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"Allow Me To Cut Through Those Words!"

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Yukiko Inari

雪子 いなり


Yukiko Inari


The Woman with a Frozen Heart
She who Breathes Frost
Ice Goddess of Akane Beach


Human (God Slayer)




Female Female


19 (Current)
25 (Future)

Blood Type


Hair Color


Eye Color



5'10 (Future)


187.lbs (Future)

Guild Mark Color


Guild Mark Location

Right Hand

Professional Status

ACEArcher's Cross
Inari Family CrestInari Family
QOS - Sentinels - Logo The Sentinels

Previous Affiliation



Legal Mage

Previous Occupation



Kalina Inari



Base of Operations

Archer's Cross Guildhall

Personal Status


Marital Status



Kalina Inari


Kalina Inari (Wife)
Olivia Inari (Daughter)
Samarra Inari (Sister-in-Law)
Aldrich Inari (Father-in-Law)

Powers & Equipment

Blizzard God Slayer Magic (Freezing Flame God Mode)
Celestial Spirit Magic (Older)


Ascension Ceremony
Inner God

Signature Skill

Close Combat


Thundersnow: A Song of Ice and Lightning

"My heart is as cold as my skin, that much I can assure you. Leave me alone, I don't want to be your friend and you don't want to be mine. It's for the best."
— Yukiko

Yukiko Inari (雪子 いなり, Yukiko Inari) is a quiet and reserved young woman born and raised in the frozen mountains of Iceberg where she and her father spent their lives isolated in their studies. After leaving her mountaintop home she traveled to Fiore where she joined Archer's Cross. It is here where she prefers to spend her time alone, training to further develop the magic that had been gifted to her by the Gods. Her unusually cold nature having earned her the nickname, "The Woman With a Frozen Heart".


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Ice God slayer full body BD1

Yukiko is a beautiful young woman with long silver hair that extends down to the middle of her back, often resting neatly between her shoulder blades. Her long hair is often pulled up into a ponytail to keep it from getting in her way during her training or other physical activities. Her hair is said to have a nice sheen to it, often having a somewhat shining effect to it during sunny summer days. Her face consists of soft features, chubby cheeks on either side of her face. Her nose is thin and pointed ever so slightly upwards, making it all the easier to see her nostrils flare if she becomes angry or annoyed. Upturned eyes colored a most wonderful shade of blue that anyone would find captivating if not for the cold malice that is often layered behind them. Thin, slightly blue lips often sit as a scowl on her face even when she isn't necessarily angry as she suffers from what many have come to call "resting bitch face". Her head is diamond shaped, ending in a somewhat pointed chin. Her neck is a bit thick but just long enough so that it doesn't look as though her head is supported by her shoulders which lead down into toned arms, gained through her years of boxing, one of her few passions outside of her studies. They are long and thin, leading down into average size hands. Despite her constant usage of them, her hands remain soft.

Her skin is soft and flawless, pale to the point of being only a few shades above porcelain. Her body is cold to the touch, radiating no warmth at all, not even from her breath. Her torso is thin but muscular, undefined but still there below a thin layer of fat. Her chest is not highly prominent on the upper region of her torso, possessing a B-cup bust size. Her torso leads down to thin hips, only being able to tell where they begin because of the slight curvature of that area. The muscles in her legs are a bit more defined, once again a result of her several years of boxing. Her legs are quite long, like that of a track runner.

Yukiko's style rarely varies, only having a few different outfits that she wears regularly. A black tank-top normally under a white sweater with either a pair of sweat pants, blue jeans or a blue skirt. When wearing a skirt she will often wear knee-high socks or leggings, always wearing spandex underneath so that she always remains ready for combat if the need to fight arises. She also possesses a black cloak she once used for travel but now barely wears unless it is cold outside, not because the cold affects her in any way but because she believes it is best to keep un the appearance that it does to avoid drawing attention to herself. She owns two pairs of shoes, a pair of sneakers and a pair of boots, interchangeable with any of her outfits so she doesn't often care too much about which she wears.


Yukiko Personality two

Rarely having a conversation lasting more than a few sentences, Yukiko is known for her very quiet and reserved nature. She can often be found reading in her room or the guild's library. Her cold nature coupled with the icy temperatures that seem to follow her around are normally enough to keep others away. If those two things aren't enough to keep others away her sharp tongue and curt way of speaking to others is more often than not enough to drive them away. She cares little for others feelings, exploiting whatever weaknesses she finds in them the moment she sees an opening to do so, seeing to it that no one dares to confide or share secrets with her.

Yukiko's cold personality

She has a bit of an elitist attitude, talking down to others often when talking to them at all. Despite this, she realizes her limits and pushes them constantly in hopes of helping herself grow, believing that her magic would be one of the strongest in the world if she could only fully control it. While she is quick to annoyance which has a possibility to lead into anger she isn't much of a hothead, often doing whatever she can to remove herself from a situation before resorting to violence or threats. Yukiko is not known for her ability to work well with others, wanting to do things her way or not at all. During group battles she often tries to take point, fighting as if the others weren't there and recklessly endangering the others she is fighting alongside.

Yukiko Personality three

On rare occasions, Yukiko can be spotted at a local coffee shop not far from the guildhall. This is the place she often comes to "socialize", listening to the conversations of others while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea. It is on these rare occasions that approaching her will not be met with immediate rejection, being willing to hold brief conversations so long as she can find meaning in them. It should be noted that even though she is more willing to listen to others during this time that her willingness to contribute to the conversation will normally remain at the same level. This is because she comes to the shop to receive information, not to give it out. Despite her best efforts, she has a tendency to get over excited when her favorite books or authors are brought up in conversation, ending up talking far more than she normally would. Once she has regained her composer she is normally embarrassed and will exit the conversation by either asking the one she was conversing with to leave or for her to leave herself.

Yukiko smile BD1

After meeting and becoming friends with, Kalina Inari, Yukiko's anti-social nature changed and she began to attempt to become more social as the young Inari tore down the walls the ice woman had put up to protect herself. While it was once a rare occasion to see her smiling in a way that wasn't meant to put someone else down, she can now be seen smiling warmly at others. She has even started trying to make conversation with her other guildmates, her reputation as a stuck up brat making this hard but she still does her best to change how others have come to view her. The brightest sides of her new found positive attitude can only be witnessed when she is in the presence of Kalina, even more so now that the two have begun dating. Kalina often brings the best out of Yukiko has helped her on her slow but steady transition out of her shell.


Yukiko was born and raised in the mountains of Iceberg where she and her father lived in near total isolation all but for a small village at the base of the mountain. It was in this life that the two devoted their lives to the study of magic, specifically that of lost magic. Yukiko worked alongside her father as the two of them researched thousands of ancient texts depicting accounts of interactions with Gods and those who had been granted power from them. Her father eventually stumbled onto a text sent to him from a colleague in Sin which detailed how to summon a God to the earth. As a scholar and a mage who used summoning magic, her father had realized that they might have the once in a lifetime chance to study and learn from a God. After two years of studying the text and practicing the rituals, Yukiko watched as her father summoned the God who ruled over the mountain range in which they lived, an Ice Goddess named Weiss. After begging the Goddess and offering his eternal loyalty and worship, Weiss agreed to teach Yukiko God slayer magic. Yukiko spent the next several years training under the tutelage of the Goddess, learning the Goddess's Blizzard God Slayer Magic.

