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"Nature has brought us all here to this city. We have grown with it as well as protected it. Now we should learn from it, and become better in tune with friends and family around us, no matter what our differences are."
— Unknown

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Yoshino is considered a progressive melting pot of ideas and of cultures all put together. The people who live there have all come from all over Earthland, and in return have created a mishmash of culture, but in peace.

Yoshino is located near the western coast of Fiore, and is the main shipping port. From here, you can gather thoughts and ideas from all over Fiore without having to travel to all of the other cities.

Yoshino is a great place to live and learn in relative safety, as there is a very low amount of criminal activity.


Yoshino, which is aptly named for the Yoshino cherry trees in the area, started as a small fishing community back when the country of Fiore first was created. It grew to be a popular place to live due to its likable climate and natural beauty. About a century ago the city decided to start a festival honoring nature and all of it's beauty called Shizen Matsuri, or Nature Festival. Due to the popularity of the festival and how welcoming the city is, Yoshino had a population boom over the past century. As of now, Yoshino's most densely populated section is along the coast, but as you go inland industry makes way for nature fairly quickly, leaving much room for those who visit to enjoy nature.

Local Interests

Yoshino cherry trees

Yoshino cherry trees: These trees were and are still a major draw to this city. These trees seem to constantly be in bloom, as well as the rest of the local flora. These trees are treated with respect, and seem to spread happiness within the city.


Shizen Matsuri: The Nature Festival is held once a year celebrating the natural beauty of Yoshino as well as the rest of Fiore. On the last night of the festival a massive fireworks display is shown over the water to finish the celebration.


Inland yoshino

Population: The population of Yoshino is near the 100,000 persons mark, having the first half right on the coast, with the rest spread out throughout the city to enjoy being surrounded by nature.

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Education: With a 3/5ths of the population as children, they are educated en mass within school buildings, learning life skills, history, culture, as well as magic if the students so choose to.

Criminal Activity: Just as nature has it's share of violence, Yoshino is no different. Most of the offenses within the city are from accidents, miscommunication, or anger. As the offenses are committed, depending on the severity, you will be forgiven, banished, or sentenced to death. Throughout the history of Yoshino however, the death sentence has only had to be used a handful of times, allowing Yoshino to be thought of as a very safe place.

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