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Xander Twilight
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Madyson Twilight

"This fight is boring...I am going back to sleep."
— Xander Twilight

Xander Twilight is a young man and a little over average height. He is very lazy but works so he can live in his apartment closer to the guild. As a kid he grew up in the shadow of a famous musician and never got to really know his dad because he is away all the time and his mom went missing sometime when he was 8. He was usually alone except for his butler who usually kept him company. He has a twin sister named Madyson Twilight and she is the exact opposite of Alex.


He is skinny and a little over average height. He has sharp teeth, red eyes, and white and spikey hair. He usually wears expensive clothes that his parents buy him or he buys himself. His skin tone is tan and is usually shiny, so he wears a lot of black to show off his tan. 


He is calm and collected and usually lazy. He doesn't get mad easily unless you provoke him. He tries to act cool and better than people but he does have a soft side and will do kind things to people. When he fights he gets serious and his facial expression changes to give fear to the opponent. 


He was growing up with his sister in luxury and expenses because their father is a famous musician. There mother past away and their father is never home so they always felt alone, no matter how many butlers or maids were there they always felt alone and it was only the two of them. One day there butler brought them a book to teach them magic. The two opened the book and started reading then evenually they started using magic as if they were familiar to it. 

Magic & Abilities 

Xander's molding isn't as quick as his sister's but it is more powerful. He is the Static Silver maker which means he makes non living objects while Madyson is the Dynamic Silver maker and she can create living things. 

Xander's spells: 

  • Silver-Make Canon: The user creates a canon out of silver and it will shoot out its own element or anything around it, for example rocks, clothes, and other non elemental things. 
  • Silver-Make Arrows: The user creates arrows out of silver. These arrows shoot out at high speed from the user's hands. 
  • Silver-Make Chains: The user creates chains out of silver that will bind and grapple on to objects. 
  • Silver-Make Pillar: The user creates a pillar that will launch a target or them into the air or can be used for defensive purposes. 
  • Silver-Make Scythe: The user creates a scythe made out of silver. This scythe can slice hrough objects with ease and it is a popular creation of Xander. 
  • Silver-Make Fists: The user creates gigantic fists to rise from the ground and uppercut targets. 
  • Silver-Make Gauntlets: The user creates gauntlets around his or her fists. This will increase thier punching force greatly. 


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