An accident during her training resulted in the death of her father and the complete freezing of her home. With Yukiko's father gone, and therefore the Goddess's anchor to this world, Weiss disappeared, leaving Yukiko to discover the full power of her magic all on her own. She did find out how to unfreeze the house and her father but it was far too late to save either at that time. Thousands of ancient documents and important research completely ruined. Realizing she no longer had a reason to remain living on the mountain top she took all of the money she could find within the house and left in search of a new place to call home. Her journey eventually led her to Hibiscus Village where she ran out of money and was forced to find a job to survive. With little to no social skills and no talents beyond her magic and intermediate level knowledge of lost magic she had no other choice but to join the nearest guild, joining Archer's Cross soon after where she now resides as a member.


Yukiko Survival knife BD1

Trench Knife: One of the few remaining objects she brought from her mountain home, Yukiko carries her father's old Trench knife with her as both a means of protecting herself and as a sort of good luck charm. Measuring in at about six inches long, the black colored blade of this knife is kept razor sharp. The knife's guard also doubles as a single knuckle duster which allows her to utilize her skill in hand to hand combat even during combat involving weapons. The handle of the knife is made of a combination of rubber and leather allowing the user to keep a firm grip on the blade even during the most stressful and heated battles. The metal which makes up the blade and knuckle duster is titanium with stainless steel making up the metal parts of the handle. The knife is lightweight, weighing less that one pound which allows it to be used for deadly combo slashes without draining the user's stamina. Her knife is kept in a black sheath on her lower back attached to her belt, making it easily accessible to her.

Fubuki Sword BD1

Fubuki: Fubuki is a katana forged by Yukiko with the help of her swordmaster. During the process of smithing the blade, Yukiko was told that it would represent a piece of her soul and that she should keep her ideas and values in mind as she forged the katana. Yukiko did, having kept in mind the ideas taught to her by Weiss which is what lead to Yukiko naming the blade after the strength Weiss had given her. Having forged it with her own two hands, Yukiko feels a strong attachment to her sword, considering it an extension of her own body like the teachings of her master had taught her. The blade was dyed black in color, similar to the ice she utilizes in battle. The blade is made of a mixture of both high and low carbon infused high-quality steel to allow the blade to maintain a razor sharp edge while simultaneously remaining tough enough to absorb shock. The hilt and sheath are made of high-quality wood with a Lacquer finish, the sheath being a deep black color. The hilt of the sword is covered first in a layer of ice blue cloth, the second layer being the same type of cloth in a black color. This cloth allows the user to have a better grip of the sword at all times. The pommel and guard are both dark gray in color, only a few shades lighter than the blade itself. While the blade was created in the traditional way, Yukiko modified the sword to fit her needs as a mage, the sword being implanted with a blank lacrima capable of absorbing ethernano from magical attacks and utilizing it as her own, capable of coating the blade in said magic or firing it back at the user. She can also fill the lacrima with her own magic, channeling her ice through the sword to cast spells. Yukiko can expel that magic whenever she wishes however the blade can only hold a single magic at a time.

Magic & Abilities

Non-magical Abilities

Slightly Above Average Intelligence: Yukiko has spent the greater majority of her life under the wing of her father, a brilliant man who had devoted his entire life to the research of magic, both lost and otherwise. Her father taught her a great many things about magic, allowing her to act as his assistant in many of his studies and experiments. It was through his teaching and what she saw that she gained a great deal of knowledge about magic. Her knowledge was further developed via her training with Weiss who explained to her the nature and secrets behind God slayer magic, even granting her the ability to use Inner God, an ability that allows the user to temporarily obtain the full knowledge of the God they had studied under. Despite her great deal of knowledge in this one subject area, Yukiko lacks basic knowledge of many things people her age should have already learned. Her understanding of how to interact with others lacks greatly and normally leads to her not trying at all. When first leaving her mountain home she lacked a great deal of knowledge about just how advanced the outside world had become, only ever having seen primitive communication lacrima, never having seen running indoor water or microwavable foods, believing them to have been nothing but fiction found in some of the books her father had allowed her to read. Her IQ is 120.

Multilangual: Having been raised in the country of Iceberg she originally didn't speak the Fioren language, having to learn it by herself. Though she has gotten much better at it over time, there are still some words she has a difficult time and her unwillingness to speak with others does not help this fact. She relies mostly on books to help her stay fluent in and continue learning the Fioren language. There are times in which she will slip back into her native tongue, normally when she is surprised or becomes excited. During her travels before coming to Fiore she spent time in Bosco where she learned to speak Bosconian, having also learned to read it at a basic level.

Incredible Strength and Sturdiness: As a result of her effort combined with her changed physiology obtained through the learning of God slayer magic, Yukiko possesses strength not commonly believed to be possessed by women of her size. She has a compact muscle structure throughout her body, allowing her to lift and throw things several times her own weight. Her strength becomes particularly deadly when combined with her fighting style, her punches and kicks carrying enough force behind them to shatter skulls and ribs. Her bones are also quite strong, being much denser than regular human bones which allows them to take more punishment without breaking. Falling from tall heights and taking attacks from heavy blunt weapons head on does little to stop her.

Enhanced Reflexes and Observational Skills: Yukiko is the type of person who consciously collects large amounts of information from her environment. While all humans do this, their brains normally shift through and forget most of this information within only a few seconds of obtaining it. Yukiko consciously reads through this information, picking out what is important and what isn't rather than allowing her brain to miss or forget important information. Sights, smells, the very feeling of the changes in the air around her are sorted through in a matter of a few milliseconds to give her a detailed map of her environment. Movement particularly has a tendency to catch her eye, allowing her to quickly locate and lock on to moving objects around her. This allows her reaction time to be twice that of a regular human, her muscles quickly and efficiently obey her commands to dodge or counter oncoming attacks. Both of these skills are likely boosted by her changed physiology to reach the advanced height they have.

Astounding Speed: Yukiko's incredible reflexes allow her to quickly react to changes in her environment, noticing and countering attacks with speed and precision. Her running speed exceeds sixty miles an hour, her strong and well-developed leg muscles, overall healthy body, and advanced running technique allowing her to reach these speeds and maintain them for around ten minutes at a time, require twenty minute rest periods if she maintains max speed the entire time.

Skill in Gymnastics and Parkour: Having a near perfect sense of balance, Yukiko is capable of easily shifting her weight even in mid-air. This allows her to perform a variety of different flips and tumbles, knowing the proper techniques to land safely. While practicing these skills she also began practicing parkour, a sport that utilized many of the same elements. Using her well developed, muscular body allows her to easily jump over and even through objects, pulling herself up from ledges when she needs to while causing as little damage to herself as possible.

