowing her to keep up with older and more experienced mages. However, her magical power really shows through in battle; proving to be capable of releasing multiple high-level Slayer spells and still have magical power left over. Additionally, as the Sky Dragon Slayer, Wendy, when devouring clean air, is able to continuously replenish her magical power and heal her wounds, allowing her to fight indefinitely in places with pure sources of air, such as forests, where trees and other foliage are constantly conducting photosynthesis. The colour of Wendy's magical energy is constantly portrayed as green; whether this has any relation to the Lacrima used to construct her is unknown.

Wendy absorbing magical energy into her core.

After the timeskip, Wendy's already immense magical power has increased, nearly doubling in volume and intensity. With this increase from seven years of training, Wendy has also perfected control of her magical energy, allowing her use precisely the right amount of magic to produce the best effects per spell, while maintaining surplus in reserve. Due to this increased control, Wendy rarely runs out of magic to use in battle. Additionally, over the course of seven years, Wendy discovered a way to exploit her Lacrima-based physiology to develop a new skill: Magical Energy Absorption. As Lacrima is a crystal meant to channel magical energy and take its properties, Wendy discovered her own body, which is constructed primarily of Lacrima, possesses similar qualities. As such, she is capable of absorbing magical energy, should she run low. However, there are limits to this skill; as with any Lacrima, Wendy possesses a maximum capacity, namely, her own natural limits. She cannot absorb more magical energy than she can naturally produce, and to go over this limit would result in complete destruction of her body, much like overcharging a Lacrima will shatter it.

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic

Wendy tasting the air

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (天の滅竜魔法 Ten no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic Slayer Magic, and last but not least, a Dragon Slayer Magic that revolves around the element of wind, which is the flow of gases on a large scale, giving the caster the ability to create (in voluminous quantities), control and said element; it is utilized by Wendy Marvell. Those who wield Sky Dragon Slayer Magic are called Enchanters (魔法使い Mahōtsukai; lit. Sorcerer/Witch), a title starkly different from the traditional Wizard (魔道士, lit. Madōshi).

A Dragon is to be the embodiment of ultimate power- and as such, they are revered and feared by all who know of their existence. More importantly, as "ultimate power made physical", they would need an "ultimate magic" to suit their very nature as power manifested in the mortal plane of existence; something that would be far above most magicians in the era that they made their mark on mankind. They could be thought of as "Elemental Magic made manifest", though while a personification of the strongest power imaginable; the chains known as a "mortal body" do not hinder their performance in battle in the slightest. The dragon who passed on this magic to the user actually created a magical change in how the body's Magic Origin functioned, therefore causing their body to possess the magical powers of a Dragon - otherwise known as Dragon Slayer Magic. Continuing with this process, the user's magical power acts alongside the energy of the body in order to catalyze a variety of bodily processes when younger, therefore allowing the morphing of their physiology to a point where the user has adopted some physical traits, as well as the element, from the said Dragon. In this case, the dragon who taught the user was a Sky Dragon, which granted the user the ability of wind manipulation, Dragon-style.

In the case of the Sky Dragon Slayer Magic when used by a dragon, the Sky Dragon takes blatant advantage of the fact that their mortality and physical form enables them to utilize their unique draconic Magic Origin alongside the perks that their biology normally gives them; their biological structure has been perfectly attuned to how their Factor of the Dragon functions; more specifically, since with every breath, the Sky Dragon generates energy independent from their body; which, through application of magical manipulation, grants them the ability to reinforce the sheer power of their own body with their signature element- this allows the user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic to focus intently before pulsing their magical energies outwards, causing an interaction with the particles of eternano which are ambient within the atmosphere before they affix their magical energies into either an isolated portion of the air around themselves or, spread it across a wide area, before they move the magic they've attached to in order to change the way in which the air moves even through thought alone, resulting in a user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic gaining the ability to manipulate, modify, consume, and generate from their body air, the common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases and various compounds (mostly oxygen and nitrogen) surrounding the planet that is retained by Earth Land's gravity, and wind, movement of air relative to the surface of the planet.

Like all Dragon Slayer Magics- and Slayer Magics in general- Sky Dragon Slayer Magic allows the caster to transform their body with features of air and wind, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles, ensuring that their body doubles as a make-shift weapon unique to themselves, thus greatly increasing the damage of their attacks, manipulating the element of air to its fullest extent; the attacks consist mainly of short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal cutting and slashing damage; it can also be channeled into blades to increase their cutting power and overall range; since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the attacks and derivatives formed by/from it, making it an invisible and versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge. As air is an important factor in determining and controlling climate and weather, and the generating force of most ocean and freshwater waves, it can be focused by the caster simulating horizontal and vertical differences in atmospheric pressure, resulting in the creation of breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, zephyrs, gales, tempests, and hurricanes. With Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, the caster has achieved absolute mastery over the skies; this grants them incredibly high offensive power, enabling them to assault their foes in countless ways; they not only have control over wind, but taken to an entirely new level, the user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic has control over air molecules and anything associated with their composition, including an absolute dominance over the heavens, the azure skies, enabling them to manifest and manipulate air of any strength and intensity; they display a level of aerokinesis far beyond normal wind magicians and even perhaps those with Sky-Slayer powers; if an enemy were to attempt to utilize a wind-based power against them, the user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic could effortlessly take control of the power and turn it against them with twice the power as it had under the ownership of their inferiors.

Some of the caster's deadliest and most devious abilities with Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is the creation of miniaturized hurricanes that can bring destruction to anything that comes into contact with the wall of wind; in addition to their rotational power, they retain the signature sharpness of Wind Magic- these hurricanes create pressure of enormous proportions, flinging everything that it touches away at horrifying velocities. The caster can even siphon the air out of others' lungs; suffocating anyone they wish with no more than a thought or incapacitating them by saturating their surroundings with oxygen. However, unlike other types of Dragon Slayer Magic, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is also geared more towards healing and support rather than just offense. The healing power granted by it is extremely high, having been described as capable of healing wounds inflicted by a real Dragon. Concretely, it was enough to almost completely cure most injuries it was used on so far, and to nullify the effects of powerful poisons, and is capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress, something made more formidable by the fact that healing Magic is long-lost, and believed to be nonexistent anymore. However, employing such exclusive powers seems to be very tiring for the user, who can’t make use of them in consecutive reprises, nor can the Sky Dragon Slayer use their Magic to heal and restore themselves. In addition to healing, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic can also grant support in battle, by boosting allies' physical prowess in a similar manner to "status buffs" from video games. As status buffs and healing require a very large expenditure of magical energy, the user can only use them in very limited quantities.

