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Yuji Shusin
Yuji Shusin
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 5' 4"
Eyes Red
Hair Brown
Unusual Features Scar running down right eye
Professional Status
Affiliation Rebel Drone
Previous Affiliation Alizarin
Occupation Legal Mage
Team Team Renegade
Partner Tetsuya Nishida


Magnus Dei

Michelle Hale

Base of Operations Columbine, Fiore
Personal Status
Alias Shorty
Magic Crimson Fire Dragon Slayer

Yuji Shusin is an S-Class mage for the guild Rebel Drone. He is known for being able to eat anything that is a shade of red.


Yuji Shusin is a dark skinned man with equally colored hair. He wears a aquamarine scarf and has blood red eyes. Yuji is very short for his age and his friends mockingly call him "Shorty" for that reason.


Yuji has a very humorous personality, he laughs at anything that happens, and is always seen joking around. He is a very playful person, and refuses to stay still for more than five minutes. He has beliefs in camaraderie and friendship, he is just trying to do the best he can at it.


It is unknown who Yuji's parents are, all that is known about him is that his foster mother was Alizarin, the Crimson Dragon. And that she unexpectedly left him in the year X777. After Alizarin's disappearance, Yuji wandered aimlessly from town to town, looking for her, he never found her and took refuge in a guild named Rebel Drone, and after being convinced by Riley Light, he joined the guild as a mage.


Yuji's magic is a variation of Fire Dragon Slayer magic. He has the ability to conjure temperature-less, crimson colored fire. The fact that it is temperature-less allows Yuji to mold the fire into things such as a bolt, a cocoon, and even into the shape of a flower. It is described to look like a gas, and act like a liquid. This is due to the fact that it is actually plasma. Being a dragon slayer, he has has the ability to eat anything that is a shade of red.

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