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"Discipline and order are but excuses. We have no reason to abide by that stupidity any longer! You have all seen the feeble nature of our council, and it is time to change that! Now tell me, will you protect the world of Magic with your lives!?"
— William to his Rune Knights

"A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger."
Philip Sidney
William Fukihira
Name William Fukihira
Kanji 不羈平ヰリャム
Rōmaji Fukihira Wiriamu
Race Human
Age 65

Male Male

Professional Status
Affiliation Magic Council Symbol Magic Council
Rune Knights
Partner Veronica Dragunov
Personal Status
Status Active
Magic Smoke Magic
Sword Magic
Blood Seal Magic
Weapons Valefar

William Fukihira (不羈平ヰリャム, Fukihira Wiriamu) is the 2nd Seat of the Magic Council's Council of Ten, and is the coordinator of the Rune Knights. Alongside Veronica Dragunov, they manage the majority of the military operations of the council at large. He is a highly experienced mage and commander who has gained extensive respect from many around him, and has advised Doranbolt on several occasions.

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