Yukiko fighting

Experienced Hand to Hand Combatant: Yukiko's signature skill is her prowess in hand to hand combat. Having taken an interest the art of boxing at a young age, one of the few non-academic activities that Piqued My Interest. She spent much of her young life reading on the art, training herself in its use until she became a moderately skilled fighter. After leaving her home and becoming a mage, her skill only increased as she began to receive real combat experience. Not only did her skill in boxing increase but her interest in other forms of martial arts also began to flourish, getting formal training from professionals and her fellow mages as she began to become quite the martial artist. She is deadliest when her opponents are in arms reach, delivering quick, decisive, and deadly blows with unmatched precision.

  • Boxing: One of the very few physical activities Yukiko ever took interest in she began self-training herself in the art for several years using some of the books on the subject her father had gathered over the years. After leaving her home and joining Archer's cross she quickly began taking lessons, applying the knowledge gained from her time studying she quickly advanced through the classes. Yukiko's style is a mixture between that of an out-fighter and a puncher. She prefers to keep her distance, relying on quick, well-aimed punches to get the job done. Despite her preference, she knew that real fights were rarely as well organized as something like a boxing match, prompting her to try to mix up her style, adopting the style of a puncher which allows her to get in close and wear down her opponent with a series of quick and sometimes deadly combos. Because of how similar the two styles are, they meld together quite well, making her a versatile and fearsome opponent.
  • Krav Maga : An extremely efficient form of combat known for its brutal counter attacks. This form of self-defense consists of several different techniques taken from Aikido, Boxing, Judo, wrestling, all alongside realistic fight training. The combat style's philosophy focuses on neutralizing the threat, offensive and defensive maneuvers coupled with aggression. Attacks and counter-attacks delivered by users of this form of self-defense target the most vulnerable parts of the human body, eyes, throat, groin, ribs, kidneys, knee, and liver. Those who practice this form of self-defense are also taught to be situationally aware of their surroundings, identifying potential threats before said threats have a chance to attack. The basic purpose of Krav Maga is to end a fight as quickly as possible. Unlike Aikido and Judo, Krav Maga concerns itself little with the safety of the threat being neutralized.
  • Muay Thai: A martial art that utilizes stand-up striking along with clinching techniques. Also known as "the art of eight limbs" due to its ability to combine punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. The art being very efficient for full contact fighters. Punching techniques from this style are similar to boxing, consisting of jabs, crosses, hooks and so forth. Elbow uppercut, elbow slashes, spinning elbow. Straight kick, roundhouse kick, jump kick. Flying knee, straight knee strike, knee bomb, knee slap. Straight foot-thrust, jumping foot-thrust. These are just a few of the many different techniques utilized by Muay Thai fighters, being incredibly flexible and efficient techniques.
  • Ki no Michi (木の道, Ki no Michi lit. "The Way of the Tree") is a martial art created by the Mystan monks as a way to integrate their martial arts into their philosophy, the martial art being the perfect embodiment of their "Live like that of a tree" ideology. It is a face paced and flexible fighting style that focuses on neutralizing attacks and using momentum along with instinct in order to swiftly move out of the way of attacks. The offensive side of this martial art focusing on joint manipulation along with a variety of throws. Mages who utilize this martial art are known to be of both fast body and mind, reading opponents and reacting in kind with perfect timing as the martial art focuses greatly on defensive abilities and countering opponents attacks, often turning their opponents attacks against themselves. Users of this martial art are often known to have great flexibility as well as a mesomorphic body type. This martial art was taught to Yukiko by Aldrich Inari himself, the training allowing her to gain a greater understand of the values and ideas held by the family she would soon be joining.
Kenjutsu BD1

Kenjutsu: Meaning "Method of the Sword", kenjutsu is a discipline of swordsmanship that utilizes the use of katana in battle. It is an umbrella term for all martial arts styles that use swords as a means to kill their opponent. There are hundreds of different schools of kenjutsu, each having their own unique ideas and fighting styles. Yukiko began practicing this skill not long after joining Archer's Cross, beginning through self-taught lessons before joining a dojo in town where she would learn from a professional swordsman.

  • Iaijutsu: A school of Kenjutsu that revolves heavily around the user being aware of their surroundings and quickly being able to draw and sheath their sword. User's draw and sheath their swords in mere seconds, surprising opponents with quick, precise strikes before shaking off the blood and returning the blade to its sheath. This technique is meant to kill opponents quickly, often before they even know it is coming. It is also a well know technique for countering attacks, the user's ability to quickly draw their sword serving them well for defensive purposes as they quickly draw their sword to block attacks before delivering a deadly counter.
  • Shunpo BD1
    Shunpo: Meaning Flash Steps, it is a traditional sword fighting style once utilized by the Hoshito clan. An incredibly aggressive form of sword fighting that, as the name suggests, relies on quick and precise footwork while ensuring that no unnecessary movements are made. Users of this sword art are known for their fluid-like, light on their feet movements that allows them to quickly circle an enemy as they search for an opening to strike, often faster than the human I can keep up with. Often keeping their sword straight out in front of them with both hands gripping the handle when not striking to allow them to quickly switch from defensive to offensive maneuvers that focus on ending a battle as quickly as possible with strikes often being aimed at the neck and chest, less deadly strikes to the legs or arms normally only being used to set up more powerful strike. The movements of Shunpo are often considered unconventional, users rolling out of the way or even jumping over attacks in attempts to get the edge on their opponent by either getting behind them or even beneath their strike to deliver one of their own.
    Shunpo 2 BD1
    Training in this form of kenjutsu is often described as brutal, those choosing to practice it often dawning several scars from the hardcore training associated with it the usage of Shunpo, being slow and making mistakes with footwork often resulting in getting hit with the steel, kendo-like training weapon which often leaving large welts if it manages to avoid breaking the skin. Regardless of its brutality, it was once the main fighting style of the Encan army before being watered down later in history and taught in dojos all over Ishgar. However, those who wish to experience the true thing may still find some masters located in the southern mountains on the main island of Enca While often utilized with the katana, it can be used with any sword-like weapon so long as it can be wielded with speed which means that broadswords and other heavy weapons are out of the question. It is indeed a style best fit for smaller swordsman, however, years of training can allow for larger users to effectively utilize this style with only small variations to make up for their often somewhat slower movements.
  • Zatoichi style: Also called the reverse grip, Yukiko has trained in this gripping style, able to switched between the traditional and reverse style quickly during the heat of battle to suit her needs. This style was created for indoor usage as the traditional style made it incredibly difficult to swing one's sword inside of buildings. As the name suggests the blade sits reversed in the hand, the back of the blade often resting against the wielder's forearm, reducing the length of the blade by a significant degree.
  • Duel Wielding: Yukiko is known to be able to hold and effectively use two weapons at once, while this is normally limited to two swords she may also use her sword and trench knife at the same time. While not considered so much as a talent, the ability to mantain both offense and defense when utilizing this skill does require a bit of training. Especially when utilizing weapons of different lengths.

