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Xytre is a Half Demon Mage. On July 7, X777 Xytre woke up in the middle of a field with no memory. All he had was a sword made of black steel, a letter that told him what he is, what his name is, what the swords name is, and what he's capable of. After that he started walking all around Fiore looking for his mother and tried to get his memory back. He is currently traveling with a Mage named Gabriel Jackson, who is in Fairy Tail.

Magic and Weaponry

The Demon Sword, Jigoku no ken

Jingoku no ken, the Demon Sword

The sword is able to make a portal to the void and able to materialize black fire and demons made of black fire.

He also uses a type of fire magic that some call "Void Fire Magic" or "Black Fire Magic".


He wears leather clothing (leather pants, leather jacket, and leather shirt) with a cross and a weird pendant. He wears black leather combat boots with spikes on the bottom. Most women say he's very handsome and has sparkling greenish-blue eyes but when he looks in the mirror he just see's a normal guy with blue eyes and a normal face. He is in between skinny and muscular. Sometimes he'll wear a black cloak with a hood. He also has ear piercings and a strange symbol under his left eye that is exactly the same as his pendant.
Twilight Realm

Symbol on Pendant and under left eye


Xytre has an angry personality. He gets angry during fights, party's, at home, at random strangers, and sometimes at animals in general.


He really doesn't know who he is. All he knows is his name, age, height, weight, and what magic he uses.


He is a master of hand-to-hand combat and a master swordsman. He is also very flexibly and acrobatic. He is also very strong, one time he went into a test of strength competition because he was broke and the reward was a million jewel. He won by lifting a thousand pound barbell with just one hand.


Xytre is an anagram for nightchild1's irl name but with an x in it.

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