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Yakuma Eighteen War Gods Magic



Yakuma Jūhachi Tōjin Mahō


Caster Magic
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Yakuma Eighteen War Gods Magic (ヤクマ十八闘神魔法 Yakuma Jūhachi Tōjin Mahō) are eighteen different types of dangerous Magic that were handed down through the now-extinct Yakuma clan.


As the name implies, this is the usage of the eighteen different types of Magic passed down through the Yakuma clan. One of these types of Magic includes Yagdo Rigora, wielded by Minerva Orlando. Not much else is known about this magic.


  • Yagdo Rigora: To cast this Magic, the user moves their arms in a circular motion while reciting an incantation, after which they spread their arms wide and summoning a stone, god-like effigy with intricate designs on its body, which then erupts into a monumentous explosion of light that ravages whatever may lie in its vicinity. Also, while not a spell belonging to this Magic, appears that Yagdo Rigora can be used in conjunction with Territory.


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