Magical Abilities

Magical Prowess: Yukiko is a strong mage with the potential of becoming a truly fearsome and powerful one. Her changed physiology via the learning of God Slayer magic has transformed her magic origin into one capable of holding such a massive amount of magical energy. While she does possess a nearly unfathomable amount of magic she is not yet skilled enough to use it to its fullest, often using too much magic when casting basic spells which has a tendency to drain her energy quickly, even if large amounts of magic still remain within her origin. However, as she grew, training alongside her wife and other members of the Inari family, Yukiko was able to learn to control her magical output and gain an overall better understanding of ethernano control which allows her to cast spells more efficiently than she had before. Her large magical reserves being used to their fullest to cast powerful spells without wasting more energy or ethernano than needed.

  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki): A magical aura is the exertion of magical energy around the user's body. Encapsulating the user in an aura of a color befitting their personality. Colors and potency of Magical auras are various. This aura is normally accompanied by a pressure of sorts, the strength of this pressure depends on the level of magical aura the user wields. Depending on the level of one's magical aura as well as their control over it, it may also be used as an intimidation tactic or even as a way to negate weak attacks. Magical aura come in three different forms, a standard aura which is exhibited by those of weak or average magical power. These auras are often weak, only being able to intimidate none mages. The second of these auras is an S-class aura which is exhibited by those whose level of magical power is equal to or greater than that of an S-class mage. This aura emits and overwhelming pressure that most anyone might find intimidating. The final and most powerful form of aura is the monster aura which is only exhibited by those whose level of magical power is equal to or exceeds that of a guild master or wizard saint. These auras encompass a large area around the user, releasing an incredible amount of pressure. This pressure may even completely immobilize some opponents. The user is replaced by a phantom-like apparition as they are completely enveloped in their respective color. Yukiko's aura is that of an S-class aura and is a deep blue color, often radiating an icy wind from it, known to quickly drop the temperature of the air around her.

Blizzard God's Freezing Aura: As part of the changed physiology due to her learning Blizzard God Slayer Magic, Yukiko no longer emits or produces heat. Her body naturally absorbs heat from the surrounding area, emitting an icy cold aura from her body that makes her skin cold to the touch and often lowers the temperature of any room she stays in for an extended period of time. This process works mostly through her respiratory system, breathing in the room temperature air around her and exhaling cold, frosty air. She also absorbs heat through her skin, taking it in like all humans do but failing to put any out, ultimately leading to her lowering the temperature of the area around her. Even if she isn't in a room or closed space a three-foot radius around her is always at least a few degrees cooler than anywhere else nearby.

Yukiko's Ascension BD1

Ascension Ceremony: The highest ability a God slayer can achieve, granting the user the power of a God and allowing them to Embody their form for a period of time. This ability allows God slayers to push beyond their human capabilities and essentially attain the closest thing one could possibly call Godhood, users who enter this form are often referred to as Demi-Gods. It boosts their natural capabilities just as much as their magical, giving them immeasurable strength and speed, heightened senses and reflexes. The increase in their magical abilities extends to their other magics as well, allowing them to achieve the fullest possibly potential of everything that they are. When in this form God slayers produce a "Godly Aura" which grants them incredible healing abilities, allowing them to heal almost instantly from semi-severe wounds as well as giving them the ability to fly. Users can also offer their blessings to others, granting them the ability to heal or fly for a short time. Ethernano blessing, another ability gifted to users upon entering this state allows them to absorb pure ethernano form the surrounding area to replenish their magical reserves.

Yukiko White Ascension BD1

Dogma is the final and most powerful ability gained by the ascended, allowing them to oppose divine authority over an area, releasing all of their power into a single devastating attack that only targets those the user sees as enemies. Once Dogma has been used the God slayer is forced from their ascended form and left unable to use magic for a period of time. It should be noted that this ability does not come without risk, the more the ability is used, the harder it is for a user to exit it and return to their normal form, though, with enough training this can be avoided. Another danger that comes from the using of ethernano blessing is that if used too often the user might become unable to naturally produce ethernano within their own body.

Inner God Meditation BD1

Inner God: An ability gifted to first generation God slayers by their teacher which allows the user to temporarily obtain the knowledge of a God. In order for a God slayer to obtain this ability, their teacher must implant a part of their soul into the mind of the student, this shard of the God's is its own entity which will grow and change along with the God slayer. Once this is done the ability can be activated through meditation, the alter ego taking over once the God slayer in question has completely cleared their mind. The psyche of both the God soul and the God slayer synchronize, allowing the God slayer's mind to evolve to the point of becoming its own dimension in and of itself, elevating the God slayer's mind to a higher consciousness where they will gain the wisdom and knowledge of a heavenly being. When this ability is active the user has the ability to think and act with complete rationality and unbias, having a deeper understanding of the world and its truths. This ability gives the God Slayer something similar in nature to future sight/clairvoyance, allowing them to easily predict their opponents moves several attacks ahead. The range of this future sight being limited only by the wisdom and knowledge of both the teacher and the student combined. Their rational thought allows them to continue forward, unhindered by any form of emotion which in turn means that the God slayer is able to achieve their highest potential without fear of failure or death.

Their higher consciousness allows the to give their thoughts physical form in the form of energy attacks, similar to Telekinesis and Telepathy. These psychic attacks can also be used for defense. As mentioned before, the evolution of the God slayer's mind transforms it into a dimension which is nearly impossible to escape from if sent there by the God slayer, such a feat being capable through physical contact with said God slayer. This dimension can take on any form and the God slayer holds absolute authority over this dimension. They have the ability to warp and manipulate this dimension however they please, changing how others perceive time, the weather and landscape, and even the very laws of physics are theirs to command. There is one single thing in which God slayers cannot manipulate and that is living creatures. Their authority doesn't extend living things pulled into this dimension, being unable to simply command their deaths to make it true. Maintaining this world is very draining to even the most powerful of God slayers, only being able to hold objects in this world for a limited period of time. Like all great powers there are consequences for using them. Each time a God slayer activates this ability they lose a piece of themselves, using it often enough will drive the user to complete insanity and as a result the user will become a feral God slayer, a mindless and destructive beast that will not stop until it has been slain. Using this ability will leave the God slayer burned out at the end, being unable to continue expending magical power, meaning that it is during this limited time frame that a God slayer must kill or defeat their opponent. Unlike Ascension Ceremony, which changes the user's body and power level to that of a God, this ability simply changes the user's mind.


