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Winter Magic
Winter Magic



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Caster Magic
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Members of the Uintā Family

Winter Magic is a Caster Magic and Bloodline Magic that is used by the Uintā Family.


Winter Magic is a form of Caster Magic and Bloodline Magic that is passed down in the Uintā Family. The body of mages who use this magic are constantly drawing in the ambient ethernano into their body an imprinting it with the unbreakable spiritual connection they have with Arcticus and the season of winter. This transforms the drawn in ethernano into what is known as the Soul of Arcticus, which is than merged with the user's magic origin by their subconscious. The merging of these two things allows the Uintā's body and soul to take on the properties of winter in a somewhat similar way as Take Over or the way a Slayer takes on the traits of species they are supposed to slay.

The unique physiology that comes of this gives makes the mage absolutely immune to anything associated with winter like cold temperatures or pain. Their body is so attuned to cold temperatures that they are able to consume anything related to the cold, like ice or snow, and use it to empower and heal themselves. Sometimes even their own cold-based elements, albeit on a small scale.

The properties of winter will greatly enhanced their physical abilities to levels beyond that of normal demons. In addition, their body and the air around is always extremely cold. Just touching them lightly is enough to inflict a third degree frostbite. Fourthly the properties of winter has given them the ability to survive without food for very long periods. This is a very useful trait to have when living in Arcticus because of how scarce food and water is. Lastly, whenever they feel threatened their body with immediately transform her body into snow or ice, making it impossible to harm them without a demon-slaying magic or unbelievably high temperatures.

When using this magic a user will combine the properties of winter that compose their body with her magic power before emitting it from her body or summoning it from a distance. The properties of winter allows the user to convert their magic power into anything they wishes as long as it has something to do with winter like ice, snow, darkness, etc. The stuff they create can have a lot of unique abilities like teleportation or absorption depending what they want to do with it.


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