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"I like to listen to the wind!"
"And I dare to say, that winding is not my only option at this rate."
"But winding is a good thing too. You can wind somebody with a flow..."
"Flow of winding you want to say?"
"Damn it, stop right there, Windows Duo! It's quite annoying here because of you!
— A small polylogue between Hayashi, Izumi and Rokuro.

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Wind Dragon Push
Wind Dragon Slayer Magic



Kaze no Metsuryū Mahō


Caster Magic
Lost Magic
Slayer Magic
Dragon Slayer Magic
Elemental Magic
Wind Magic


Izumi Sooroshi (1st Generation)

Wind Dragon Slayer Magic (風の滅竜魔法, Kaze no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic and a type of Dragon Slayer Magic, which utilizes the element of wind, which is the flow of gases on a large scale; as wind consists of the bulk movement of air, at least on the surface of the Earth Land. Being derived from the air-based Dragon Slayer Magic, this kind of magic is known for its destructive power and aerial freedom, and renowned as one of the most powerful types of Dragon Slayer Magic, which possibly can exist; a trait, which shows the might of the basic elements. The user is able to call upon the power of Dragon's Winds (辰の大風, Tatsu no Ōkaze) and use it as their main weapons of destruction.

Even though Wind Dragon Slayer Magic is considered similar to its aerial sisters, Wind Dragon Slayer Magic doesn't include any of Enchantment capabilities and/or supportive sides, yet is completely battle-oriented and revolves around any of air manipulation, may be counted as the source for Gale Dragon Slayer Magic and is able to reach a further evolution in its power, standing strong on their ground and being equal to the mentioned counterparts.



Changed Physiology

Element's Traits


Basic Spells

  • Wind Dragon's Roar (風竜の咆哮, Fūryū no Hōkō)
    • Wind Dragon's Pressure Breath (風竜の空気圧力損傷息(プレッシャブレス), Fūryū no Puressha Buresu lit. Wind Dragon's Air Pressure Damaging Breath)
  • Wind Dragon's Wing Attack (風竜の翼撃, Fūryū no Yokugeki)
  • Wind Dragon's Claw (風竜の鉤爪, Fūryū no Kagizume)
    • Wind Dragon's Heaven Arrow (風竜の天矢, Fūryū no Amaya)
  • Wind Dragon's Crushing Fang (風竜の砕牙. Fūryū no Saiga)
    • Wind Dragon's Turbulent Fang (風竜の乱牙, Fūryū no Ranga)
  • Wind Dragon's Sigh (風竜の吐息, Fūryū no Toiki)
    • Wind Dragon's Flying Head Cannon (風竜の飛頭砲, Fūryū no Hidohō)
    • Wind Dragon's Air Ball (風竜の空玉, Fūryū no Soradama)
  • Wind Dragon's Air Shatter Cannon (風竜の空裂砲, Fūryū no Kūretsuhō)
    • Wind Dragon's Tornado (風竜の竜巻, Fūryū no Tatsumaki)
  • Wind Dragon's Dance (風竜の踊, Fūryū no Odori)
  • Wind Dragon's Whirlwind Fist (風竜の旋風拳, Fūryū no Senpūken)
  • Wind Dragon's Wave (風竜波, Fūryūha)
    • Wind Dragon's Wind Blade (風竜の風刃, Fūryū no Fūjin)

Advanced Spells

Dragon Slayers Secret Arts

Alternative Modes

Wind-Natured Conquest

  • Hurricane Mode (風の滅竜魔法・疾風修正(ハリケーン・モード), Harikēn Mōdo lit. Wind Dragon Slayer Magic: Hurricane Modification)
  • Lightning Mode (風の滅竜魔法・迅雷修正(ライトニング・モード), Raitoningu Mōdo lit. Wind Dragon Slayer Magic: Thunderclap Modification)

Power-Up Boosters

  • Upsurge (初代竜力向上(アップサージ), Appusāji lit. First-Generation Dragon Might Rising)
  • Dragon Force (竜の力(ドラゴン・フォース), Doragon Fōsu lit. The Power of Dragon)


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