Blizzard God Slayer Magic

Blizzard God Slayer Magic BD1 copy

Blizzard God Slayer Magic (吹雪滅神魔法, Fubuki metsujin Mahō) is a form of Caster, Lost, and Slayer magic that utilizes the element of Ice to give the user the ability to battle, defeat, and even slay Gods, though it can be noted that while God slayer magic makes the job of killing a God a much more simple one, powerful mages have been shown to slay Gods without the use of God slayer magic. It is a magic that can be learned in several ways similar to its slayer counterpart, Dragon Slayer Magic. The first way that one can learn this form of magic is to be taught by a God themselves which allows users who learn through this way to be granted extra powers of some sort normally manifesting itself in the form of Dual elements or other boosts to power. God slayers that learn God slayer magic through this method have come to be known as fist generation God slayers, the most versatile generation of the two currently known generations. God slayer magic can also be taught through the use of ancient grimoires, allowing the magic to be studied and then applied in combat. Another way this generation of God slayers can learn this magic is through having a God slayer lacrima implanted into their bodies. God slayers who learn through this form have come to be known as second generation god slayers. This particular form of God slayer magic was taught to Yukiko by the Ice God, Weiss, summoned to earth my Yukiko's father. It was through this training that Yukiko obtained this magic.

Like all God slayer magic regardless of element, Yukiko's ice is black in color, appearing very different from its dragon slayer counterpart. The ice utilized by Blizzard God slayers is far stronger than regular ice, in no way fragile or frail, having a very similar strength to that of iron. The temperature of A Blizzard God's ice can be measured at around -109°F (-78°C), instantly freezing skin on contact, leaving a burning sensation to become present on the skin where contact was made, causing blisters and possible frostbite within moments of contact. This temperature can be found in all basic and intermediate Blizzard God slayer spells, secret arts having the ability to reach temperatures lower than -321 degrees Fahrenheit (-196 degrees Celsius) causing frostbite on contact and freezing nearly anything it touches after only a few brief moments of contact. Blizzard God slayers have the ability to mold their ice similar to a molding magic, creating swords, armor, and even beasts to aid them in battle.

God slayers, like all slayers, possess a different physiology than that of a regular human, their body being morphed by the magic into that of a God's. The magic transforming the user's magic origin, allowing them to possess such powerful magic. This change occurs during the user's training with said magic, eventually allowing the user to embody their element. Users of this particular type of God slayer magic are completely immune to the cold, incredibly low temperatures having no negative effects on their bodies. The drawback to this is that these God slayers radiate a very cold aura from themselves, making whatever room they're in at least five degrees colder than anywhere else in a house or building. Like all slayers the user is granted immunity from their own element, being able to devour it to boost their own strength and magic. An ability possessed only by God slayers, however, is their ability to devour their own magic, something that would cause illness to any other slayer type. Doing this allows them to regain some of the magic used to create their spell in the case that said spell misses its target.

Basic and intermediate Spells

  • Blizzard God's Bellow: A God slayer's bellow is their signature attack, normally the first learned by God slayers and there for one of its most basic. A Blizzard God's bellow is one of their most basic yet powerful spells and can be can actually take on two different forms. Like all Breath spells, Blizzard God's bellow is cast from the user's mouth, initiated when the user takes in a deep breath as they gather their magic into their lungs. The user will then exhale heavily, spewing forth one of two different possible forms this bellow can take. The first being that of several giant shards of ice meant that can cause massive blunt and cutting damage, often burying its victim under up to a hundred pounds of ice and snow. This snow and ice maintains a temperature of around -109°F (-78°C), causing frostbite, blisters, and burns after a few moments of brief contact. The second form this bellow can take is that of a black mist, lowering the temperature of anything it touches by up to twenty degrees Fahrenheit, possibly causing hypothermia and other complications the longer one stays within it. This black mist has a radius of about thirty feet around the user, meant to keep foes at a distance while the user prepares a more damaging attack.
  • Ice God's Claws
    Snow Woman's Claws: A basic spell of Blizzard God Slayer magic that once again utilizes a God slayer's ability to mold their magic into different shapes and objects. This spell allows the user to create clawed gauntlets made of ice to slash at and punch foes. The user activates this spell by holding their hands out in front of them with one on top of the other. Ice will then begin covering both hands until they become completely encased, cracks will then begin to form before shattering to reveal the newly formed gauntlets. These gauntlets are black in color, being at least one two inches thick with ice as hard as iron. The claws this gauntlet is known for measure six inches long, being razor sharp and capable of cutting through flesh, bone, and even some armors with ease. These clawed fingers can be bent to allow the user to punch opponents if the user feels it is necessary. The gauntlet covers the user's hands, fingers, and forearm up to just below the elbow.
  • Ice God's smite BD1
    Blizzard God's Smite: A basic spell of Blizzard God slayer magic that allows the user to create shards of ice to impale opponents. The user casts this spell by holding their hand into the air above them. At this point, several small magic circles will appear above the user of surrounding the opponent. These circles will produce several pointed ice needles that will be shot from said circles at high speeds. These shards of ice can vary in length, some can measure upwards of three to four feet while others can be as small as six inches to a foot long. Giant shards called javelins may also be created with the intention of completely destroying a target's internal organs. Black in color and similar in strength to an iron rod, these icy spears of death are nothing to shake your head at. Those who are impaled upon these holy spears are often called the divinely punished, their lives wiped from the world in such a painful and horrific way because it was the will of the Gods cleansing the world of their existence.
  • Ice God Vortex BD1
    Blizzard God's Vortex: A basic spell of Blizzard God Slayer magic that involves the user creating its namesake, a Blizzard that can disorient and blind foes during its duration. The user begins casting this spell by holding their hand out in front of them, an ice blue magic circle forming in front of them before a torrent of snow is shot forth from the circle and seems to catch on the wind. The massive amount of black snow will begin to circle around the targets with winds upwards of 250 to 318 miles an hour, equal to that of an F-5 tornado. The millions of black snowflakes acting as cold and razor sharp knives as they cut across the skin of those trapped inside the vortex, winds sometimes picking opponents off of their feet and sending them into the vortex walls and straight into the knife-like flakes. The speed and intensity of the Blizzard's freezing winds making it difficult for targets to breath, the freezing air causing frostbite in the limbs after only about ten seconds of exposure within the vortex. The spell itself lasting between twenty to thrity seconds before the user will wave their hand down in a karate chop motion in which the snow will suddenly crash down onto the targets, often leaving them buried under more than six feed of heavy snow.
  • Blizzard God's Eternal Kiss: An intermediate spell of Blizzard God slayer magic that allows the user to encase the target in a solid prison of ice. The user casts this spell by focusing their magic into the tip of their index finger. The entire hand will begin to emit a blue aura, this aura being strongest on the finger the user is focusing on. The user will then proceed to attack their target with the intention of touching them. Once the user has touched the target with this finger a "seed" is placed onto the area the target was touched at. This seed will begin to grow, taking only around one and a half minutes to completely consume the target in a block of ice. Targets encased in the ice remain fully conscious but unable to move, feeling immense pain as the ice begins to feel like thousands of cold, sharp needles piercing into their skin. Frostbite only take around two minutes after they have been fully encased to sink in. Once this occurs the target will lose the ability to feel pain as the cell damage becomes too much for them to be able to continue feeling the sensation of pain. It would be wise for those who come face to face with this spell not to breath in, those who do often lose the ability to breath as the cold air begins to freeze any and all liquids in their lungs. It only takes five minutes for a target to be left frozen to death.
  • Ice God's arena BD1
    Blizzard God's Arena: An intermediate spell of Blizzard God slayer magic that allows the user to gain an advantage over their opponents by covering the arena in a thick sheet of ice as black as the midnight sky. The user begins casting this spell by focusing their magic into their hands and feet, leaning down to touch the ground from which point ice will being to spread from their hands and feet, the ice moving at a speed of just over fifty miles an hours as it spreads out to cover the desired area of the user. This area can be anywhere from 20 feet to a mile if the user is willing and able to expend the energy to create the ice sheet required. As the ice spreads it is known to cover anything in its path from plants and rocks to people as the ice often begins creeping up legs and even tree trunks but normally no more than three feet from the ground. The exact thickness of the ice depending heavily on the size of the arena being covered. The larger the area being covered the thinner the ice will be in order to spare the user as much energy as possible. The average thickness of the ice ranges from half and inch to two inches thick which may not sound like much but due to the temperature of the ice it is incredibly strong, the water molecules pack together tightly enough to withstand heavy blunt damage, their only real weakness being heat based attacks. Direct skin contact with the ice of a Blizzard God slayer immediately begins to freeze the skin, causing frostbite only 30 seconds to a minute after skin contact.