As with most Slayer Magics, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the air that is formed through simple magical manipulation- the colour, properties (not limited to but including heat, smell, and taste), and "feel" is capable of being modified to the user's liking for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to their own personality and ambitions; their "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency. In its normal state, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic seems to have a "slicing" effect to it, seemingly causing cutting damage alongside the user's airy determination given a corporal form in their element. In addition, the user can consume external sources of air to restore their body to a healthy state and regain their reserves of strength, something that also makes them immune to all types of air-related powers such as Wind Magic and Air Magic, due to their capability of nullifying air-based attacks by sucking them in and eating them; the consumed air also seems to possess a different "taste" according to its "quality"; since air is a constant within Earth Land, the user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is capable of simply taking a deep breath as to absorb air and thus heal themselves; but it should be noted that the user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is directly affected by the air surrounding them, meaning that, if the air were to be clean, they would become more powerful, but if it were to be heavily polluted, they would become unable to use such Magic as a result. However, the user can't eat the air produced by this magic, or things given airy properties by themselves in order to reinvigorate themselves; though unlike other types of sky-based Slayer Magic, when a user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is preparing a spell, their magical aura can absorb sources of air from the atmosphere in order to bolster the strength and scale of their next attack, and/or use the correct reactions in order to produce air and wind continuously.

Wendy using Sky Dragon Slayer Magic offensively

After the timeskip, Wendy's skill in her signature magic has been significantly improved; to the point that it grants her high offensive power, enabling her to assault enemies in different ways; the most prominent aspect of the ability lies in the ability to give the wind cutting properties, manifesting it in the form of fast-moving air blades which are employed at mid-to-long range; she can also generate powerful gusts of wind to inflict blunt damage upon enemies and send them flying away, and even form hurricanes of various scales, which, in addition to their rotational power, seem to retain her wind's signature sharpness. Wendy can also employ the wind on herself, using it to levitate and traverse over long distances, as well as to cover herself in an armour of wind, boosting both her offense and defense, allowing her to walk in the air with impunity. She has gained domination over the element of the sky, allowing her to take an opponent's wind-based attack and turn it on them, essentially making it her own; Wendy now controls all of the air in the area and she can manipulate it to her will. Additionally, she can now employ her healing upon herself, something thought impossible until now; however, it is not as effective as it would be on others.


  • Cure (ケアル, Kearu): Sky Dragon Slayers are able to utilize powerful healing Magic, a Magic previously believed to be long-lost. Such power has been described as being capable of healing injuries inflicted by a real Dragon. Wendy's power is capable of manipulating clean air, to perform various feats, such as draining poison from an infected victim. By using a lot of energy, Wendy can even revive people that are in a near-death state. With the use of this Magic, Wendy is also capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress; but she cannot heal as effectively in polluted areas. However, it has also been noted that Wendy cannot heal her own injuries as of yet. As of the timeskip, Wendy is able to employ this restorative power on herself, healing injuries in a matter of seconds, without the need for any preparation or particular stance, and can otherwise heal others by generating a bright, airy sphere between her hands and touching targets with it; the healing effect restores health and magical power over time.
  • Troia (トロイア, Toroia): Troia is a Sky Dragon Slayer Magic Spell where Wendy generates a sphere of energy between her hands and then touches the target with it, affecting their sense of balance. Additionally, it can be utilized to remove negative status ailments; erasing common ailments like being poisoned or blindness, as well as less common status ailments that do not necessarily have their own removal spell. Essentially, it cures guild members of their negative statuses within an Area of Effect as long as Wendy can provide enough magical energy. After the timeskip, Wendy's skill with Troia enables her to erase up to three status effects upon her fellow guild members, as well as herself. In spite of its long-lasting properties, the spell's effect is only temporary, and, if cast continuously, it will become useless. Troia allows Wendy to negate the effects of magic used on herself or other people, and it protects her from any anomaly effect Magic targeted towards her.
  • Vernier (瞬足 バニーア, Banīa): Vernier is a supportive spell that, by chanting out an incantation, allows Wendy to temporarily enhance the targets' movement speed by surrounding the targets with auras of wind. When Vernier is cast, her targets, or Wendy herself, is able to hover around at their own discretion within said auras of wind. Vernier is capable of being employed upon multiple allies, and also on the caster themselves; serving as a status buff of sorts. It is a spell which increases the speed of one or all allies, which, aside from bolstering their speed, increases the chances of landing a critical hit. The effect can stack, but repeated use on the same character increases the chance that Vernier misses. After the timeskip, Wendy is capable of casting an enhanced Vernier, which allows the target to attack very quickly with greatly reduced recovery time, usually fast enough for the attack to be used several times before the enemy can move; almost as if it seems that time has slowed down for the enemies. The incantation for Vernier is: "O swift wind that dashes through the heavens!....VERNIER!" (天を駆ける瞬足なる風を!....瞬足!, Ten wo Kakeru Shunsokunaru Kaze wo!....Banīa).
  • Arms (剛腕 アームズ Āmuzu): After reciting an enchantment, Wendy then targets a region of the body in which to increase damage output, such as the arms, for a short period of time. After reciting an enchantment and generating a flat, elongated oval mass of magic before her hands, Wendy surrounds the target in a quavering magical aura, enhancing their offensive power for a certain period of time. It triples the next physical attack's strength. Multi-hit attacks only increase the power of the first strike. If an attack is physical but relies on a set factor, it still increases in power. It can be used on multiple allies at once, and can also be used in conjunction with other supportive spells simultaneously, such as Vernier. As of the timeskip, Wendy can utilize Arms in order to boost her target's attack strength by sextuple the amount, allowing them to perform exceedingly devastating blows which can shatter magical barriers with ease. The incantation for Arms is: " O strengthen of arm to cleave the heavens! ARMS!" (天を切り裂く剛腕なる力を!剛腕!, Ten wo Kirisaku Gōwannaru Chikara wo!Āmuzu!)
  • Arms x Vernier (剛腕 X 瞬足 Āmuzu x Banīa): Arms X Vernier is a Sky Dragon Slayer Magic Spell; when performing it, Wendy focuses upon her targets and expels her magical energy towards them, shrouding them within pulsating magical auras. Like the name itself suggests, Arms Spell X Vernier is a combination of Arms and Vernier, and allows Wendy to affect the target with both spells at once, increasing their offense and speed for a certain amount of time. Arms X Vernier boosts the power of her targets to the point that they appear to be mere flashes of energy as they move, powerful enough to cause craters and cracks in the air.
  • Armor (アーマー Āmā): Armor is a spell that enhances the defense power of the target, including Wendy herself, for a short period of time. What it does is cast an aura of magic around Wendy's target's upper body, which increases their physical and magical defenses by halving all damage done to them, including offensive and curative spells, as well as physical attacks, including attacks unleashed armed, and those unarmed. The effect can stack, but repeated use on the same targets increases the chance the spell will miss. Over the timeskip, Wendy has improved on her use of the Armor spell; to the point that she is capable of effectively nullifying any damage done to the targets affected by her Armor spell.
  • Arms x Armor X Vernier (アームズ x アーマー x バーニア, Āmuzu x Āmā x Bānia): This supportive spell is similar to Arms X Vernier; a union of the Arms, Armor, and Vernier spells. When cast, Wendy focuses upon her targets and expands her magical energy towards them, temporarily surrounding the targets, which can be multiple, with quavering Magical auras, granting them enhanced attack power and speed. In addition, it also boosts their defensive power. It grants a tremendous boost in power all around the board; the targets receive an enormous augmentation; enough to buff them up to at least SS-Class level mages, who are capable of throwing down with the best of them. This spell was only recently learned by Wendy during the seven year timeskip, so she hasn't worked the kinks out of it perfectly yet.

