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Reopādo Man

Additional Information
Primary Ability

Leopard Death Fist

Located In Fiore

Leopardmen are humanoid feline beasts that seem to be related to the Janguarian. They inhabit Fiore.


Leopardmen are feline humanoid creatures with the capabilities of human speech. Few Leopardmen actually have hair on their head and those who do have large, bushy manes on the back of his head and they have golden fur on their body and face with black markings all over them, they also have white sections of fur around the edges of the golden fur surrounding a pale underbelly. Their ears are near his forehead, their noses are large and a they also possess a long tail.

Magic and Abilities

Leopard Death Fist (レオパード死拳 Reopādo-Shi Ken): A fighting style developed and practiced solely by Leopardmen, it makes use of their extendable tail and strong hand to hand combat skills, often restraining the enemy with their tail and attacking with powerful punches.

Enhanced Strength: IDue to their immense stature, Leopardmen possess immense strength which they make use of to improve their society by building, which involves heavy lifting.

Enhanced Speed: As Leopardmen are part Leopard, a feline known for speed, they also possess great speed.

Extendable Tail: Their tails can also be extended to great lengths and are predominately used as a third arm in their martial art form.

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