Ice Make: Ice-Make Magic is a form of Molding Magics which enables the user to create and manipulate ice. In order to harness Ice-Make, the user places their right arm down next to their abdomen, with an open palm, then places their closed right fist on the face of their palm- this dynamic pose enables the user to harness their mastery over their magical power in order to initiate a rapid freezing effect within a close vicinity to the user, essentially reducing the kinetic energy of atoms, enhancing this effect by having their magical energy absorb the heat of the atmosphere, thus setting up a perfect stage for the user to manipulate the shape of the ice that the stray ethernano within the atmosphere is transformed into in any way that they wish offensively or defensively, enabling them to create ice at their will and to shape it into a variety of objects, whether living or not. This process begins with calling out the magic's name, followed by the spell. Unlike uninventive users of plain Ice Magic, the ice produced by Ice-Make can be formed into any object of the user's choosing: the only limitations are their own imagination and the ambient air temperature which determines how long their formed spell will stay functional- though the latter can be nullified slightly through liberal application of magical power manipulation. In extremely advanced cases, the user does not have to hold the ice physically with their hands in order to shape it; indeed, a skilled user is capable of creating countless amounts of objects for a multitude of uses. Outside of combat, the user is capable of altering their surroundings using ice, such as covering the ground with ice. The ice also can be used as wound dressing, stanching bleeding and preventing the swell of an injury. Of course, this magic has some strategic element to it in regards to espionage and the like, as the user is capable of creating exact replications of keys or scanners in order to access previously unavailable areas. As long as the user is imaginative, they are capable of producing virtually anything that they wish, giving them the capacity to create that is virtually unmatched. There are currently two known types of Ice-Make Magic. The first one is called Static Ice-Make Magic. This type of Ice-Make is characterized by the creation of inanimate objects, such as weapons, or by affecting the environment around them. The second type is called Dynamic Ice-Make Magic. This type of Ice-Make focuses on creating animated ice sculptures, usually in the form of animals, though human body parts and the like can also be formed. Dynamic Ice-Make is said to be more quickly cast than Static Ice-Make. While both styles of Ice-Make have their own pros and cons, there is no clear "superior", leaving the matter of which style is "stronger" up to the individual user.

  • Ice God Dragon BD1
    Blizzard God's Blessed Creation: An intermediate spell of Blizzard God slayer magic that one again takes advantage of the user's ability to mold and shape their magic into different objects. This particular spell has the God slayer create a life-size dragon to attack their opponents. While, of course, this replica is in now way as powerful as the giant lizards once were, the mere sight of such a large creation is normally enough to frighten and intimidate even the bravest of opponents. The ice dragon created through the use of this spell stands at around seventy feet tall, towering over humans as if they were ants. Like all dynamic spells of any maker magic, the creature must be installed with a command upon its creation as these creations are not given the ability to think or act on their own, simply being mindless puppets to be used to achieve their creator's goals. These commands can be as vague or specific as you like, however, it should be noted that specific commands tend to get the best results. The dragon is black in color, being made of ice just a bit stronger than that of the ice created during the casting of basic Blizzard God slayer spells. Several jagged shards of ice extend outward from the dragon's body to give it a rigid and rough feel, similar to that of scales. Long ice claws extend outward from each of their four feet and giant sheets of flexible ice make up its wings. The beast is capable of shooting a blast of ice from its mouth, an attack meant to look like that of a Dragon's roar, further trying to make the ice replica seem like the real thing.
  • Ice God Sword BD1
    Frost Excalibur: A basic spell of Blizzard God Slayer magic that utilizes a Blizzard God Slayer's ability to mold their ice. The user crosses their arms out in front of them with their palms open before two magic circles will appear before moving upwards toward the sky as it creates two swords. Despite the spells name, the swords created by this spell are that of twin short swords rather than the longsword normally associated with the name Excalibur. The two swords measure about three feet long, made of thick ice as strong as iron. The twin swords are incredibly sharp, cutting through flesh and bone with relative ease making them incredibly deadly weapons when used correctly. Because this spell creates two blades, it is best utilized alongside a dual blade technique of some kind.
  • Ice God's reaper BD1
    Blizzard God's Reaper: A basic design of static ice make magic requires the user to hold their hands out, placing their palms close to one another as the soft glow of a blue colored magic circle is formed within their hands. They will then press their palms together, cold air blasting out from between their fingers before they extend their hands outward, the forming of the scythes base in the form of its handle is the first to be created as the ice stretches and molds into the shape of the desired scythe. Once the handle has been created the top of it will being to stretch outward, becoming sharp and blade-like until the sickle-shaped blade of the scythe is completely, giving off a blue glow as the last shavings of ice are broken off the blade to reveal the finished product. The scythe is by no means a normal scythe, possessing the ability to stretch and compress at will, the blade even having the ability to bend as if on a hinge to become a spear-like weapon.
  • God's Divine Protection: One of the most basic spells of Ice make magic is that of the shield. the user creates this shield in one of two ways, either by holding both hands out in front of them or by holding them out to the side. The result will be one of two things. The user will create a thick shield that can be carried with them and wielded both defensively and offensively, this shield taking the shape of a tower shield capable of completely covering the user's body to shield from all damage. The second is a sphere or semi-sphere of ice that surrounds either the user or a target, shielding users from outside attacks or trapping opponents in an ice prison than can be expanded or shrunk and the casters leisure, crushing opponents inside or forcing them to come in contact with the freezing ice capable of causing frost bite after only a short amount of time. The sphere may also be condensed into an object the size of a bowling ball and thrown at targets as a blunt weapon.
  • Hand of the Spiteful Snow Goddess: A basic spell of Ice make that involves the user creating one or more large hand shaped objects to attack their foes. The user begins casting this spell by kneeling to place both of their hands in the ground. Magic circles will appear and from these circles will emerge two or more ice hands that extend down to the wrist but may extend farther depending on the nature of the attack they are being used in. These hands can be telekinetically controlled, becoming large truck sized blunt objects capable of slamming into opponents with enough force to shatter ribs and break jaws with relative ease. They may also open, being able to grab and throw opponents. Several hands can be created at once to fight and attack from different angles, their size allowing them to hit two to three opponents at once.
  • Blizzard God's Sacred Armor: An intermediate spell of Ice make magic that requires a bit more concentration that more basic spells as armor is made up of several smaller components that come together to make a whole. The user begins casting this spell by holding their hands out in front of them, resting a clenched fist in their open palm before a magic circle appears beneath of them followed by a large puff of snow and ice that will engulf the user before dissipating moments later. The user will be left with a set of strong black ice armor covering the body from head to toe. This armor often takes on the form of basic knight armor with grooves along the chest to redirect projectiles and. The armor is just over an inch thick and can withstand heavy blunt attacks and even temperatures as high as one thousand degrees Fahrenheit for short periods of time. Any piece of the armor is not a single solid piece but is instead made up from different layers of ice with snow and water packed between the different layers to help deal with shock absorption.
  • Restraints of Absolution: An intermediate spell of Ice make magic not due to their design but their strength, easily holding down an angry wyvern even as it attempts to fly off. The user begins casting this spell by holding out their hands in front of them, several magic circles will appear in front of the user that will begin to glow with a bright blue light before several chains begin to shoot out from these magic circles toward a target. The chains shot from the circles will be shot at an angle to flank the target from the sides, being designed to fly past the target before they are suddenly pulled back, the black ice chains snapping like jaws around the target before they begin constricting around the limbs and torso of the target like a hungry snake. The heavy chains weigh down the target to the point that they are unable to get up once they are forced to the ground. These chains can also be used for me than simply binding targets, the heavy chains making excellent blunt objects to smack around targets, users being able to create the magic circles which spawn these chains from anywhere within a one hundred and fifty foot radius of them.
  • Blizzard God's Heavenly Cannon: An intermediate spell of ice make magic that results in the user creating a large ice cannon that stands at just above ten feet tall and fires rounds the size of boulders at their target. The user casts this spell by dropping to a knee and placing their hands on the ground, a magic circle appearing as the cannon begins to rise from the circle. The large cannon is made to deal devastating blunt damage to enemies as the cannon ball smashes into them with enough force to knock down several trees before being stopped. However, there are two different phases to this attack that can be accessed by the user at any time, the cannon being able to change its shape and become a mini-gun like weapon capable of firing three hundred ice rounds a seconds, the large body of the cannon being used as ammo and thus allows the gun to fire until it has devoured itself down to nothing. These ice shards travel at bullet like speeds and are needle-like, made to dig into the flesh of opponents to cause muscle and nerve damage as well as possibly shattering bone due to their high speeds.

