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"You touch me, and you're not getting back up again. That's right, I'm your White Mage! And NOBODY fucks with the White Mage."
Lil' Green.
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The White Arts (精製魔法戦闘法(ホワイト·アーツ), Howaito Ātsu; lit. "Purified Magical Combat Techniques") are one of the most primal variations of magical combat, born from the innate goodness found in magic. It's said that this fighting style has given birth to hundreds, if not thousands of other magics and magical skills dedicated to healing, support, and those of a similar nature. As something that's born out of goodness, it's often considered to be the bane of evil, thus acting as the natural weakness to all those considered to be "impure" in one sense or another. It's because of this that the fighting style forms a perfect pair with its extreme opposite, the infamous Black Arts — something that's equally ancient and well-known.

It's one of the few fighting styles that's classified as a form of Holder Magic and Caster Magic, as there are many interpretations and expressions of it employed by users worldwide over the course of history. Furthermore, it's typically considered to be a form of Subspecies Magic, as its the extreme of both White Magic and Light Magic respectively. As one of the various magical combat forms practiced all over the world, casters who employ the art in some sense are often referred to as "White Mages" (先天純度の神魔術師(ホワイト·メイジ), Howaito Meiji; lit. "Divine Sorcerers of Innate Purity"), having the power to essentially "purify" anything they come in contact with, regardless of its nature. It's said that beings such as Angels and Gods are natural users, as the style itself is derived from the divine and has a supernatural premise to its being.



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  • The concept for "White Arts" was born out of the author's desire to create an antipode for the Black Arts, which he somewhat fancies for personal reasons. It should be noted that this fighting style is somewhat based on the tropes surrounding "White Magic" and depiction of said magic in various media, thus the article can turn out to be more stereotypical than he initially intended.
  • It's said that certain White Mages tend to be either kind but weak in terms of offensive power, thus needing the constant protection of others in order to fulfill their duty or pompous douchebags, emphasizing their overall importance to the group and pissing off everyone around them. Thus, the art has been looked down upon by others for these two reasons.
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