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"You see these people around you? They are flies! Vectors if you will. Carriers of disease and death. What good are they to you?"
— Yami to Seraph.
Yami Watatsumi
Post Timeskip | Pre Timeskip
Watatsumi family
Name Yami Watatsumi
Kanji 闇海神
Alias Dark One
God of Vanaheimr
World Devastator
Master Watatsumi
Race Hybrid
Birthdate October 16
Age 30
Gender Male
Height 192 cm
Weight 200 lbs
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Black (Real)
Orange (Wig)
Blood Type AB+
Unusual Features Has a scar on his left cheek
Professional Status
Affiliation Vanaheimr
Occupation Supreme Leader
Previous Team Watatsumi Family
Partner None
Personal Status
Status Alive
Magic Light Magic
Darkness Magic
Grey Magic
Weapons Eye of Horus

"Human? I surely do possess the physical characteristics of one. Why would you ask? Unless you want me to shove my thing into that stupid arse of yours---perhaps you do, isn't that right, Mr. ... whatever!"
— Yami



Magic and Abilities

Light Magic: Yami is capable of using this magic at a very advanced level.  Yami is capable of not only blasting his opponents with light beams, but is also capable of creating solid constructs of light.  His mastery over this magic is so great that he can transform his body into light, although he remains physical. The high speeds he can move on are said to rival, and possibly be even faster than Hyperion Lucis.

Darkness Magic: Yami can also use this magic with just as good versatility as his Light Magic, but needs to switch between the two in order for it to work properly. This allows him to fight using blunt constructs of Darkness, and become intangible by turning into Darkness.

Grey Magic: A combination of Light and Darkness Magic, that perfectly fuses the two elements, creating a grey magic. This perfectly fuses the two abilities of Light and Darkness Magic, allowing for a high level of versatility, and freedom to do whatever he sees fit, without having to worry about switching between the two magics.


Eye of Horus

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