Sky Dragon's Wings.

  • Sky Dragon's Wings (天龍の羽交い Tenryū no Hagai): This spell wraps Wendy's entire body in air, which she can expel from her body to "fly". This spell is difficult to use in combat because it requires concentration, and therefore, concentration on the flight and battle would be split, making control difficult. The wings allow Wendy to travel across rough terrain, moving through areas where flying is the only method of passing through, or even just getting to higher places. When in flight, Wendy can move at incredible speeds, reaching that of 768 Mph, and can even go fast enough to keep up with Vivian's running speed in Vritra Mode. When not using her wings to move through the air, Wendy can also use her wings to give herself a speed boost when moving along the ground, by using them to propel herself forward at breakneck speeds. When using her wings to travel this way, Wendy stands on her tip-toes and beats her wings to propel herself forward at high speeds. Wendy had learned this spell during the timeskip; and uses it as her main form of transport since those seven years had passed.


  • The Sky Dragon's Roar.

    Sky Dragon's Roar (天龍の咆哮, Tenryū no Hōkō): Sky Dragon's Roar is a basic Sky Dragon Slayer Magic spell which grants the caster the ability to release torrents of wind from their mouth; it is the hyperresonance ability of a dragon, attuned to the element of the air - as such, it obviously works best with the likes of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and Gale Dragon Slayer Magic. In any case, when performing Sky Dragon's Roar, the caster utilizes their enhanced lung capacity in order to gather and condense ambient eternano from within the atmosphere and store it momentarily within their mouth- from here, the user attunes the eternano gathered by merging them with their energy in order to induce the usual fusion to being power into the current realm; this results in the user utilizing their magical energy in conjunction with their willpower in order to cause an interaction with the particles of eternano which are ambient within the atmosphere before they affix their magical energies into either an isolated portion of the air around themselves or, spread it across a wide area, before they move the magic they've attached to in order to change the way in which the air moves even through thought alone, transforming the state of existence of these energies into that of a high-density sphere of wind. Once this is done, in order to unleash the magical energy, the user utilizes the Dragon Cords (竜帯, Ryūtai), a dragon's equivalent of vocal cords which produce a louder and harsher sound while amplifying anything emitted from their mouth tremendously, resulting in a massive blast of energy spewing forth from their mouth towards the target; in the case of Sky Dragon's Roar, which, of course, as its name would suggest, is based around the air, this has the effect of the Dragon's Roar being unleashed through the air within their mouth being quickly decompressed before being released as a positively enormous hurricane-like blast that is launched towards their target at astounding speeds, matching and quite possibly exceeding the velocities of a bullet shot from the barrel of a machinegun. Accelerated to an even faster pace than normal due to the release of the hyperresonance being accompanied by a surge of winds due to the speed of the attack and the caster's natural element, Sky Dragon's Roar shoots forth at momentums which are unimaginable to the mind of a mortal, devastating everything that it so much happens to touch as the individual currents of air released by Sky Dragon's Roar are actually microscopic blades of wind similar to those generated by Sword Pressure - the sheer number of these wind-cutters are to the point that not even those with the sharpest of eyesight are capable of properly counting them all. Anything that just so happens to be in the epicenter of this maelstrom of absolute annihilation is laid bare before the vicious onslaught of pressurized wind blades, which slice at them endlessly- it cannot be said that one or ten edges impact upon the target's form for every second that passes, but rather, millions perform such a feat. When not controlling their own output, the caster shows the ability to destroy a large section of a port town using the roar alone, showing the great power backed by the Sky Dragon's base offensive spell. The middle is hollow; this allows the caster to slice the opponent. Should the target dodge, the force of the wind would knock them back, if not wound them and can be used as a shield against point-black attacks. When it strikes, it grinds into the opponent with extreme force, and the wind decompressing into their opponent at high speeds, grinding against them and shredding them through sheer force. The attack seems to strike the target multiple times simultaneously, creating a number of surreal, delayed shockwaves, and the blades of wind that composes the Sky Dragon's Roar are sharper than actual metallic swords, and they cut so deeply that they are capable of causing damage on a cellular level, cutting off the Magic Pathways and removing the methods of casting spells from the user's existence if the caster deems it to be suitable. The caster is also capable of curving its trajectory and releasing multiple blasts from various directions, ensuring that Sky Dragon's Roar is a "certain-hit" attack.
    • Sky Dragon's Roar + Cure (天龍の咆哮プラスキュア, Tenryū no Hōkō Purasu Kyua): This spell is the basics of normal Sky Dragon's Roar with the additional power from Wendy's healing magic. When using this attack, she breathes a hurricane-like blast at her target; however, the Sky Dragon's Roar is aided by her Cure spell; when it strikes, it causes an odd interaction with the opponent's brain, causing them to receive numerous nightmarish illusions which are nigh-indistinguishable from reality, trapping them within these phantasms. Once caught within these illusions, the foe has increased difficulty in controlling their magical power and their perception of reality becomes somewhat blurred, drastically weakening and trapping the foe in an illusion nigh-indistinguishable from reality, delving deep into the target's mind and even reverse any trauma they have experienced while healing them; though this could serve as potentially damaging to the target.
    • Sky Dragon Slayer's Bullet

