Wind Scythe Guild
Wind Scythe





Lippin Crocker


Legal Guild


Crocus; Fiore

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Wind Scythe (ウィンドサイスー Uindo Saisū) is a Legal Guild in Fiore. It is led by Lippin Crocker.

Location & Design

The Wind Scythe Guild is known to be located in Crocus, the capital of Fiore and it is a relatively small guild in the city, with not a lot of members. The guild's actual building is an average sized house with a large spire and circular windows peeking out of the roof. There is also a brick layered arch around the front entrance, above which is a wooden sign with the guild's name and a ghost like figure in the middle of the two words.


Due to being relatively unknown to much of the magic world, Wind Scythe's level of strength aren't known, although it can be assumed to be at least a strong guild, with members such as Bauss and Geronimo and the fact that their guild master is famed across Crocus as a powerful wizard.


Name Rank Team Status
Lippin CrockerGuild MasterNoneActive
BaussMageTeam Wind ScytheActive
BronMageTeam Wind ScytheActive
DrenMageTeam Wind ScytheActive
Geronimo HollahanMageTeam Wind ScytheActive
ThunfischMageTeam Wind ScytheActive
SagezahnPetTeam Wind ScytheActive
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