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Name Yggdrasil
Kanji ユグドラシル
Rōmaji Yugudorashiru
Symbol Yggdrasil
Master Arumat Jerand
S-Class Mages Akula
Type Legal Guild
Location Fiore

Yggdrasil (ユグドラシル, Yugudorashiru) is a Legal Guild located in Fiore. It was established in order to act as a location for Mages who were outcasted or feared because of their Magic. The original Guild Master, Faize Edge made sure to never turn away any mage regardless of their background, as long as they swore to forever protect their Guildmates, and that tradition has been upheld to this day. 



Yggdrasil's Building


Yggdrasil's Great Tree

Beneath the main level of Yggdrasil's Guild Hall lies the Great Tree planted there by the founder Rhiannon Patra, an incredible user of Plant Magic as evidenced since this tree as not wilted since her youth. The Great Tree is able to create a magical barrier around the entire complex of the Guild Hall, controlled by the current Guild Master's will. When the Great Tree is not in use, it takes the form of a singular pale white tree with glowing yellow leaves, that stands in an isloated room away from anything else, however, when the individual that has been recognized as the Guild Master comes into contact with it, the tree's true form takes shape into that of a thick white forest that covers its entire location in a dense veil of roses and thorns, preventing anyone from coming into contact with the Guild Master as long as he maintains contact with the tree. The Great Tree is the most prominent ingredient of the Guild Magic Bond Magic, allowing the members of Yggdrasil to use the Magic of other members. This is done by having the members carry around a leaf of the Great Tree which allows them to telpathically communicate with anyone else holding one of the many leaves of the tree and even link their Eternano reserves. 




Name Rank Team Status
Arumat Jerand Guild Master None Active
Akula S-Class Mage None Active
Benkei Narukami Mage/Doctor Yin and Yang Active
Severa Jerand Mage Yin and Yang Active
Ryuga Mage Sol Reave Active
Hayato Mage Sol Reave Active
Cordelia Kurokiri Mage Sol Reave Active
Sinclaire Glory Mage Meteor Break Active
Yoshitsune Minamoto Mage Meteor Break Active
Elize Mage Meteor Break Active
Kanami Mage Twin Wyverns of Yggdrasil Active
Reiki Kurama Mage/Maid Twin Wyverns of Yggdrasil Active
Shiranui Ryūzetsu Mage Luna Burst Active
Haru Muramoto Mage Luna Burst Active
Shun Kouga Mage Luna Burst Active
Debo Hawkin Mage None Active
Shion Mage/Mercenary Star-Edge


Lucina Mage/Mercenary Star-Edge Semi-Active
Rhiannon Patra Mage/Founder Unknown Deceased
Faize Edge 1st Guild Master Unknown Deceased


Branch Guilds

As large as it is, Yggdrasil has many different branches that act on their own. They often have members working together on missions and carry out tasks together if foe proves to be too much of a burden. Aside from that, these guilds share loose affiliation with one another, with their only real common identity is that they owe a debt to Yggdrasil and have signed a non-aggression pact with the Guild Master of Yggdrasil, Arumat Jerand, forbidding them from attacking. However, what each guild does on their own is of no concern to Yggdrasil. 


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