      Sky Dragon's Bullet (天龍の弾丸 Tenryū no Dangan): A weaker and smaller variation of Sky Dragon's Roar, Wendy releases a compressed ball of air from her mouth which is powerful enough to rip a small hole in the target's body, much like a bullet, hence the name. Wendy can also lower the strength on this technique to use it for more mundane purposes, such as fly swatting and winning prizes at carnivals. The shape of this technique is derived from a jagged bullet, hence the hit of this technique will have more of an impact on actual magical defenses since it is sharper than the round bullet and resembles more modern bullets. On the rare occasion that it is utilized in an offensive manner Sky Dragon's Bullet leaves wound similar to a bullet wound. While it is known to be weak, it is a very useful technique that can connect rapidly and accurately, which works well with her impressive speed and agile techniques. However it's never been used to counter or deflect another powerful attack in any fights, which is because it is too weak to do so.
    • Sky Dragon's Jet Roar (天龍の噴咆哮 Tenryū no Funhōkō): Wendy gathers and compresses a majority of the air in the atmosphere into her mouth; there, she expels it slightly in the form of a compressed sphere of air in front of her mouth. Focusing her magical energy into a singular point; her finger, she then taps the sphere, quickly decompressing the sphere of air in the form of multiple beams of shredding air which eventually converge into a single destructive beam, surrounded by a vortex of wind, which doubles the speed of the attack. It is essentially Sky Dragon's Roar which is so fast that the hurricane's movement is invisible, and it truly seems like she shoots her opponent, except that the resulting impact is not akin to an actual pistol, but to a small hand-held cannon and powerful enough to propel the unlucky recepient several meters away. The incredible speed both makes the strike far more powerful, and harder to dodge; connecting instantly with the target. This attack possesses incredible power, able to tear through non-magical armours with relative ease. This technique was learned during the timeskip; and its extreme power shows.
  • Sky Dragon's Shredding Fang (天竜の裁牙, Tenryū no Saiga): A melee spell in which Wendy amasses intense amounts of high-velocity wind upon one of her hands and performs a powerful thrust forward in an arc in the form of a one inch punch, striking with her fingertips; using the power of the tornado around her hand to generate tremendous amounts of impact force at extremely close distances. When performing this one inch punch Wendy stands with her fist very close to the target (the distance depends, usually from 0–6 inches). A quick movement of the wrist produces the force needed, the wrist is held with the knuckles facing out on a horizontal axis, the wrist is then moved up and a strike is produced with the bottom two knuckles. This blow is severely augmented compared to a regular one inch punch due to being infused with Wendy's element, striking the foe with her fingertips, releasing that wind with tremendous cutting power as the wind around her fist grinds into the opponent; dealing tremendous damage to the foe, leaving behind a wake of wind when she strikes the opponent. This spell is said to be a combination of Vivian's Solar Dragon's Devouring Fang and Momoko's Water Dragon's Blast Fang.

Sky Dragon's Wing Attack

  • Sky Dragon's Wing Attack (天竜の翼撃, Tenryū no Yokugeki): When performing this spell, Wendy rushes towards her opponent; while doing so, she produces a large stream of wind from each of her arms, which, when it comes in contact with the foes, shreds them through the high-velocity wind, and at the same time sends them flying away behind them due to the blunt force of the wind which is manifested. The wind takes the rough form of a pair of Dragon's wings, thus the name of the attack. This spell can also by employed by Wendy first grabbing the targets' heads and then producing the wind to strike them, as she jumps into the air, and then unleashes two streams of winds from her hands, subsequently swinging such streams at the opponent and blowing them away. The force that Wendy throws her opponent with more often than not generates a small tornado that blasts against the opponent, causing them to be damaged and stunned as the tornado explodes upon contact rather like a giant compressed air bullet, with an ability to send them flying if they get caught in mid-air by it.
  • Sky Dragon's Claw (天龍の鉤爪, Tenryū no Kagitsume): When performing this spell, Wendy engulfs her foot with high-velocity winds; rotating and controlling the direction of the air gathered upon her foot long enough to levitate herself off the ground and remain in the air for as long as she wishes to maintain it, before proceeding to assault the opponent with a powerful wind-enhanced kick, with the winds greatly augmenting the power of said kick. Wendy can also create wind from her feet, greatly enhancing speed and allowing her to jet-propel in any direction that she wishes. This makes it easier for Wendy to get close to opponents that she wishes to engage in close combat. Sky Dragon's Claw can be used for a variety of purposes: she can fly around freely at high speed, cross long distances in short times, remain out of enemy's range and evade their blows, as well as reach otherwise unreachable places via the propulsion that is gained when utilizing this spell. Wendy can also combine the jet-propulsion capabilities of Sky Dragon's Claw for use with other techniques.

Sky Dragon's Wind Cutter.

