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Wool Magic (羊毛の魔法 Yōmō no Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic utilized by Aries and Yang.


Wool Magic enables the user to manipulate and release pink coloured wool and use it against their enemies. When Yang utilizes this magic it has the ability to become hard and smash through solid concrete but the main ability of this magic is to send the target into an intense state of relaxation.


Wool Bomb (ウ-ルボム Ūru Bomu): The caster conjures a massive amount of Magical wool surrounding her opponent in which she could ambush them in any given direction, and sending them into a relaxed state, bringing the battle to her advantage. Wool Shot: Aries blasts little bursts of pink wool at her foes which attach to them, and, like her wool bomb attack, feels warm and relaxing to the recipient. Yang can also harden her wool to smash through concrete. Wool Wall: Aries conjures a thick cloud of pink wool which protects her from attacks, and like her other wool attack, feels very soft.

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