Chronicles of the Black Knight

Chapter 60

Six Months Ago

"It's finally time," said Thomas.  He began preparing the ritual.  He lit candles in a circle, and out of salt drew a magic circle.

"What's this all about?" asked Hayley.

"It's that time of the year again," said Thomas. "I can finally summon a new Familiar.  Over the years I've made contracts with nineteen Familiars.  This year is number twenty."

"Your magic's weird," said Hayley.  "It requires all these rituals and stuff to even work properly."

"I know, but this magic was taught to me by someone very important to me, and I honor him this way."  He took out a knife and cut his hand.  He dropped the blood in the salt.  It spread out across the salt turning it a crimson red.  "Heed my call from the other side.  Familiar beyond, join me to make me more powerful."  The blood turned gold and a beam of light shot out of it.  It took the form of a young bare chested man.

"I am Apulu, the Familiar of Light," he said.  "I will become your newest Familiar."

Thomas diffused the power he had received from Mercury and the Blaze.  "Fine, I'll try something else." He took another piece of paper out and cut himself.  He dropped his blood on the paper and absorbed it into his body.  "I didn't have enough power before to handle this, but now, with my Second Origin... I summon you!  Apulu!  Familiar of Light!"  His body was enveloped in a golden light.  When dissipated Thomas's skin had become a golden hue.

"Well this is new," said Nicholas.  Thomas disappeared.  He reappeared next to Nicholas, his fist covered in light, and punched him hard in the jaw.  Nicholas wasn't even able to see the attack.  He flew into the ground from the pillar he was on.  Blood trickled from his mouth.  "That was fast."  He looked Thomas's hand.  "And he isn't even frozen."  Nicholas froze the air creating several arrows of dry ice.  "Frozen Arrows!"  He sent them towards Thomas.

Thomas pointed at them with his index finger extended and his thumb to the side.  "Light Arrow!"  He blasted several arrow-shaped bolts of light, tearing through the Frozen Arrows and impaling Nicholas in several places.  He dropped to his knees.  Thomas appeared next to Nicholas.  He imbued his leg with light and kicked him across the room.

Nicholas slowly got back to his feet.  "I guess I underestimated you," he said.  "Sorry, but you will definitely be much harder to kill than anticipated."

Suddenly Thomas began to cough uncontrollably.  "Great, it's already starting."

"Hm, maybe not.  Frozen..." Thomas began freezing the air again.

Thomas made a finger gun.  "Light Pistol!" He blasted Nicholas in the shoulder before he got the chance to attack.  He flew backwards into one of the walls.  Both men were panting heavily.

Chronicles of the Black Knight
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