  • Sky Dragon's Wind Cutter (天龍の風切り, Tenryū no Kazekiri): One of her most efficient techniques, as well as one of her most used; Sky Dragon's Wind Cutter is a pinpoint slashing strike, where Wendy channels wind upon her fingers and swings her hand forward in a subtle arc formation, sending out a sharp blade of compressed air pressure that appears of faint ripples of wind that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body at high speeds; this attack enables Wendy to assault things which are out of her range, sending air blades which fly through the air itself; and can even remain floating in it until the right moment to slash. These blades of wind possess incredible range and devastating power; and Wendy has mastered this ability to the point that it can cut through barriers of magical energy. These projectiles are capable of slashing her opponents and sending them flying away from her, with enough force to make them fall off cliffs and high places they might be standing on. The resulting sharpened blast of this technique is large enough to slice through multiple targets located a significant distance from Wendy, causing grievous injuries to those hit. Sky Dragon's Wind Cutter is akin to an unavoidable longsword which can leave the body of the foe mutilated; being capable of being unleashed in rapid succession. Upon contact, the blade of air not only cuts, but explodes with bursts of compressed air which can shatter the body. While not a technique of Wendy's nature, the Sky Dragon's Wind Cutter was created under honing from Jason.
    • Sky Dragon's Vacuum Sphere (天龍の真空玉, Tenryū no Shinkūgyoku): A variant of Sky Dragon's Wind Cutter; when performing this spell, Wendy channels wind upon her fingers and swings her hand forward in a subtle arc formation, sending out several small sharp blades of compressed air pressure in such a manner that they are dispersed over an expansive range, enough to make it difficult to avoid them entirely without taking any damage. Due to the properties of this technique, the expelled blades are capable of piercing into and potentially through an opponent's flesh when they collide, in a similar manner to how bullets function. Wendy is able to fire a multitude of vacuum spheres in rapid succession, having a certain level of control regarding the size and shape of the bullets; it is akin to a swarm of invisible wind blades that shred the opponent's body without remorse.
  • Sky Dragon's Robe (天龍の衣, Tenryū no Koromo): A powerful defense technique; Wendy initiates this technique by crossing her hands before her and wrapping her body in a whirlwind of steam released from her lungs, using make-shift tubes produced from her own body in order to release the air inside her lungs. This prompts many air currents to gather around her, creating a hurricane surrounding her entire body. While clad in this suit of winds, Wendy's destructive power is boosted, allowing her to go into melee to perform wind-enhanced blows capable of pulverizing steel. Predictably, her defense is also increased exponentially, with the currents moving around her being strong enough to repel enemies and prevent them from nearing her. The wind suit gives Wendy the ability to reflect the sun rays off of her body, giving her much needed protection against the sun. Also, by reflecting the light, Wendy becomes invisible, which gives her the opportunity to launch surprise attacks. In addition, due to Sky Dragon's Robe blowing wind inside out, all the fire around Wendy will be extinguished, meaning that fire-based attacks directed against her will be completely unable to land.
  • Sky Dragon's Iron Brand (天龍の烙印, Tenryū no Rakuin): Iron Brand is a simple spell utilizing the Ruyi Jingu Bang. When performing the spell, Wendy grips her staff with both of her hands; as she surges her magical energy into the staff, causing wind to spiral around the staff in the form of a small tornado which whirls around at high speeds. With a single movement, Wendy slams the Ruyji Jingu Bang down in a forwards motion, as the wind is accelerated via the momentum of the swing, being unleashed in a sphere of hyper-compressed oxygen which possesses tremendous concussive force; with the capacity to completely blow away anything within its radius with the force of a colliding tank. The sphere of oxygen has great accuracy; as it synchronizes with the winds in order to reach its target quickly. The oxygen sphere is mighty enough to hollow out the ground, and level an entire forest. Because of the large quantity of wind kneaded into it, it explodes the moment it reaches its target, dealing an enormous amount of damage, as well as leveling anything in its path. In addition to explosive power, Iron Brand is capable of slicing at opponents once the wind is dispersed via the explosion; sending wind blades in every direction to assault unsuspecting opponents.

Advanced Spells

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 Metsuryū Ōgi): The strongest techniques of a Dragon Slayer.

  • Shattering Light: Poison Gift (照破・毒贈り物 Shōha Dokuokurimono): Almost the direct opposite of Wendy's healing magic, it allows her to harness the air and taint it, making it polluted and toxic. She is then able to force the air into the opponent's body, poisoning them from the inside it. The poison is colorless and odorless, and is not easily detected. When performing this technique, it takes the form of Wendy swinging her hand forward, unleashing a powerful whirlwind which can launch an S-Class Mage into the air. The wind is poisonous, capable of paralyzing the body of her opponent, before slowly killing them from the inside out as acid eats away at their bodily functions, leaving them unable to react as they become nothing but an outer shell of a body with naught within it to be called a proper "person". Wendy and Poison Dragon Slayers are immune to the effects of it. This spell is not a favorite of Wendy's and is not fit for group combat.
  • Shattering Light: Air Shattering Cannon (照破・空裂砲, Shōha Kūretsuhō): Shattering Light: Air Shattering Cannon is a Dragon Slayer's Secret Art variation of Sky Dragon's Roar; when performing it, Wendy will first take a deep breath, before gathering and condensing wind from the atmosphere into her mouth. Once she had gathered enough wind to fuel the extreme force of this spell, she suddenly applies external pressure, releasing a powerful hurricane-esque blast from her mouth. This version of the hurricane has three small spheres orbiting around it, in a similar manner to moons around a planet as the main blast is several gusts of wind bunched together as a single almighty blast. When coming into contact with a target, the disordered rotations of the individual attack, created by the central and smaller ones spinning in different directions, interact with each other to form a massive and turbulent wave-like vortex that demolishes everything that it comes into contact with, resulting in an attack that is faster, more piercing and more powerful than the standard Sky Dragon's Roar. This spell was shown capable of cutting down the large steel beams composing a building; and when utilized upon a flesh and blood opponent, it is capable of tearing them apart with relative ease. This version of the Sky Dragon's Roar is powerful enough to destroy a small mountain with ease.

