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"Why do you have health and yet I am forced to sit in one position, not being able to walk and run. I have no feeling I am just a shell of what I once was haha, I shall enjoy making you suffer at the hands of my magic!"
— Yoshitsugu

Name Yoshitsugu
Kanji 大谷
Rōmaji ?
Race ?
Birthday ?
Age ?
Gender ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Eyes Black
Hair ?
Blood Type ?
Unusual Features Leprosy
Professional Status
Affiliation ?
Previous Affiliation ?
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation Mage
Team ?
Partner ?
Base of Operations ?
Personal Status
Relatives ?
Alias The Leper
Magic Not Yet Revealed

Yoshitsugu (大谷) is a mysterious creature that calls itself Yoshitsugu, it has allied itself with Sesshou, a dark S- class mage This creature is known as one of the greatest mysterious of earthland to many; much is unknown to who this creature is or what it wants. It seems that the creature has a great knowledge of many figures within the earthland, Ametsumi and even knowing much about other mages.



Yoshitsugu General Appearance

The creature known as Yoshitsugu is famed for having leprosy, in which is why it concealing itself in bandages. It appears to be extremely old, skinny and weak of a person, warped in bandages and wearing red samurai armor. With a helmet looking like moth wings and red antennas, wears white Hakama, with tabi shocks. Pure black eyes, like a demon, underneath its bandages, most of its flesh rotted away. Making it appeared to be like a corpse, none have seen it without its bandages. Since Yoshitsugu’s leprosy has destroyed it's body inside and out, Yoshitsugu is forced into the lotus position on a palanquin limiting its movement. Although through the use of Yoshitsugu's magic, Yoshitsugu is able to float around on this palanquin freely. Giving it more of way to move around, before Yoshitsugu needed to be cared by subordinates. Yoshitsugu is often having the look of disgust on its face, with its rotted away flesh. Yoshitsugu has a very powerful smell of rotting flesh, which many can’t stand so many run away from it. Yoshitsugu is still able to talk through his bandages, although the sound will be muffed so making Yoshitsugu sound slow and depressed. Making it hard to tell if Yoshitsugu is a Male of Female, because most of Yoshitsugu’s body is decayed. Since Yoshitsugu is a frail and weak creature, Yoshitsugu can barely move limbs and other body parts. Often moaning at the pain that Yoshitsugu’s body is in, screaming so much that Yoshitsugu’s voice is horse most of the time. Talking in a depressed and grave tone, Yoshitsugu is often feared as a freak for what has happened from the leprosy Yoshitsugu has. When forced to move limbs, an opponent will often hear Yoshitsugu’s bone crack at the pain moving limbs. From the smell, the sight, Yoshitsugu’s voice, Yoshitsugu is a disgusting creature to all of the senses.




Magic and Abilities



  • Yoshitsugu seems to be the first character in the world of Fairy Tail that has a diseases.
  • At this time, it is unknown that Yoshitsugu is a male or female.
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