Advanced Spells/Secret Arts

  • Freezing Sword of Damocles (凝固剣のダモクレス, gyouko ken no Damokuresu): An advanced spell of God slayer that utilizes a God slayer's ability to mold their ice into objects to create a large sword. The God slayer will begin casting this spell by holding their hand over their head. A magic circle will appear twenty feet above the user's head and from this circle will form a giant ice sword that will drop down from the circle, the bladed end pointed at the user as it falls. Once it is exactly five feet above the user the sword will turn so that the handle points down toward the user before slowing its descent just enough for the user to be able to grab it from the sky. This sword is known as the sword of Damocles, a powerful replica of a sword from a legend Yukiko once heard of in a story her father once told her. She gave the blade this name because of how it embodies the idea of the story. This sword can only be swung once, it's blade being so thin and sharp that it can cut through solid steel before completely shattering into a million pieces. The choice to use this spell comes with a bit of danger because it is so easily broken, it will break after making contact and cutting through nearly anything besides the wind. However, the about of magic power it takes means that letting the sword be broken without hitting its target is a devastating blow to the user. The idea of having such immense power and understanding just how easily that power can be taken away.
  • Blizzard God's Divine Authority (吹雪神天来威勢, fubuki kami tenrai isei): A highly advanced spell of Blizzard God slayer magic which embodies their absolute control and authority over the element of ice and snow. The user begins casting this spell by creating a magic circle high above the target with a radius of one hundred and fifty feet covering a large area above the arena in which the user and targets find themselves in. Once the creation of the circle is complete dark clouds will form in the circle, eventually covering it in thick dark clouds to the point that only the faint glow of the circle will be seen through them. From these clouds will begin to fall snow, being little more than a light flurry that will over the course of two minutes begin to rage as a monster blizzard. While the area of snowfall will of course begin to drop in temperature, the true danger of this spell comes from the flakes themselves, each singular flake having the power to begin freezing any heat emitting objects. As the individual flakes fall and come in contact with sources of heat, these things being anything from the ground on a hot day to living creatures who create heat within them, they will turn to ice and begin spreading across the target's body like a snake coiling around its prey, the spell becoming more dangerous and deadly as time goes on and the Blizzard increases in strength. As the flakes accumulate on the target they begin to restrict their movements, the ice wrapping around joints and thickening with each snowflake that falls until the target is completely encased in ice. The complete duration of this spell lasts for five minutes and eats away at exactly one-half of the user's magic origin not counting the reserves of the "second origin". The sudden and powerful attack leaving them in a state of fatigue that lasts only about a minute and a half.
  • Secret Art: Omnipresence: A powerful secret art of Blizzard God Slayer magic not because of its incredible power but because of the nature of the spell which allows the slayer to reach a state of being similar to omnipresence for a short period of time. The user will begin this secret art by creating a large hall of mirrors each mirror will contain what appears to be a reflection of the user in its black ice, the user only being in one of these mirrors whose number depends on the exact size of the hall which can be as little as ten to as many as fifty. However, the angle of the mirrors allows the God Slayer to see everything in the room with three hundred and sixty-degree visibility and while the God slayer may only exist within a single mirror at a time they will possess the ability to travel between these mirrors at will via ice particles that remain suspended in the air and act as a link between them. The mirrors are sturdy but can be broken, limiting the user's sight briefly until they can find another of the ice mirrors that will give them the angle they wish to view from. The danger this attack poses is that so long as the mirrors remain the user can attack from any angle without warning as all reflections mimic the user's actions and as all are made from the same magic, tracing it via magical output would be nigh impossible to any but the most sensitive of sensory mages. Attacks normally come in the form of projectile ice attacks often targeting the legs or vital nerves and muscles to stop movement of the target. Caution should be made by anyone who chooses to get close to the mirrors as the user also possesses the ability to trap others in them, pulling them into the mirror and letting them take their place. However, unlike the user the target will be unable to exit or move between mirrors if they do not possess the same magic as the user.
  • Secret Art: Ice Age (秘術:氷河期, Hijutsu: Hyougaki):

