Willow wind is a guild know for having a guild hall in the forest. It's also know for how the Master has lived in the guild hall even before it was known as a guild hall. After years of thought the guild master created the guild Willow Wind in honour of it being the center of a willow tree forest. The large area where most of the guild members eat, talk and choose use to be a large ball room meant for dancing. There is a large knitted cloth cover most of the left wall that has the emblem of the guild. Three people live in the guild and currently have there own rooms away from the main guild area.

The most interesting part are it's ancient books as well as home made training in at the back of the build. Most of the build is used for storage and for resting injured who need assistance. There is one last thing that the guild uses but never really knew they had until they joined, an indoor arena. This is used so they can still train but with other guild members to face (for reasons of no fighting in the guild hall). This guild isn't the most popular but it does have some really strong members.

Guild Master: Lilia Stream

Location: Between Magnolia and Akane Beach

Phrase: "May the Winds be your Strength"

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