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(Iridesence POV)

(One Month Earlier)

Wind whips around my body and the flurries stick to my clothing but I don't feel the chill. i haven't ever since the transformation. I hate what I've become, the monster that threatens to release at ay moment. So I've come here to Mt. Hakobe. My boots barely sink into the snow before leaving once again. My lungs before would have been raw from cold and exhaustion but now they're accustomed to both. I don't know how long I've been running this time but I know I've left the magic council far behind. Since I refused to join a guild they have been trying to take me into custody but I won't let them. I may hate what I am but I will not be caged like an animal. When I can no longer see where I'm going, I drop to my knees and let out a high pitched scream. My life literally sucks. Vulcans stay away from me for some reason and I realize how utterly alone I am.


They've caught up somehow. The council's dogs are right on my heels, magic bursts fly past my head. I build a shield behind me and turn to face them. The falling snow ripples with ethernano and the temperature drops even further. The one in the lead alights his body with fire so I focus on dropping his internal temperature. Him and the rest drop to their knees one after the other. Once they've passed out I just leave them and run. My new cave is just like my old one but this time I freeze over the entrance. No one's getting in now. And I'm not getting out. This is both my safe guard and my prison.

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