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Wise Dragon



Kenmei ryū


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Wise Dragon is a style originating from the Red Dragon Island within the territory of Dragon Sword Island. It was made as a counter to the Tiger Claw style as the creator was a naval captain who had to deal with the pirates using the brutal style alot. opting to make a style that enters the guard of Tiger Claw, he made a style that works on the pircible of internal strength and circular movements over external strength and beastial fury. He also opted to use little kicking focusing on hand strikes (mainly due to the fact he sucked at high and acrobatic kicks). Though his son and heir to the style made the top form The Azure Dragon form, whiched used open palm strike and slaps with afew more high kicks.


The Wise Dragon style was made by Captain Tatsu Hiryu of the Dragon Sword Navy and a specialist in anti-pirate combat (mainly due to the fact he was a pirate). he had beaten many pirate groups and gained a reputation for his effective tactics, however there was one group he could never entirely defeat The Red Tiger tribe and their martial art known as Tiger Claw. So after years of fighting them and studying their fighting style he decided to take advantage of the styles weaknesses, he made the style that invades the guard of another fighter and strikes with cicular strikes and low kicks to destory their opponant's stance and stability. Eventually he chased the Red Tiger pirates out of Dragon Sword waters and retired passing the mantle of the style to his son who improved the style greatly and started to teach it to new people so it may spread as far as people spread.



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