  • Wendy using Sky Drill.

    Shattering Light: Sky Drill (照破・天空穿 Shōha Tenkūsen): A special spell where Wendy forms a fast wind barrier with her arms spread out, and by moving them in a counter-clockwise direction, causes the barrier to contract inwards towards her opponent. In order to perform it, Wendy moves into a wide stance, spreading her arms wide and causing a fast wind barrier to form, which surrounds her and her opponent and prevents either from escaping. Wendy then moves her arms in a counter clockwise direction, causing the wind wall to contract inwards around her opposition, sending them flying upwards into the air and crashing back down to Earth; sending the barrier so fast towards her opponent that it crushes her opponent through the sheer pressure. When performing Sky Drill, Wendy raises the wind pressure to its highest limit, and once the technique hits the target, the resulting blast sweeps everyone off their feet. The crush is powerful enough to defeat a hoarde of Vulcans and create a shock wave which rumbled throughout the forest area. Sky Drill can be used to trap and disorient opponents or as a potent defense, since it will deflect and repel any objects and can even throw them back at an opponent; the air column easily throwing aside a boulder the size of a bus. It has been noted that this technique is extraordinarily difficult to learn and if it's overdone by Wendy, it could severely damage her body.
  • Shattering Light: Infinity Winds: (照破・無限の風, Shōha: Mugen no Kaze) Wendy focuses her control of the air at a singular focal point; shaping the air in the form of a human-sized ring that is invisible to the naked eye, except to Wendy herself. There, she causes friction with the air; upon touching the ring, it begins to run like a dynamite fuse; when in actuality, it is just compressed air that rapidly compresses and decompresses, before it reaches the end of the spiral and explodes in a massive vacuum that takes the form of a pillar; spinning around like a vortex at high speeds—it keeps the foe stationary inside the vortex leaving an opening from which Wendy can attack. From inside the vortex, countless wind blades are thrown back and forth at the foe, inflicting minor cuts upon their body at unpredictable points; while the damage seems small at first; once the vortex subsides, all of the damage adds up—in the form of an extremely damaging move that can critically injure them. The tornado manifested slices away at the opponent's body via multiple miniature blades of wind that compose its entirety that severely damage the body on a cellular level. It produces so many individual strikes that they are uncountable, and the wind-blades sever all nerve channels in the body, leaving the target unable to move after being struck; as an extra bonus, this technique the attack keeps going like an actual whirlwind and cuts up anyone who gets caught in it even after the initial strike—it is capable of slicing through steel.
  • Shattering Light: One that Sits in the Ferocious Heavens (照破・烈空座, Shōha: Retsukūza): Wendy's strongest Dragon Slayer's Secret Art; where she displays the full extent of her air control. It is initiated by her extending her arms outwards with their palms open and having currents of air spiral around them. She subsequently lifts her now free hands in the sky, gathering more, thinner streams around her. Air is then generated from her very arms, appearing out of them in the form of stylized feathers, which rapidly grow in number until Wendy can condense them into an elongated mass before her with her hands. Such final current grows larger and larger as one of its ending parts wraps around her body and the other is fired towards the target. Four heavenly wings composed of air are shown protruding from the part focused around Wendy's body, while the entire structure is surrounded by thin, spiralling currents of the very same wind, scattering some of the feathers around as the serpentine mass approaches its target at high speed; blasting into the opponent with high speed and force; sucking the oxygen out of the air around the opponent and channeling it into a multitude of explosive blows that will then proceed to consume a portion of the opponent's magical energy, all depending on the amount of magical energy poured into Wendy's attack. One of the greatest advantages of this technique is that it will only aim for the intended opponent, and nothing else, leaving anything unnecessary in a separate sphere. The blast is released with such force, that it actually disturbs the flow of energy in her magical aura, causing it to flicker out temporarily. This is Wendy's absolute most powerful technique; and naturally, it costs an enormous amount of magical energy while unleashing absolute destruction.

Lacrima Mode

"A monster? You'd call me that, simply because my strength terrifies you. But you are the real monsters — gaining everything through lies, deceit, and torture. However, if you wish to view me as a monster through your eyes, that's fine; the Dragon of the Sky is a ravenous, malicious monster — a monster whose fangs thirst for the blood of the wicked."
— Wendy Marvell

Lacrima Mode

Lacrima Mode (モード ラクリマ, (上竜后魔水晶) Mōdo Rakurima, English for "Lacrima Mode", Japanese for "Magic Crystal of the Imperial Dragon Empress"): A technique which amplifies Wendy's Magic abilities, the Lacrima Mode takes full effect of Wendy's nature as Living Lacrima. Essentially an enhanced version of the Drive skill used by Third Generation Dragon Slayers, Lacrima Mode is initiated by harnessing the power of the Lacrima that makes of Wendy's body; her very essence, and using it as a power source, drawing on the magical energies in her body, and speeding up the natural flow to enhance every one of Wendy's attributes; speed, durability, strength, magical power, giving Wendy an increase in power by a factor of fifteen, allowing her to take on opponents that outstrip her own abilities. Wendy has stated that this ability is technically her answer to the Dragon Force, and it is as "close to that state as she can go". When utilising Lacrima Mode, Wendy's power increases further than it would in a Drive, showing just how much closer her form is to Dragon Force. Like Drive before it, Lacrima mode "harnesses the power to kill Dragons", essentially raising Wendy's natural Sky Dragon Slayer Magic to it's peak. This form grants Wendy the ability to use Lacrima Mode exclusive spells, as well as enhance the power of her other spells. As the Dragon of the Sky, Wendy's speed gains a very noticeable increase, and when she moves, she almost appears to be a blue blur, riding the wind itself so that her feet never need touch the ground. Her reflexes are enhanced to the point where Wendy's reaction time is remarkable; she can block and counter the strikes of an opponent with nothing but her bare hands. Because Wendy is made entirely out of Lacrima, the uprise magical energy in this state spreads out evenly, and causes no harm to Wendy's own body; in fact, Lacrima Mode is noted to be a preferable power-up to the Watery Skies Dragon Slayer mode, as it increases the power of Wendy's Dragon Slayer Magic without overexerting her own body. While in this state, however, Wendy's Water Dragon Slayer Magic is blocked; she is incapable of combining her Dual Element Slayer mode with her Lacrima Mode, as if both these forms flow along different "channels" in the body; to open the door and let one flow out is to ensure the other remains closed and safely locked.

