Yomi is a prominent member of the Watcher Eye Guild. Yomi is also the former leader of Sparrow's former thief gang.


Yomi originally led a group of theives. One day, Yomi's group decided to ambush this guy that they thought would be an easy score. Unfortunately, for them, their target easily beat all of them. He introduced himself as Sparrow, and told Yomi and his gang that they shouldn't use their talents for petty thefts. Moved by Sparrow's words, Yomi and his gang began following him until Sparrow eventually agreed to be their leader. Sparrow helped the gang hone their magic powers and also turned them into a group of noble theives that stole from the Council and the Royal Family and gave a considerable amount of their plunder to the poor. Like many of Sparrow's gang Yomi knows of Sparrow's past as a victim of Arkaeus' massacre.

One day, Yomi along with Sparrow and the rest of their gang, by chance they met Sparrow's father Marco, who had survived the attack. After their tearful reunion Marco offered his son and the rest of the gang a place in his guild. Yomi is one of the members that joined the main guild.


Yomi is very hyperactive, and is exuberant, impatient and impulsive. Like many of Sparrow's gang Yomi is very protective of his 'boss' and by extension the entirety of his guild.

Magic and Abilities

Yomi is highly skilled at healing magic, able to regenerate most of his patient's internal organs.

Magnet: Yomi is also able to manipulate magnetic fields. Yomi uses this ability to control his swords allowing him to wield a total of five swords (two in his hands, three in the air)

Master Swordsmanship: Yomi is a master swordsman. By combining his magic with his swordsmanship Yomi created a swordsmanship style known as Gotoryu.

Odoroki Giri: Yomi rushes at his opponent with the two swords in his hands, forcing them to block. Yomi then commands his other three swords to slash his opponents from behind.
Tora Tsume: Yomi commands two of his aerial swords to hover close above the swords in his hands. He then commands his remaining aerial sword to fly forth at his opponent catching them off guard. He then slashes them with his other swords in way similar to claws.