Heritage of Evil Demons Arc
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One of the cruelest men to have ever been born in the modern age of magic. A Dark Mage who has a simple desire. The desire to kill the entire Kriya family, but what spawned such hate? What reason could he have in wanting to completely annihilate an entire family, without caring how old they might be. More to the question, just who is this man and what is he really after? Find out in this chapter.

(Year X769)It is a dark warm night in the town of Nexus, and it's residents are sleeping soundly in their homes, while in the distance, a mansion with it's lights still on reveals to a still wide-awake Naomi Kriya and Blaze Dragoon.

"You sure came home late dear. Did the job take you longer than usual?" Naomi asks Blaze as he sits down, picking up a baby Rika who was crawling on the floor.

"Yes, it did, longer than expected. Don't know why. How was the day for you, aside from taking care of Rika?" Blaze asks as he tickles Rika, who begins laughing.

"Same old, same old. Nothing usual happens here, you know that." Naomi says as she sits down and lays her head on Blaze's shoulder.

"I see. You know, you should take a job as well, and let me take care of Rika for a fw days. Your skills in Flame God Slayer Magic are exceptional, and rather impressive. Although, magic would have nothing to do with it." Blaze says.

"Yeah I know, and I'll consider it. Starting tomorrow I'll work." Naomi says as she shares a kiss with Blaze. "Wait a minute, what is this aura I sense." Naomi says as she stands quickly, shocking Blaze.


"What in the world?" Blaze shouts as he stands up, as Rika begins crying in his arms loudly.

"So, these are the Kriyan's? Heh. Iexpected more." Yakunan laughs.
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