When activating the Lacrima Mode, Wendy's physical appearances changes; her hair becomes wild, spikey, and changes from deep blue to an ocean-blue hue, similar to the colour of traditional Lacrima. Her eyes become a bright golden, and from Wendy's ankles, wrists, and shoulders jut out light blue Lacrima crystals.

  • Sky Dragon's Barachiel (天龍のバラチエル Tenryū no Barachielu): A supplementary spell designed by Wendy after creating Lacrima Mode post-timeskip. With this spell, she gathers wind within her palm, imbuing it with her magical power, the influence of the Sky Dragon. Utilising her own physical abilities, she makes physical contact with her opponent, branding them with the wind she gathered, which creates a marking on the opponent's body similar in appearance to a rose. From here, Sky Dragon's Barachiel induces paralysis in the opponent, by targeting nerve centers responsible for muscle function. It causes these to shut down, rendering the opponent immobile, unable to move a muscle or even breath. Eventually, this leads to suffocation and death. Wendy apparently developed this spell as a quick-and-easy way to deal with giant beasts inhabiting the forest she lived in for seven years.

Wendy releasing a one-handed Sky Dragon's Chisel

  • Sky Dragon's Ripping Chisel (天龍の割り鏨 Tenryū no Waritagane): Modeled after the Sky God's Boreas used by Chelia Blendy, Wendy cups her hands in front of her chest, gathering an immense amount of spiraling air. Imbuing it with her magical power, she thrusts her hands forward, as if pushing someone, releasing a large, immense current of air forward. The current has both immense power and distance, and is one of Wendy's more reliable attacks in this form. The wind utilised by this technique has a very noticeable cutting edge, sweeping an opponent high into the air and slicing into their body from various points, however, as Wendy does not control the size of the technique, whether or not it actually hits a vital spot is up to chance.
  • Demon Clad Sky Dragon (鬼纏天竜 Matoi Tenryū): Demon Clad Sky Dragon is a special ability of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic that enables Wendy to manipulate air that is filled with extremely high concentrations of magic particles, drawing it upon her body and filtering it into the Lacrima, giving it a charge of energy that is momentarily absorbed and released as a strong burst of pure energy, very much like an explosion that surrounds her body, damaging everything around her in a short radius. It can also be used for defense and offense at the very same time; and the more magic particles that Wendy has drawn into the Lacrima with the manipulation of the air, the wider and more enhanced it will become.

Dual Element Dragon Mode

"Now then. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Water slices through everything. It bores through everything. And now that you've stepped up to the plate...I'll show you that you're playing in the wrong league!"
— Wendy Marvell in regards to her Watery Skies Dragon Slayer Mode

Watery Skies Dragon Mode

Watery Skies Dragon Mode (モード水天竜, Mōdo Suitenryū): Watery Skies Dragon Mode is Wendy's Dual Element Dragon Mode; it is an ability that can be gained by consuming the water from Momoko Sitri, the Water Dragon Slayer, and having the wind and water inside her body fuse together, Wendy gains the ability to use her Sky Dragon Slayer Magic along with water, and, by extension, ice. Whie using this ability, unlike most other Dual Element Slayers, Wendy doesn't undergo much of a physical change, merely being surrounded by a bright, soft white-aura, much like her Sky Drive. This ability combines the destructive abilities and properties of both elements, both shredding the opponent's bodies and blasting through them through sheer water pressure. It is also shown to have exceptional penetrative power, being capable of overpowering a wave of Darkness Magic from a member of the Shadow Remnants. Using this ability has been described as similar to using Dragon Force; though vastly more powerful than the standard. However, this ability places a heavy strain on the body, to the point that even a single use is capable of completely draining Wendy of all her energy, even more so due to her young age—thankfully, it is hinted that when Wendy grows up, she will be able to dodge around this pesky problem.