Alternate Modes

Absolute Zero Mode (零度形式, Reido keishiki): The most powerful mode of Blizzard God slayer magic unlocked by the user upon their complete mastery of the magic, as a testament to their absolute authority over the element of Ice the user is able to freeze time for a short period. This ability sits outside of the laws of physics, completely breaking them if you will as the user freezes the intangible concept of time. This ability, of course, allows the user to stop time for a duration of five full seconds, choosing to extend this period of time puts a great deal of stress on the user's body, draining them of their magic power quickly. The longest possible time limit in which the user can maintain this ability is ten seconds, at which point the user will have exhausted all of their magical energy and pass out if not die. This ability can be used in short bursts, allowing the user to actually activate it more than once during a battle so long as these time stops do not exceed three seconds in length and used more frequently than three times in a row. Because of this ability's immense power, it has a set in stone cool down time of exactly one minute per second time remains stopped. When in this mode the user is unable to use any spells beyond the single time stop ability, meaning they must finish off their opponent with their own hands (or any nearby weapons) if they wish to kill them. When using this ability in short bursts the user will appear to be teleporting, however, longer uses of this ability will make those affected by it to feel as though there is a gap in their memory despite the fact that time hadn't actually passed during the period in which they were frozen. This ability can be countered by other time-based abilities such as Arc of Time.

Freezing Flame God Mode

Freezing Flame God Mode BD1

Freezing Flame God Mode (凝固炎神形式, Gyouko honoo kami keishiki) is a dual element mode which utilizes the two elements of Ice and Fire, granting the user the ability to fight, defeat, and even slay Gods. A God slayer has the possibility of achieving a dual mode upon the consumption of another God slayer's element, allowing the two different God slayer magics to fuse into one which utilizes the properties of both. Dual element God Slayer modes are known for being more destructive than single element magics, granting the user immeasurable power. There are several reasons in which why only a few God slayers can achieve a dual mode, one of which being the incredible amount of stress that consuming an element that isn't their own puts on a God slayer's body. The second being that the element consumed must blend well with the user's preexisting element. Elements like Water and Darkness, Snow and wood, Ice and sand. If users of either of these two elements were to devour one another's they would not mix and instead cause serious harm to the consumer, making them very ill to the point of vomiting blood and possibly causing death. God slayers who already possess a dual element are forbidden from devouring a third, the strain on the body being far too great for anyone to bear. Even the most powerful of God slayers who attempt this will end up in the hospital if not killed immediately.

Like all God Slayer Magic, the Fire-like appearance the freezing flames take are black in color. These flames fluctuate greatly in temperature, having the ability to go from temperatures below -109°F (-78°C) to temperatures exceeding 2,700 °F (1,500 °C) in the matter of a few seconds. This makes a deadly combo for those who come in contact with these flames, the sudden drop and then rise can cause serious and even life-threatening problems for opponents. The sudden drop having the possibility of freezing the liquid in the opponent's body before suddenly heating it up again, causing a sudden and violent burst of the opponents cells as the temperature of their body suddenly changes. Similar to what happens when you pour boiling water into a frozen glass. Even if the person somehow survives contact with the fire the danger isn't over, the possibility of cold shock setting in is very likely, leading to heart attacks.

After consuming the fire element from another God slayer she required months of training before she was able to use the dual element mode without becoming extremely sick and passing out after using only a few basic spells. After a full one years time, she had gained the ability to control and properly use the magic both in training and in battle. While the use of her dual element still causes strain on her body she has enough willpower and control over her magic to continue using the mode of twenty to thirty minutes depending on her magic usage during that time.

Frozen Flame God's Bellow: A God slayer's signature attack and often one of their most powerful despite its basic nature. This attack is cast like all roar-like attacks and involves them taking a deep breath before exhaling a large amount of their element. However, while Yukiko exhales flames while in this mode they are not inherently hot flames but are instead a mix between extremely cold and extremely hot flames, the flame changing temperature rapidly to create something similar to an explosion as the sudden and violent change in their temperature causes something that greatly resembles and explosion in anything they come in contact with. The icy flames freezing the object before the hot flames come in contact with it and cause the cold tainted object to explode from the sudden temperature change that causes the violent reaction between the opposing elements that results in an often deadly combo.

Freezing Flame Strike: An explosive attack that utilizes the dramatic change in temperature of the user's freezing flames, the attack being cast when the user covers their hand with the ever changing black flames. Protected by a layer of ethernano keeping the flames from coming in contact with their skin the user will coat one or both of their hands in the flame before they will proceed to swing at the target, contact causing minor explosions to occur damaging not only the target but the ethernano barrier protecting the user from the powerful flames. When used in a barrage the barrier is only capable of withstanding ten punches before the user is forced to put out the flame or risk damage to themselves. However in brutal, heavy, single handed punches in which the user puts all their strength into the barrier is shattered at the end of the first attack but thanks to the much stronger explosion caused by the shifting flames it is often strong enough to break through most barriers, leaving the target open to another attack.

Frozen Flame Blizzard:

Celestial Spirit Magic

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊魔法, Seirei Mahō):

  • Planetary Keys (惑星星辰関基幹, Wakusei Seishin Seki Kikan): Also known as Behemoth keys, planetary keys exist as a set of eleven keys which represent the celestial bodies within the sol system. From the sun to pluto, including earth's moon among these bodies. The spirits summoned from these keys are said to possess immense magical power the likes of which not even one of the famed twelve zodiacs can match.
    • Freya (フラィア, Furia):She is one of eleven Planetary Spirits. Known as the most noble and kind of the planetary spirits, she is incredibly loyal to the one who holds her key, always seeking to strengthen the bond between them. In battle she is known for her ferocity, asserting her dominance by never holding back against even the weakest of opponents. She considers herself a knight, fighting with honor and integrity. Freya is a skilled user of both Memory-Make and Sword Magic.
  • Gold Keys (金鍵, kin kagi): A set of twelve golden keys that allows the user to summon the zodiac spirits, these spirits are said to possess tremendous amounts of power the likes of which no sliver key could ever hope to achieve.
    • Virgo (バルゴ, Barugo): Also known by many as The Maiden (処女宮, Shojokyū). She is a Celestial Spirit and one of the rare Twelve Zodiac Keys, golden keys said to possess incredible strength and power. Virgo herself takes on the appearance of a young woman somewhere between her late teens and early twenties though it should be noted that this can change at any time as Virgo is a skilled user in Transformation magic. She is also an adept user of Chain Magic and a master of Earth Magic.
  • Jade Keys (翠玉鍵, suigyoku kagi):
    • Tatsuo (竜夫, Dragon Man):
  • Silver Keys (銀色鍵, giniro kagi):
    • Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド, Yorumungando):
    • Leviathan (リヴァイアサン, Rivu~aiasan):
    • Nidhogg ():





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