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Wings of Destiny Guild
Name Wings of Destiny Guild
Master Akiyama
S-Class Mages Ryder Ueno,

Aliss Tularyn, Soul, Atsuko Iseri

Type Legal Mage Guild
Location Loria Town

Wings of Destiny is an extremely strong legal mage guild, located in Loria Town as one of its only two Mage Guilds founded by an unnamed master who proceeded Akiyama. Although beginning with few numbers, Wings of Destiny rose in recognition and flourished during the seven year absence of Fairy Tail's primary members and third guild master. Wings of Destiny is named to symbolize the passage of fate and every individual's ability to control their own destinies and touch the lives of others. It is well known for treating its members like family, although its master can be rather ruthless.

Location and Building

  • Stone Haven
  • Destiny Lake
  • Moirai Gardens
  • Festival of the Stars





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