  • Watery Skies Dragon's Roar (水天竜の咆哮, Suitenryū no Hōkō): A more powerful version of Sky Dragon's Roar, which is only available when Wendy is using Watery Skies Dragon Mode. When using it, Wendy gathers wind within her mouth and compresses it before adding water to the mix—uniquely, she superimposes the water over the wind, before releasing the dual forces in the form of a powerful surging torrent which has several rings of wind around it at the foe; this blast of water possesses an immense amount of pressure, enough to bust through powerful defenses through sheer force alone. Upon connecting with the opponent, the wings of wind launch forward and slice into the foe with enough sharpness to sever tendons and slice straight through metal. Using the Watery Skies Dragon's Roar leaves an enormous amount of strain upon Wendy's young body.
  • Watery Skies Dragon's Frost Bite (水天竜の零刀, Suitenryū no Reitō): Wendy compresses a large amount of water on her leg, and then alters the state of it to solid; transforming it into an legging of below zero degrees Celsius ice. There, she unleashes a swift, highly powerful upper kick that freezes the portion of the foe's body which was touched upon contact; this can actually cause gangrene in a short period of time if not thawed quickly.
  • Watery Skies Dragon's Submerge (水天竜の水没, Suitenryū no Suibotsu): Wendy transforms her magical power into that of the water element. This allows her to blend into any form of water, such as raindrops, the sea, it is usable within water even as shallow as a puddle. At any time, Wendy can emerge from the water she has combined with; depending on the magical power infused into the technique, she can gently step out of the water or shoot out at tremendous speeds; even switch from source from source rapidly at an astonishing rate- this technique can overwhelm an unprepared opponent with its unpredictability.
  • Watery Skies Dragon's Moon Howl (水天竜の月鳴, Suitenryū no Getsumei): A far more powerful version of Sky Dragon's Iron Brand; once again, it is a simple spell utilizing the Ruyi Jingu Bang. When performing the spell, Wendy grips her staff with both of her hands; as she surges her magical energy into the staff, causing wind and water to spiral around the staff in the form of a small tornado of wind and water which whirls around at high speeds. With a single movement, Wendy slams the Ruyji Jingu Bang down in a forwards motion, as the dual elements are accelerated via the momentum of the swing, as Wendy unleashes her attack. What is the most interesting about Watery Skies Dragon's Moon Howl is that due to being powered by air, and Momoko's rapidly shifting element, Wendy can adjust which element that she wants to unleash alongside her own air. The two choices are listed below; but in any case, Watery Skies Dragon's Moon Howl results in a giant arrow of whichever element Wendy chooses to utilize, with winds spiraling around it—both versions deal incredible damage.
    • Water Moon Howl: The Water Moon Howl is the first form of the Watery Skies Dragon's Moon Howl variants; upon launching, Wendy converts Momoko's element into that of water; this version emits a higher-velocity beam with enough momentum to breach defenses. However, the damage dealt to the target without penetrating an defense is significantly reduced due to its lower energy transfer; as it possesses none of the sharpness that the ice variant has. It will pursue the enemy and surly hit, but it cannot be used on opponents who also possess Dragon-related magic.
    • Ice Moon Howl: This version of the Watery Skies Dragon's Moon Howl attack is bestowed with absolute zero temperature ice. The regular Watery Skies Dragon's Moon Howl already has a wide effective range, and the added effects make its effective range further widened and raise its power exceptionally. This is like a classic beam attack: the magical particles have less velocity and, while less penetrating, quickly transfer their energy to the target upon impact, reverting back to pure heat and destroying the target from within.
  • Watery Skies Dragon's Flash Freeze (水天竜の瞬結, Suitenryū no Shunketsu): A technique which is more based on swiftness than any sort of incredible offensive power; being the fastest of Wendy's spells when in Dual-Element Dragon Mode. When performing this technique, Wendy raises her arms above her head and forms a light blue glowing jagged ball of ice in between them; which is made possible due to Momoko's ice freezing Wendy's wind. From there, she throws the orb into the air; and it breaks apart—shattering into innumerable large shards of jagged ice which shoot forward at high speeds. Like any ice-based spells, Watery Skies Dragon's Flash Freeze can reduce the temperature of water to absolute zero; turning liquid into solid, transforming it into ice; but with this, the effect is much more noticeable. So, in rain, the opponent would be on the receiving end of a powerful hailstorm, as well as innumerable ice shards. Upon impact, the shards shatter and break into even more shards which shoot towards their target, with little to no time to evade because of the close-range.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision (滅竜奥義・改, Metsuryū Ōgi Kai): A revised version of Wendy's regular Dragon Slayer Secret Arts, only available in Watery Skies Dragon Mode.

  • Shattering Light: Ice Majesty of a Thousand Years (照破・千年氷華, Shōha: Sennen Hyōka): Wendy's most powerful spell as of currently; this is the pinneacle of the Watery Skies Dragon Mode. When beginning to use it, Wendy reduces the kinetic energy of magical particles in a body of water and reducing temperature to absolute zero, freezing it over, becoming ice; there, she manipulates this ice to create vines of ice which home in upon her target—these vines are imbued with her sky element. By freezing them and continuously freezing the surroundings, she can bypass the problem of breaking through any of their defenses with ease. Her targets are also completely conscious while frozen, in order to torture them for a few moments—with a snap of her fingers, Wendy shatters the ice, releasing the countless blades of slicing wind within; these assault the opponent relentlessly, slicing deep into their bodies and blowing them away.

Other Skills

While expressing no actual use of any magic related to time, over the seven-year timeskip, Wendy does show a limited knowledge of time and time related magics, knowing of the existence of the Arc of Time and the Law of Retrogession. She also explains, in fairly great detail, the workings of a Time Lock, the strongest known form of time magic that not only freezes a moment in time forever, but restricts it from being accessed through time travel and other forms of time magic. In fact, Wendy is quite smug of the knowledge she has.


Jason LaHote

Jason LaHote; the one closest to Wendy

Wendy and Jason have a strange relationship that can definitely be described as "unique". Jason discovered Wendy at the very beginning of the story, freshly cloned by Dosaman Ghasulchaonlor, buried outside of his run down laboratory. In a display of tranquil fury at the treatment of the child, Jason slaughtered Dosaman, and invited the child to follow him. Since then, Wendy has stuck close to Jason, relying on him for everything, much like a child would a parent, despite their relationship being different from that. At the start of the story, Jason and Wendy were technically each other's whole worlds, the only other person they had, until they encountered Vivian Starrkewolfe. Jason is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect Wendy, and is not above wanton destruction of the landscape and innocent bystanders if her own safety; something shown numerous times through the story, beginning with the utter destruction of the Magic Council detainment facility and the Rune Knights who served there. As Wendy matured over the course of Dawn, she resolved to be not rely merely on Jason to protect her, but to also protect him, most notably from Mr. E himself, and is not above actually threatening the man if she thinks Jason's on wellbeing is at stake. She frequently is seen as jealous of Jason's affections and attentions to other women in the harem; even when she didn't understand the idea of a harem at first, what she did know was she disliked the additional women in Jason's life.

Post time-skip, Wendy remains as close to Jason as ever, and, due to her maturity, is intend on furthering their relationship to the levels of the other women within his harem, showing a forwardness she lacked as a child.


  • Wendy had existed on the wikia for nearly a full year before becoming a main character. She was created November 11, 2011, and put into use as a main character September 4, 2012‎.
    • Wendy, much like Jason, wasn't created on the wiki with the intent of being used at all, and was simply made due to Darkrai's love of Wendy. 
  • The Claw and Shredding Fist moves were created by Per. All thanks to her!
  • Wendy and Jason's relationship is similar to the relationship of Rin and Sesshōmaru from InuYasha.
  • Wendy's battle theme is Shippū Jinrai (疾風迅雷, Like a Whirlwind, Quick as Lightning).
  • Wendy's obtaining of Water Dragon Slayer Magic is a nod to Hiro's original plans for Wendy; she was meant to be the Water Dragon Slayer.
  • Wendy's stats are:
Growth Spurt